May 222020

I have gotten quite an education on Jessica Patterson since her rigged election to CAGOP Chair. (remember 44% of her support was via proxy) She is obsessed with identity politics, she is ruthless and vindictive. When I did opposition research on Patterson I heard tons of stories about her conduct in campaign offices and her reputation as the “Little General”. Recently, #CA10 GOP Nominee Ted Howze came under fire from Politico by virtue of opposition research sent to them by a Tom Steyer staffer from San Francisco. Jessica Patterson responded the way all squishes respond at the first sign of trouble – surrender and collaborate with the liberal media in hopes they won’t hurt you.

We are constantly reminded that Jessica Patterson is the first female chair of the CAGOP and that she is a latina. Anyone that has to run with labels and advertise them is over-compensating for something. Secondly, Patterson has made it clear most White Males are not welcome in her world. (Just Ask Lloyd White who was on the receiving end of $1Million of the scant resources the CAGOP could bring to bear in SD23)

About A week before Jessica Patterson engineered a withdrawal of the CAGOP endorsement of Ted Howze, an email went out on the CAGOP email system. (Note: I have been scrubbed from the list and do not receive any of them. Please forward any you get to [email protected] and you can remain anonymous) Stephen Frank wrote about the email on 5-20-2020 on his blog:

The Big Story

This came in the email from the California Republican Party: “We have some great candidates on the General Election ballot that reflect the strength and diversity of our state.  These candidates include Michelle Park Steel (CA 48), Young Kim (CA 39), Suzette Valladares (AD 38) and Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (SD 23), among others. And of course, we need to get Congressman Mike Garcia re-elected to the 25th District.“

What about Greg Raths where the GOP got 49% of the primary vote against radical AOC type Regressive Katie Porter?  Or David Valadao, who is LEADING in the polls against the openly corrupt and investigated T.J. Cox?  Or Ted Howze in the 10th CD, the old Jeff Denham seat, who raised more than one million dollars and is running an aggressive campaign???

Why are Raths, Valadao and Howze ignored?  Plus in the 38th Assembly District there are TWO GOP-ER’S in the race! One is a Hispanic and the other is a LEGAL immigrant—why isn’t she mentioned as well?  What is the commonality that causes the California Republican Party to promote one set of candidates that can win over another set of candidates that can win?

You will note the sexism in her choice of candidates to highlight. Not even David Valadao, a former Congressman made the cut for being highlighted. Mike Garcia got an afterthought mention. Greg Raths (CA45) and Ted Howze (CA10) were both shunned. Now we know why Howze was shunned, and I’d imagine that Jessica Patterson and her friends are lining up Greg Raths for a similar fate. Valadao is Portuguese so he does not check a box either and failed the vetting for Jessica Patterson’s racial pandering.

Note the labels, labels, labels.

Why was Jessica Patterson so quick to slit Ted Howze throat? Also note that Ted Howze was not given a chance to defend himself to the CAGOP board. While I have no evidence to prove this, I believe that the NRCC did not give Howze a chance either before they turned their back on him. With Republicans like these who needs the Mueller investigation?

  1. Ted Howze voted for Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman. 
  2. Scott Winn and Jeff Acquitaspace ran the campaign of Marla Livengood who was humiliated in the CA10 primary. They are close to Patterson and crew having done paid work for the CAGOP establishment for years.

Winn could get vindication with a take-down of Howze and Jessica Patterson could seek revenge on another Travis Allen suppoter – similar to the Trump delegation being thin on Travis/Steve Frank People and next to none of them being on anything CAGOP.

Patterson’s crew have threatened people for talking to your intrepid blogger. This is why you can email me at [email protected] and remain anonymous if you have information you think needs to be brought in to the light.

The offending social media posts? Criticizing Islam for violence and pedophilia. Talking about black fatherlessness and crime. Apparently Patterson is cool with Marie Waldron talking about letting felons out of jail but Howze’ social media accounts discussing the CAUSE of said crime is bad. Nothing Howze is alleged to have posted is any different than President Trump’s words.

But then, Jessica Patterson, Scott Winn and most others in the sphere of CAGOP leadership are never-trumpers.

Patterson did not stop at just ramrodding a withdrawal of the CAGOP endorsement for Ted Howze. Your intrepid blogger received a scarlet letter twice. This is a letter that is reputed to have been written by Jessica Patterson (see below) and sent to the County Chairman of Stanislaus and San Joaquin County for them to sign and return AFTER the CAGOP yanked their endorsement. Jessica Patterson was trying to enlist the local GOP Chairs in giving her vendetta political cover.

