Dec 122019

Deanna Lorraine – you may have blocked me on twitter, but you look like an idiot for trying to Blame your political opponents for the behavior of a madman. If Mrs. Tesoriero was really a relationship expert she would not have been communicating with Navarro nor would she be playing the victim. If she was a relationship expert she’d have seen how unstable Navarro was and stayed away.

I’ve had a theory that she was attracted to Omar because she saw him as a means to an end. Now, she has an embarrassing disaster on her hands.

Omar Navarro appears to have snapped. He was already reputed to be unstable, now he is cooling his heels in San Francisco Jail on a psych eval. Mr. Navarro was booked on a couple of Misdemeanors in Riverside County (or simply just ticketed) for violating a restraining order and disorderly conduct. Then, last week he was arrested on three felonies and a Misdemeanor related to stalking Deanna Lorraine.

Ms. Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) has been attempting to smear John Dennis and your intrepid blogger because we’ve both spoken to Omar. By her logic (similar to Nadler and Schiff with the President’s staff) because we’ve spoken to Omar we are guilty of the things he did. This is a clear indicator that Ms. Tesoriero may be as nuts as Omar.

Omar Navarro needs to go somewhere far, far away as does Ms. Deanna Lorraine. No one should take either one of them seriously, ever.

A check of the Superior Court of SF shows an active case for Omar Navarro but nothing at the jail. This would be consistent with Psych ward stuff as that is not public record. It would also be consistent for an open and active case being prosecuted.

For those of you wondering about the Gateway Pundit Article that hit some 4 hours after I broke the news about Omar’s arrest – the blogger from the Gateway Pundit is pictured here. Note that the female is the same female I had on video partying with Ms. Tesoriero in Florida. (Note that it is a different dude in this picture that is licking her versus the party video and photos)

The blogger from the Gateway Pundit (Jacob Engles) is reputedly Gay. So I doubt that Tesoriero was doing anything more than partying with him.

Now you know how the Gateway Pundit got the story so quickly and of course the other obvious questions is why is Ms. Make Love Great Again in Florida so much instead of being in San Francisco (where she does not live by the way) campaigning.

Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero owes John Dennis an apology for smearing him with the actions of a madman. The voters of CA-12 and frankly anywhere deserve better than her.

Make love great again. Good Lord.

Dec 122019

Sometimes your intrepid blogger gets emails from people. I publish my yahoo account address so it is not hard to find.

I still don’t know what the idiot publicist had an issue with. Perhaps Jennifer is not so keen on mentioning her relationship with Omar Navarro anymore? (CA-28 = Adam Schiff’s Congressional District) Jennifer Barbosa is an out of nowhere NPP candidate against Adam Schiff. Some brain donor convinced her that running as a NPP was a good idea, perhaps it was Chad Mayes?

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 10:24:47 AM PST, Ajay Bruno <[email protected]> wrote:
Your post is completely false, untrue, and totally unsubstantiated. Please remove it with all due haste.

Ajay Bruno

Account Executive | AMW PR
222 Broadway, 18th floor
New York, NY 10038
On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 1:28 PM Aaron Park <[email protected]> wrote:
who are you? Why are you contacting me? Why can’t you be more specific about the issues?
your email is about as stupid as Barbosa is.
Aaron F Park
Cell 916-316-9570 Fax 916-244-0167
follow me on twitter @aaronfpark
On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 11:24:37 AM PST, Ajay Bruno <[email protected]> wrote:
I am Miss Barbosa’s publicist. This statement is completely false, and I ask you to please remove it.
Aaron Park <[email protected]>
To:Ajay Bruno
Dec 10 at 11:54 AM
Which statement is false? Please be specific as to what and why?
When you say publicist is she some sort of actress, or just a legend in her own mind?
Slow down and start answering some questions, because you sound like an idiot too.
Aaron F Park
Cell 916-316-9570 Fax 916-244-0167
Well, it is nice to know that we have readers in New York City. We call this market penetration.
It must be campaign season as we are getting a harvest of idiots and grifters…
Dec 122019

It was 2015. The California Republican Assembly was in the midst of another internal leadership war. Between 2012 and 2014, we had been stripping away fraudulent CRA Chapters that were being used to control and manipulate endorsements. It would be when that effort got close to the CRA Units in Ventura, Santa Clarita and other parts of Northern LA that we triggered a fierce response. None of the chapters we flagged in 2014 exist anymore, but in 2015 the people that controlled them executed a successful Coup.

