Jul 242019

They are all the same.

JoshHarderPACMAN.com Website Launches
Incumbent Congressman Josh Harder caught deceiving Valley voters on his two most important campaign promises – public demands he return the money.

CA-10: Midyear FEC campaign fundraising reports have unveiled that an alarming number of 2020 contributions from out-of-state entities, Bay Area special interests and politicians, and Political Action Committees are carrying incumbent Democrat Josh Harder’s campaign for re-election.

Fewer than 10 percent of donors to Josh Harder’s campaign actually reside in California’s 10th Congressional District, and less than 3% of dollars raised have come from local residents. A huge portion of Harder’s donors are from out of state, and also includes help from Party elites like Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee.

The report also indicates that Josh Harder has been caught deceiving  local voters about his top campaign promise to “refuse Corporate PAC donations,” and has instead accepted approximately $314,000 in PAC contributions to date.  PAC donors to Harder include PAC to the Future and Jersey Values PAC which count Goldman Sachs, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and a host of capital management companies as some of their biggest contributors.

“Josh needs to return the money he promised local voters he would not take. He can argue and deny all he wants, but he has failed to put the people above the special interests and party bosses in these first nine months,” said Ted Howze, the leading Republican candidate to replace Democrat incumbent Josh Harder.

While incumbent Congressman Josh Harder may be six years younger than the video game PAC-MAN (Harder was born in 1986 and PAC-MAN launched in the U.S, in 1980), he has certainly become very good at playing the game.

For more and continued updates go to: JoshHarderPACMAN.com

Jul 242019

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara interceded in another dispute between Applied Underwriters and a California insured and again issued his own amended decision that is viewed as beneficial to the carrier.  Sources say the Commissioner’s unilateral order blocks the insured – RDR Builders – from potentially collecting $250,000 from Applied Underwriters and allows the carrier instead to collect an additional $250,000 from the insured. The disputes revolve around the Applied Underwriters’ EquityComp Program.

The new cases are consistent with the timeline and process in our previous story and could mean hundreds of millions of dollars for Applied Underwriters’ out of the pockets of California employers.

“It basically takes a quarter of a million dollars away from RDR and makes them pay an additional quarter of a million dollars,” says attorney Larry Lichtenegger who is representing RDR and numerous other former Applied insureds in cases before the California Department of Insurance. “It’s a half-million turnaround for Applied.

Continue Reading About the Abuses of Ricardo Lara Here.

For the original article suggesting Ricardo Lara’s Corruption – see here.


Jul 232019

I think Jennifer Higgins is a loser. That has been my opinion of her since I had to block her on facebook for going semi-psycho on me a few months in to the escalation of the campaign in 2018.

Your intrepid blogger received word that Jennifer Higgins was terminated for lying to investigators in an attempt to “get” former Captain Andrew Shouse. I am not sure why Higgins felt she needed to lie about her “relationship” with Shouse. Some people think Sniff was using her as a straw man to get Shouse.

Given what I have learned about the personal conduct of Andrew Shouse, Jennifer Higgins did not need to lie about him to get him fired. Just one blogger writing here.

It appears that the investigators were able to determine it was consensual or that her account of the incident was a lie. Higgins is alleged to have had a few dalliances over the years. In the era of #metoo, it is becoming easier to filter liars.

The key issue here is that people like Shouse and Higgins flourished under Stan Sniff.

In the last 48 hours, your intrepid blogger has gotten two photos of the very very ronrey Stan Sniff.

The first is of him sitting at a local restaurant with his wife. Note, none of his entourage are with him. Funny things happen when you are no longer sheriff.

I’d have thought at least his buddies at the Riverside Puke-Enterprise would have dropped by to say hi… given that they had each other on speed dial for 11+ years. Nope. No Marion. No JT. No big chested women. No bowling ball Vest. None of them, just Stanley.

The second photo is of Stanley walking up to a county building. I’d imagine that scene would have been quite different two years ago.

Meantime, Sheriff Chad Bianco is rebuilding the decimated department.



