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I don’t know Liz Richie. I know others that were original Trump Supporters that have little good to say about her. After I got an email from her, I can see why people were all too willing to tell me about how she mistreated volunteers and the like.

Liz was the Norcal Trump Volunteer coordinator. She forwarded me an email written for her by someone else, because when I sent the email to other Trump people they told me it was clearly not in her voice. Peter Kuo does not speak English as a first language, and is known to have broken English (though he does speak well) thus it does not appear that Kuo wrote this either.

The 2016 Trump Campaign Sunnyvale phone bank headquarters was located at 1133/1135 Sonora Ct Sunnyvale, Ca 94086, headquarters for Wbiso International E-Commerce, Inc a company that is endorsed by China’s Ministry of Commerce. 
A quick google search on this property shows that a man by the name of Gary Ge  is in charge of the location  and the business.
Google searches also show that Gary Ge aka. Boalin Ge is the President of Tianjin Silicon Valley Tianjin Chamber of Commerce American Association for the Promotion of Asian Trade
When Peter Kuo ran for CAGOP Vice Chair – your intrepid blogger went in to some depth about all of the foreign businesses Kuo was involved in. Many of the enterprises are in fields that are fraught with fraud and other issues.
People within the Trump campaign told your intrepid blogger that ironically, Liz Richie was one of the first to float the idea that Peter Kuo was a Chinese asset. I don’t think Kuo is a communist or a asset, I just think he is a con man.
When Peter Kuo helped get a spot in Santa Clara County for a phone bank, he claimed to have leased a location at this address. There is ample proof the phone bank was here. Those involved in the effort dispute several claims made by Kuo:
1. Kuo claims to have led efforts to make 100,000+ calls. The real number was a fraction of that, Kuo was part of the team, not a leader.
2. Peter Kuo was not Chair of Four Counties. In Fact, San Francisco County never really had a chair according to two people within the Trump operation in 2016. This is another lie by Peter Kuo, and I have emails and lists to prove it.
The location that Kuo “leased” for the Trump team was reported as dingy and “a mess” when they first started to occupy it to make their calls. A lot of people reported not feeling comfortable with the area either.
Then there is this:
WBISO is endorsed by China’s Ministry of Commerce and partners with China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME) and offers vendor verification as well as a customs database to make sure that you know who you are doing business with. As a member you will have access to the database that will allow you to build relationships within a global marketplace. A trained WBISO business service consultant can offer the precise, personalized service your company requires in order to successfully source products from China. WBISO was founded to help small- and medium-size U.S. businesses thrive in the Chinese market.
Did Peter Kuo get help from the Chinese government to get space for a Team Trump phone bank in 2016?

Then there is Liz Richie’s Email to me – which I responded to with this simple answer: Liz – There was nothing attached. And the tone of your email is absurd. Peter Kuo is a con artist and it is too bad you’ve been taken in by him. 

It was brought to my attention that you posted incorrect information regarding CRP Vice Chairman Kuo’s volunteer position during the Trump for President Campaign in 2016. Your post is not only false, it is counterproductive to the mission of getting President Trump re-elected.
The letter that you use as “evidence”, specifically says, “We are part of the team that helped Donald Trump win the California primary, and then the Presidency. Mr. Kuo supported Mr. Cruz in the primary and started volunteering for Mr. Trump the day Mr. Cruz suspended his campaign for President. The 2016 Trump campaign leadership team was formed meeting for the first time July 1st after candidate Trump won the GOP nomination.
The regional, county and city leadership was the key focus inJuly through August of 2016. Mr. Kuo’s name was recommended by several Bay Area GOP leaders.  Peter’s credentials were excellent so we brought him on to be the Regional Leader for Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco counties. Mr. Kuo’s subsequent work in finding and setting up a Trump 2016 call center that led to over one-hundred-thousand calls during the final weeks of the campaign, If needed, this information can be confirmed by the California Political Director and Field Operations Manager for Trump 2016, Malcolm McGough. I am including an email I sent to Mr. Kuo and at least thirty others confirming that role.
Now that you have been presented with the truth, I respectfully request that you retract the false statement regarding Mr Kuo’s involvement with the Trump 2016 campaign and apologize to Mr. Kuo. He set up one of the highest volume call centers whose impact was invaluable to the success of securing many of the battleground states and the Trump Presidency.
Aaron, we have a tremendous task in 2020. The Democrats will do or say anything to defeat our President. They will stop at nothing, that includes dividing us; unfortunately, you are doing their work for them. Please get on board and join us, so that in 2020 we can continue the work of Making America Great Again!
I was laughing out loud, and even more so once I spoke to half a dozen people in the Trump team about this. Peter Kuo should probably start fact-checking himself, and even more so if he is going to get other people to fight his battles for him…
To be continued…
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  1. Aaron, I know this is an older blog now, (I’m a little behind and trying to catch up, since on vacation) but if you want a little more information about Liz, give me a call.

  2. Very interesting I believe I’ll do my own research on Peter Kuo. Thanks for the 411.

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