Tom Hudson was the State President of the CRA when at a May 2015 Board Meeting, the CRA voted 30-13 to expel George and me from the CRA with a lifetime banTom Hudson appointed 17 of the board members who voted that day. I’ve had a few members of the CRA’s Board apologize to me privately later over that incident, I’ve even reconciled with Steve Frank, but not Tom Hudson, despite years of fighting political battles on the same side as him.

One of the main reasons used to expel me from CRA was this blog and that I was too liberal for CRA. I kid you not. I read the manifesto they put together.  It was like Alice in Wonderland, and not dissimilar to the impeachment effort by the Dems in its’ absurdity.

At the time, Kirk Uhler was President of the Placer CRA and I was immediate past President. We had started a PAC for the Placer CRA when I was President, but under Uhler’s watch we were using it regularly. Knowing that the outcome of the CRA’s coup was preordained (just three months after George and I were re-elected to our state board positions, speaking of nullifying an election), Uhler joined with us in the effort to launch the California Impact Republicans.

The CIR was started by a group of 5 CRA Officers. The Coup had also claimed the State President of the CRA John Briscoe, who had defeated Celeste Greig and Steve Frank some years earlier. The CIR has grown to 12 Chapters in 11 counties organically as we have recruited few, if any members from CRA.

Kirk, George and I shut the Placer CRA down and Tom Hudson re-started it with Ed Rowen. It is that simple.

But, the genesis of the issues between Tom Hudson and Kirk Uhler started in 2015 with the Placer CRA shutdown and the founding of the CIR, which Hudson attempted to thwart.

My expulsion from the CRA for being a moderate, amongst other things, was like being liberated from a leper colony, and I’ve had no shortage of paid political work since. I still call abortion murder.  I still look at the Bible and compare it to what is socially acceptable.  I still resent my tax bills.  But, I created a second Facebook account for politics full of RINO memes in honor of those that called me a RINO or a “moderate” during the insanity of 2010-2015.

Then, we have the small matter of the 2016 election. This is where we welcome Suzanne Jones back to the series when we continue with Part 8

Dec 122019

Originally Posted 9-17-2018, but becomes relevant again now that the crazed Tim Donnelly is launching yet another suicide run at CA-08. CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District. Tim Donnelly is a three time loser and a wannabe career politician. was put up by someone who did a ton of research in to Tim Donnelly and asked your intrepid blogger for permission to use our research in to Tim Donnelly as well. It has been up since 2018 as a permanent record of Tim Donnelly. Fasten your seatbelts as Right On Daily is going to re-introduce you to our nominee for Grifter-Fraud of the decade 2010-2019 Tim Donnelly. His maladies have eclipsed every other candidate I have written about that is not named Rodney Stanhope.

On the website you will see a complete history about Tim Donnelly, including his wife referencing a felony conviction. It also includes references to a DUI, and other misdemeanor convictions.

Tim Donnelly’s personal history which includes alcoholism and multiple relapses is on display as well.

As a sober alcoholic (17+ years in) – I know there is nothing worse than an addict that can not keep their sobriety together. Anyone with a pattern of relapsing and dishonesty associated with covering up for the relapsing has no business anywhere in office. Ever.

In addition, Tim Donnelly has had the cops out to his house 14 times. This includes him running out on his family in 2016 after on of his political defeats.

I had known about all of this stuff for years and did not have the where-with-all to follow up on trying to run down the records.

In addition, I was aware that Tim Donnelly owed several people in his district a lot of money.

One of his victims has come forward with her story of how Tim Donnelly conned her out of money, then refused to pay it back including threats and intimidation.

