Oct 112020

The Modesto/Sacramento Bee recently lamented how Ted Howze could still be competitive after they killed him by breaking a story about some Social Media posts.

Apparently the Bee is A-OK with Josh Harder Volunteers making calls to people falsely claiming that Howze is subject to several lawsuits related to his Veternary Practice. Standard Liberal attack pattern of trying to destroy people’s businesses or livelihoods. (I can’t count the number of times wackjobs post links to my business or attack its’ social media pages in an attempt to meet out revenge)

Witness this audio of a Josh Harder Volunteer bald-faced lying. It is crystal clear that there was zero basis in fact and was so far afield that the Harder Campaign could indeed be successfully sued despite the extremely high bar for libel in a political campaign.

The Bee could not be bothered with this story despite the “volunteer” having a very clear connection to the campaign:

Note that the school costs north of $50,000 a year. Also note this person is also an editor of a newspaper so it appears she is getting an early start on lying about Republicans professionally. (I’d lay odds the Bee might give her an internship given this impressive start to her career)

Unfortunately, Ted Howze had to lawyer up in order to get the smears to stop (who knows, they may still be going on). That said, the Sacramento/Modesto Bee are so in the bag for Harder that they did not cover this newsworthy story.

The Modesto Bee, published in the mop room of Harder HQ?

However, as further evidence the CAGOP is on a suicide mission to lose as much as they can, I give you this mailer:

How fun.

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  One Response to “Weekend Update: #CA10, After Repeating a Smear, the Sacramento Bee Refuses to Correct the Record. With Friends like the CAGOP, Who Needs Dems!?”

  1. Thank God the Stanislaus Party, College Republicans and Impact have some backbone. Considering Scott Winn represents 50% democrats in his consulting business, can’t say the SJ Central Committee is really committed to getting conservatives elected

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