Oct 222019

Did you know that Katie Hill’s CA-25 Scandal has gone national? Here is the Washington Post trying to help her out. She denied having an affair in that national “media publication”, just as Red State Blogger Jennifer Van Laar unloaded part 2 and 3 of her expose’ with TEXT MESSAGES proving the whole saga! Will ethics charges be next for the budding communist hero whose campaign got national media attention? (The attention was based 100% on her being a switch-hitter)

Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero from CA-12 running against Pelosi continues to make a fool of herself. On the heels of having 10 people (that’s it, 10) for a copycat event in San Francisco here she is on video explaining the failure of her campaign. This stuff writes itself. we’ve also posted video of her partying like a rock star in Florida, too.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Orange County politics lately, here are a few updates that have come across the transom:

Some people have been going through William “Bill” Brough withdrawals. Billy Boy has some problems. #1 the people that are sending official OCGOP mail for Gene James forgot to mention Bill Brough as a major supporter. (No mention of Bill Brough anywhere, period) #2 Your intrepid blogger has been told that Bill Brough has been cut off in Sacramento by legislative leadership. #3 Your intrepid blogger got recent information that the investigation in to Billy Boy’s philandering and Campaign Finances are white hot with several people being called. When calls are made people talk.

Your intrepid blogger also got some public records related to Bill Brough and I spent most of the afternoon laughing uncontrollably. #RENTFREE

Bill Brough’s world is about to shrink some more. Might I suggest the following for a campaign theme song: Brough for Assembly. If Brough is fortunate, 4% Kelly might sing backup on the song for him.

Speaking of 4% Kelly – her supporters on the OCGOP were left to push the worn-out 90’s era consultant strategy of “No Endorsement”. This is the feckless cowardly stance that the “Republican Party should not pick winners and losers”. This is code for we don’t like what is coming. In order to make sure there was chaos, Kelly Ernby put the wine bottle down and had about a dozen Anti-Vaxxers present at the meeting to bully some of the more cowardly members of the OCGOP.

Ernby has even greater problems – the people that suffice for GOP Leadership in California have endorsed Diane Dixon. Kelly Empty is reputed to have very little to work with financially, given that Anne Dunsmore and Duane Dichara are both on the payroll for significant sums, she will be broke soon.

Remember the OCGOP’s recent endorsement that was a limp-wristed slap to Bill Brough despite the incontrovertible evidence of his malfeasance? Given that weakness, I can imagine how Ernby and crew would be emboldened to attempt bully tactics.

OCGOP Leadership failures and cowardice seem to be the order of battle – except when it came to Gene James. OCGOP Chair Feckless Fred Whitaker is reputed to have helped push the endorsement of Gene James through the OCGOP. One of the few times Fred Whitaker has shown real resolve is in the face of 11 Tax Liens, 4 Civil Judgement, multiple abuse complaints, a foreclosure, wage garnishments, poor credit and video evidence of vigilante behavior  – Fred Whitaker stood by his man. Would Fred need to see what 15 tax liens before he reconsiders an endorsement? Another judgement or two? A homeless dude in the hospital? What about the OCGOP itself?

Apparently, the aforementioned Bully Gene James and Crew went 15 rounds with the Commie Pinko 20 Year Old Jackson Hinkle at the San Clemente Farmer’s Market. (I guess Ernby will provide the under-card in November when the OCGOP decides between cowardice and taking a stand in AD74)

Mickey McLane will get his 500 votes, but his account of circumstances is what it is. I have feelers out to obtain a copy of the police report. I am hoping it is as definitive as the issues of Gene James bullying and attacking the homeless people.

Bottoms Up Guys! This is Orange County Politics! (Look for another piece of mail to come from the OCGOP extolling the virtues of Gene James)


Oct 212019

And Kelly Ernby shows why she is #KELLYEMPTY…

This was sent to me as I live a long way from the area. What did Ernby do? Exactly what you expect from a candidate that is untrained and undisciplined.

Whining post major endorsement is common. Attacking the group is also common. What is not common is the candidate attacking the group themselves – especially a group like the Lincoln Club that could bundle a lot of money post primary should #EMPTYERNBY somehow pull it out.

I doubt that will happen now. #EPICFAIL #4%KELLY.

Oct 182019

#EMPTYERNBY needs to go to candidate finishing school. (She is in the blue in this photo) (NOTE: AD-74 = California Assembly District 74)

I am not sure if her campaign managers have been working with her on the basics of a campaign for assembly or not. Generally, if running as a Republican, it is not advisable to pose for pictures with cardboard cutouts of famous liberal democrats. It is also not advisable to tell the OCGOP that you intend to take money from unions. It is a hard and fast rule in their bylaws that candidates who take union money are DQ’ed from endorsements.