Jul 222019

Blogger’s Note – some people ask me why I think Arthur Schaper is a righteous dude. Here is why, he is a true believer and is one of the few you can count on to show up repeatedly and be counted. He is the kind of guy that makes a difference regardless what you think of him. I have a lot more respect for that than I do many others who make only token efforts. Take a look at what Arthur and Mass Resistance have been tracking:

SB 145: Pedophile Amnesty (Sen. Scott Weiner, D-San Francisco)

  1. This bill protects pedophiles and would allow them to reoffend.
  2. This endangers children’s lives. Example: A 21-year-old who sleeps with a 13-year-old will face no requirement to register. REALLY!
  3. Ironically, this bill proves that LGBT lifestyles are fraught with sexual deviance and perversion. We need to stop promoting these destructive behaviors.

AB 175: Codified Gender Dysphoria for Foster Children

(Asm. Mike Gipson, D-Carson)

  1. Foster children are already at risk, since they have no parents. This bill makes it worse.
  2. This bill normalizes a mental disorder. Individuals with gender identity issues are more susceptible to drug abuse, self-harm, and suicide.
  3. We need legislation to crack down on foster child abuses. This bill will not help.

AB-493: Indoctrination of LGBT Agenda to Teachers Grade 7-12

(Asm. Todd Gloria, D-San Diego)

  1. LGBT behaviors are not an identity, but a set of destructive behaviors. Teachers should help students break free of these behaviors, not enable them.
  2. This bill would allow misuse of state money to discriminate against students.
  3. Teachers need more time to teach subjects. This bill takes away teacher preparation time.

ACR 99: Resolution Pro-LGBT Denies Truth and Life (Asm. Evan Low, D-Cupertino)

  1. This resolution is a precursor to bringing back the reparative therapy ban.
  2. This resolution condemns people of faith and fact, who all recognize that LGBT behaviors are destructive.
  3. This resolution is based on lies and total fraud. It should be scrapped.

Call your legislators, and tell them:

Stop pandering and posturing for the LGBT Agenda! Parents don’t want LGBT Agenda forced on children!

Homosexuals, transgenders, etc. suffer shorter life-spans. Let’s address this health crisis properly.

Stop limiting individual freedoms in the name of this LGBT agenda!

End the discrimination against parents and law-abiding citizens, especially in lower-income communities.

Contact the California State Legislature!  Tell them to vote NO ON ALL THESE BILLS!

Toni G. Atkins

Senate President pro Tempore

Phone: (916) 651-4039

Fax: (916) 651-4939

Bill Monning

Senate Majority Leader

State Capitol, Room 4040

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 651-4017

Fax: (916) 651-4917

Shannon Grove

Senate Minority Leader

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 651-4016

Fax: (916) 651-4916

To find your state senator, go to this link: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

Anthony Rendon

Speaker of the State Assembly

Tel: (916) 319-2063

Fax: (916) 319-2163

Ian Calderon

State Assembly Majority Leader

State Capitol

P.O. Box 942849

Sacramento, CA 94249-0057

Tel: (916) 319-2057

Fax: (916) 319-2157

Marie Waldron

Assembly Minority Leader

Tel: 916-319-2075

Fax: 916-319-2175

To find your state assemblyman, go to this link: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/


Jul 212019

IF you are a CAGOP Insider, you get the delegate only emails. The most recent one contained a fascinating sentence:

While fundraising numbers are preliminary, I am proud and excited to share that Senator Shannon Grove, Assemblywoman Marie Waldron and I have received millions of dollars in commitments. At HQ, staff has begun implementing a state-of-the-art grassroots engagement system and has substantially augmented our communications capabilities.

Let the two sentences sink in. The second sentence explains why I have received about triple the number of spam phone calls in the last month.

It is anticipated that the CAGOP’s Federal Election Commission filing will be appearing on the FEC website within the next few hours. It still shows the $26,000 net cash on hand as of 5-31. When I received the email on Thursday, it was clear that the results on this report were going to be poor and the email was sent as reassurance.

Who committed what to whom? How much has Jessica Patterson raised? How much have the two leaders raised? Are they doing the one-ask (aka splitting the money in thirds between Assembly, Senate and the CAGOP)?

Having worked on countless campaigns, I know when I hear the word Commitments I know that means at best $.25 on the Dollar, usually you collect about 10% of the commitments.