As an exclusive for Right on Daily, I have a copy of a cashier’s check from the elderly victim to Donnelly. I have filed an FPPC Complaint against Tim Donnelly regarding this as it is a violation of contribution limits and the loan(s) were not disclosed on Tim’s form 700’s.

You can read the details about the elderly widow that Tim Donnelly scammed on the website.

Excerpted here are some key facts that lead to our exclusive reveal here on Right on Daily.

Donnelly used Anna’s money illegally on his campaign, to pay off other debts, to pay off his misdemeanor fines, and to fund his lifestyle – all despite earning $91,000 per year in salary and over $30,000 per year in tax-free “per diem” pay as an Assemblyman for four years (December 2011-December 2014).

In 2011, while an Assemblyman with a huge salary, Donnelly’s wife Rowena even sent Anna the bill for their children’s private school tuition

In 2012, while still an Assemblyman, Donnelly borrowed Anna’s 2008 Nissan Xterra and damaged it. The bill came to over $2500. What did Donnelly do? He sent the bill to Anna

While Donnelly lived on the high horse, Anna suffered. Donnelly never reported the loans on financial disclosures, nor did he disclose all monies Anna provided for his campaign efforts (a clear violation of California law).

Anna now lives on credit cards and can no longer afford her rent. Donnelly has yet to pay her back.

The Dirty Donnelly Website has a lot of emails, copies of bills and receipts – but does not definitively prove that Tim Donnelly directly got money from the Elderly Widow. As an exclusive to Right on Daily, we are presenting the proof of Tim Donnelly’s scam.

Embedded is a Cashier’s Check for $10,000 to Rowena Donnelly. When combined with the emails posted on the website from Tim Donnelly acknowledging the debt (which totals over $60,000), this is airtight proof of the scam.

I had been told back in 2014 when Donnelly ran for governor that he owed / owes several people from his district a lot of money. I had a lot of stories and conversations, but this courageous widow is the first to actually go on the record.

It is because of knowing the truth for so many years about Tim Donnelly that I continued to chase him.

The account was in Rowena Donnelly’s name because Tim’s credit score is poor and he may be subject to collections activity. He has also left Roweena several times during his frequent mental episodes and/or relapses. Also note that this check was issued while Tim Donnelly was an incumbent assembly member.

It is time to make sure that Tim Donnelly is removed from the public eye forever. We conclude with a quote from the website:

In the exchange, Donnelly states plainly, “Rowena and I were separated, and I did sleep in my truck and studio. We are no longer separated.” One wonders what his wife learned about Tim that caused the latest separation.

Donnelly’s perpetual office seeking becomes clear when he says, “If I do get back in office or get more steady work, I’ll get a loan, and pay you off in full immediately.” Simply put: he can’t find work, so he keeps running.

Donnelly closes by threatening Anna, “You need to decide if you want to harass me to death, or get paid a little each month, until things improve and I can pay you off.

Is this the Congressman you want? One who needs to be elected to address his monetary woes? One who threatens an elderly woman who he’s scammed for tens of thousands of dollars?

Tim Donnelly is a sick man and is a complete fraud and one of the original grifters that has been loved on by Right On Daily. Since Tim Donnelly has no shame for what he has done with his life, the only way to protect people from him is to keep him out of public office and never do business with him until he has a true life-change.

Dec 112019

In 2012, Luis Buhler and David Reade came calling in Placer County with $100,000 (I thought it was $47,000, but Luis has claimed it was $100,000) towards our Placer GOP Central Committee Race.

It was retaliation for the Placer GOP refusing to endorse Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines in the 2012 Primary. I’ve learned various and sundry facts since that election cycle that have me convinced of this conclusion. In addition, it was a gambit by David Stafford Reade who was running slates for Central Committees all over the north state.

In 2011, Roseville Councilmember John Allard had thrown his hat in the ring for Assembly after Ted Gaines was elected to State Senate to replace the late Dave Cox. One of the more disgusting stories in politics is when former staffers of Ted Gaines told me about Ted and Sssssteve Davey (later fired in 2017 by the rules committee for horrid acts of sexual misconduct) would take bets and joke about Cox’s death openly in the office.