Ernby, to her credit – told the truth on her questionnaire. She is almost 100% dependent on trial lawyer contributions and contributions from elements loyal to Tony Rackauckas. When at said OCGOP endorsement committee meeting, she had to play clean up on aisle 9 and flip-flop off of her declared intention to rake in campaign cash from government employee unions. (aka Gubmint yooooonyuns)

I wonder if the so-called conservatives that recruited Kelly Ernby understood she is a social liberal when they recruited her? Or, perhaps this was more about an extension of the Rackauckas vs Spitzer feud? Why did her campaign managers allow the questionnaire to go out with these blatant screw ups?

There are reasons why Kelly Ernby is struggling to raise money and endorsements outside the lawyer bubble. There are also reasons why she is polling at 4%.

Smoke a Bowl while you’re at it Kelly.

I am not sure where her campaign crew were in the vetting process, but it should not be this easy to find photos like these of Kelly Ernby. This does underscore the stark contrast between Ernby and her opponent, Mayor Diane Dixon.

Dixon is experienced, well known and well respected. It is possible that eventually, given time Ernby can be the same. That time is not now. Living a libertine lifestyle while being employed as a trial lawyer by the County of Orange is not the platform from which to run for office.

The Orange County GOP has an important decision to make on Monday Night. The inertia of some who want to just go “No Endorsement” to avoid conflict has to be smashed. A “No Endorsement” vote is the same as a vote for all of the above.

We all know that Diane Dixon is the adult in the room, the most qualified and the best positioned by far in AD-74.

This is a perfect opportunity for the OCGOP to demonstrate political and moral clarity with a vote to endorse Diane Dixon as Kelly Ernby is simply not ready to do the job.

Oct 152019

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time – you have read me trashing the OCGOP for their refusal to take strong stands on much of anything. One of my particular issues with them is fealty to incumbents and refusing to take a position on contested primaries.

Apparently, even the weak leadership of the OCGOP was so taken with Kelly Ernby that they did the following:

The OCGOP Endorsement Committee by a vote of 5-1 recommended Diane Dixon for endorsement.

The OCGOP Endorsement Committee by a vote of 5-1 recommended a non-endorsement of #KELLYEMPTY


I have also been told that the remnant of Tony Rackauckas crew ran a last minute frenetic drill to qualify #EMPTYERNBY for the OCGOP Endorsement not because they believed she could get it – but that the presence of two qualified candidates would scuttle the endorsement for Diane Dixon.


We here at the Right on Daily Blog believe that reality needs to set in. Typically there is a period where one must grieve the loss before acceptance sets in.

Apparently, Ms. Ernby has a coping mechanism already lined up…

Oct 082019

Got it? Screw whatever, Smoke Whatever – it’s all good with Kelly Ernby. (Unless you are a business, then she will sue you)

Given that Ernby is on Marriage #3, I could certainly understand the libertine attitude toward who and what you have sex with. However, the attitude towards using narcotics? It could be because her main practice as a government attorney is suing businesses versus prosecuting crime? (Research shows very few prosecutions despite misleading claims on her social media)

Did former OC DA Tony Rackauckas have a clue who he recruited for AD-74??? (Maybe T-Rak is in to suing people too…)

We deserve better in the GOP than empty candidates that make a living suing businesses in to oblivion who have unclear values and an unclear platform.

As of the writing of this blog, her campaign is running on empty. (But, her Consultants are getting fat retainers) I am seriously wondering why she is running for AD74.

It’s all ringing squishy empty.

(AD-74 = Assembly District 74, Currently infested by Cottie Petrie-Norris-NoMas)

There is a second interesting Sidebar, Vincent Fong has endorsed Kelly Ernby and Shannon Grove has endorsed Diane Dixon. Fong and Grove are both from the “Kevin McCarthy Machine” in Kern County. Right now, Grove is the Senate Permanent Minority leader and Vincent Fong missed being Permanent Minority Leader in the Assembly by a slim margin (possibly Bill Brough’s vote). There is a school of thought that Kevin McCarthy may get run out on a rail if the GOP does not re-take the house – this would be an obvious nexus for a Fong vs Grove proxy war as a congressional seat is about as far as a Republican can go in California.

That said, it appears Vincent Fong has not delivered a dime for Ernby. We shall see as Ernby looks like an #EMPTYERNBY spoiler at this time.

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