The letter was emailed to the county chairs by Jessica Patterson, However, If you pull the metadata off of the letter, none other than Scott Winn created it. Checkmate – this is the CAGOP of 2020. There is your connection, a jilted consultant who was humiliated in the primary working with the CAGOP Chairman to get revenge on a candidate they both have reasons to hate.

When these people preach unity in public, you know they are lying through their teeth. They don’t want unity, they want control – including helping Josh Harder beat Ted Howze in 2020 so they can run someone like Kristen Olsen in 2022 for #CA10.

Everything Jessica Patterson and her crew are doing is to position their candidates for office in future elections. The rest of us be dammed.

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  5 Responses to “CA10 + CAGOP Update: The Anatomy of a Political Execution. CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson’s Vendetta Against Ted Howze”

  1. Disgusting. Thank you for sharing your insights. This is why the CAGOP continues to decline by working against national trends and not offering a clear and focused counterbalance here in the Deep Blue. Seriously so many missed opportunities for that counter-punch from anything dynamic in CA Republicans. Egos at play blocking such opportunities: where was that “spokesperson” hire we were promised during the Chair campaign? Never materialized and the exorbitant salaries could easily be restructured to pay for one (I have many available if anyone wants a list). Heck, Californians for Trump has its surrogates -where’s CAGOP’s?

    Democrat operatives s have the ability to put their differences aside and unite for a common cause, but we CA Trumpsters have personally seen the vindictive retaliation from all things of “past campaigns.” Grudges that disinvite the new energy the CAGOP has always been seeking. Californians for Trump, with its extensive precinct leaders in all 58 counites during 2016 primary, were 90% new inexperienced volunteers. Most all reported back the same previous-campaign divisions (grudges, disunity) in many counties, while the CAGOP support for the Top Two and Proxy system was mindboggling.

    CAGOP needs to get over it: Trump won, he has not only redefined and expanded the tent of what is “GOP”, but he has also saved it nationally (we have come a long ways since Romney and McCain). He has brought much broader coalitions, incorporated a pro-worker/USA First platform, and became the party against the “Swamp.” While CAGOP leadership has turned away most of the Trump Populism (- leaders like Travis Allen was one of only 9 current state legislators who endorsed Trump), many counties have embraced it (thus overwhelmingly supported Allen). However, there seems to be a CA CONSULTANT SWAMP that hinders the momentum and energy CA needs to revitalize the state. Bush/Rubio holdovers, Romney disciples, personal financial interests blocking “outsiders” and seizing control of county operations. Us “new folks” see it on day one. When Trump Campaign State Leaders are denied delegate status from the state consultants – the message is clear where the leadership is lacking, and where that “previous campaign grudges” originates. These “grudges” seem to be based on economics and consultant control of our party.

    Hopefully, volunteers will continue to help the Congressional Candidates with an (R) with or without the state party misdirection, and work with the RNC knowing that CA is in play, is a Battleground State, and people can signup through the RNC/Trump Campaign at –it is time to focus nationally since that is the only way to save CA. We have seen it with the remaking of our CA federal Courts, and we can see it with national legislation pushing back against the CA Deep Blue.

  2. Thank you West and Aaron. My roller coaster ride began with Travis Allen and I am still riding it in San Francisco and San Mateo County. Even in these two counties Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump. We do not shy away from POTUS one bit.

  3. This is precisely why I am 100% grassroots and avoid the CA GOP like the viral plague they are and have been. If they were worth a damn, we Republicans wouldn’t be in perpetual timeout in California. Thanks for reminding me why I don’t do ANYTHING to assist the CA GOP as an organization and why they no longer receive any donor dollars from me or my associates.

  4. I am Ted Howze’s mother. I can truthfully tell you that the post about Black fathers was a fake. It listed that I liked it. Well I can say this to all of you, I NEVER SAW THAT POST UNTIL YESTERDAY WHEN IT WAS BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION . AND I SURE DIDN’T LIKE IT. Someone is out to ruin Ted and I chalk it up to dirty politics. This is a slam against a truly great guy and me as well. I raised him and know him better then anyone, I sure don’t like it and consider it a crime.

  5. CAGOP is so weak! CA10 is in play and it could be flipped easily with support.

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