John Allard had been endorsed by Ted Gaines when Gaines was the GOP nominee for State Senate in the Special Election. Then Sssssteve Davey had the idea of having Beth Gaines run for Assembly.  Seeing dollar signs, Ted Gaines and his crew flipped immediately leaving everyone in local government under the bus. I was even told that Dave Gilliard, the consultant that Ted has worked with for years was less than thrilled at the prospect – but he did his job.

The establishment donors did what they do best, sell their souls to the incumbent. They openly talked about how unqualified Beth Gaines was while donating to her. In the meantime, Uhler stood by the Placer GOP and Placer CRA endorsed John Allard helping him raise money as well. Those same donors spent huge to keep Beth Gaines in office as well.

A campaign sign from the 2011 Race

I’ve written a book about Beth Gaines, Ted Gaines and Steve Davey. The point is that Kirk was involved in helping John Allard, once again standing up to Ted Gaines, this time calling him out for a second betrayal of a political ally. Beth Gaines would win by 729 votes.

In the 2012 Primary, Kirk Uhler was also involved in recruiting Mark Wright for Supervisor in Placer County District 5. The establishment up there would end up recruiting someone else, despite the fact that Kirk and his friends had gotten Mark several $99 checks for his campaign. In that 2012 race, Gary T Johnson (currently the 2nd Vice Chair of the Placer GOP) also ran for Supervisor. Ultimately, Mark Wright would get elected to a fire board somewhere “Up There in them hills”, likely due in no small part to the exposure he got as a candidate for Supervisor.

Also In 2012, we (the Placer CRA) had recruited Linda, my mother to run against Beth in the Primary. She would get a 14-11 vote from the Placer GOP, short of an endorsement, and Tom Del Bacardi would violate the CRP’s By-Laws creating a legal nuance technicality to still endorse at the state level even though the Placer GOP deadlocked on the endorsement. The CRP’s By-Laws have since been clarified and amended – if a county party deadlocks it counts against the 80% threshold required. Ted Gaines also failed to get the endorsement 16-9. Del Bacardi did the bidding of “leadership” and created a rule on the fly to ensure that the will of the Placer GOP was thwarted.

The failures of endorsements was despite David Stafford Reade and crew bringing a bunch of people to the Placer GOP meeting in an effort to intimidate the committee members.

Linda Park gave way to Andy Pugno in 2012. But the die was cast – $100,000 came from Charles Munger in to our Central Committee Race on the heels of the 7-11-2011 attack on the front page of the bee, Karen England publicly claiming the FBI was investigating us (a claim still parroted by some to this day 8 years later) and the local tea party being brainwashed in to the rampage – ironically aligning themselves with consultants and legislative staff. Karen England fled the State of California within 2 years due in no small part to getting constantly hammered by Right on Daily for her grotesque pattern of pay for play and behavior.

Kirk Uhler stood by the Placer CRA Officers, Tom Hudson, George Park, Jeff Atteberry and your intrepid blogger. So did almost everyone else in local government – when the partisan electeds were against us.

They failed to unseat Tom, George and Jeff. I lost by 38 votes despite the onslaught. Despite this, they succeeded in taking over the Central Committee – installing Dennis Revell as Placer GOP Chairman. While I have developed a friendship with Dennis in the ensuing years, his tenure as Chairman will always be marred by the circumstances of how it started. Also note that during the time Dennis was Chair of the Placer GOP he started attending Bayside Church and married his long time Girlfriend. I still communicate with Dennis to this day and still consider him a friend.

Kirk Uhler? He’s gone to Bayside since it was founded – 25 years ago this month. He has lived in Placer County’s 4th Supervisory District 50 years. He moved to Granite Bay 8 months before your intrepid blogger was born. It will be impossible for any political opponents to challenge Mr. Uhler’s heritage in Placer County.

To Be continued…

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