We were told that Travis Allen could not raise a thing. Now we are being told commitments are just as good as money in the bank. I’ve got whiplash. I sure hope I have to correct this blog later to show that those Commitments were more real than any past campaign or effort I’ve ever worked on. Otherwise, the key argument against Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair (or Steve Frank for that matter) was irrelevant at best or at worst was a bald-faced lie.

There was a Conservative Convention in Fresno that just concluded yesterday 7-20-2019. It was well attended. The focus appeared to be grassroots organizing. I will be waiting to see how many people that were in attendance are willing to actually man phone banks and walk precincts – or will they continue facebook and standing on overpasses?

David Carney was in attendance, we’ve written about him. Insiders have challenged my assertion that he was brought to CA by the Trump people. I am now of the belief that his presence in CA was more due to the failed efforts of the CAGOP Caucuses in the past and less due to anything Trump. Carney, to his credit is attempting to meet with every group of people he can in an effort to bring peace and unity. Now, this nexus is what caused me to misread his primary purpose as attempting to deal with the infestation of “Never Trumpers” in the ranks of CAGOP insiders. That appears to be secondary and related to election and campaign activity.

The Conservative Convention was seeking to recruit and motivate people to run for local Party Central Committee. It remains to be seen if Luis Buhler is going to be able to marshal any resources in 2020, or if any of the other consultants / staffers will be able to in order to try and control local party committees. Again, it remains to be seen how many of the attenders to the Conservative Convention are willing to put in the work required to get on the ballot and win election to Party Committee – let alone accomplish anything once in place.

It is clear that CAGOP leaders are trying to stay clear of as many fights as possible. These include most party leaders not commenting on the latest media attempt to smear the President over his tweets related to the extremists congressmen in the Democrat Party. Some Trump-Hating Consultants willingly allowed themselves to be used by the media and the deranged Kristen Olsen also used her shrinking platform to vent her spleen – but for as desperately as these people want to restore their own relevance at Trump’s expense, the party leaders did not validate them by joining them.

At the same time, Party leaders have been remiss to talk about the burgeoning Duncan Hunter Jr. Scandal or the exploding Bill Brough Scandal. Based on insider sources requesting confidentiality Jessica Patterson, Madam Chairman of the CAGOP has deferred to the local party committees to deal with those situations. I am not sure I agree with this approach.

I do not envy Jessica Patterson’s position at all. I also think David Carney would be a fool not to have buyer’s remorse over taking the job he took. Both of them have a difficult road to tow trying to fight against the trends in California. For the record, I want them both to succeed and I write this expecting nothing in return for the goodwill. If the CAGOP succeeds we all win. I sell plenty of insurance to pay my bills and will have a few campaigns to help eventually.

As an aside, President Trump is doing well in 45 out of the 50 states and is not the albatross the trump-haters that have decimated the CAGOP over the last 20 years think he is. It is also clear Carney’s presence has muted the Trump-Haters that are close enough to the CAGOP apparatus to cause issues.

Lastly, speaking of David Carney and Jessica Patterson – the CAGOP Platform Drafting Committee meets on 7-27. Deborah Wilder, a liberal Republican with personal ambition is the chair of said committee. She is also known to be close to Luis Buhler and David Reade (who was her paid consultant for her Secretary Race) will Wilder preside over a left-wing fantasy-land of watered down democrat values with a Republican label? Or will the drafting committee (comprised of liberals, consultants and staffers mostly) produce a document that is only slightly different than the current platform? Carney and Patterson most certainly do not want an all-out war over the platform.

This said, both are being careful about public comments leaving considerable doubt as to where they stand on much of anything. The moments of truth are coming shortly. Bill Brough’s meltdown could affect 2-3 Congressional and one State Senate election race. Duncan Hunter could cause problems for his 6 remaining colleagues in California – in fact, if the national media does what they are famous for, they could use Hunter to cover up for all kinds of dems. Eventually, Patterson, Carney and others are going to be forced out in to the open on these things Brough, Hunter and the ultimate resolution of the Platform. Eventually, commitments are going to dissolve or turn in to real money.

Eventually, the Conservative Convention is going to have to demonstrate that they are more than a political rally. Can they organize? Produce any real volunteers? Raise anything other than token amounts of money? Get anyone elected? Help the CAGOP win something?

These are just some of the things your intrepid blogger is tracking.