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While I have no direct proof that State Senator Pat Bates helped scuttle the first Assembly Rules complaints against Bill Brough, this is a widely held belief in activist circles.

The absurdity of this is underscored even worse when you realize that Pat Bates is a recognized founder and leader of the California Women’s Leadership Association. Pat Bates is the former Senate Permanent Minority Leader, a position currently held by Shannon Grove.

Bates, like OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker has been asleep at the switch. Worse, both may well be attempting to save face and salvage Bill Brough. This is another example of the sickening power of incumbency and the inertia of donors and the political establishment.

Worse, it is clear based on conversations with inside sources that Bill Brough is being helped with crisis communications by people attached to leadership within the GOP. However, to her credit Madam Chairman of the CAGOP – Jessica Patterson – is alleged to have spoken directly with at least one victim of Brough’s Rampage and may well have spoken to others. She is said to have offered support. If true, this signals a split within the ranks of the defend incumbents at all costs caucus.

It has also been put to this blogger several times by several people that the membership of the CWLA in Orange County are outraged and similar to the OCGOP (which has no July Meeting) there is a full scale revolt in both organizations. Meantime, Fred Whitaker is cowering in his bunker doing nothing – other than buttressing the false hope that Bill Brough has that he will ride out the storm.

I sincerely hope I am wrong about Pat Bates, but it has been rumored for several years that Brough was her pick to succeed her in the State Senate.

Fred Whitaker should have been ousted in January after the humiliation the GOP suffered at the ballot box in 2018.

In my search for answers, I came across a letter sent to the OCGOP Central Committee by Deborah Pauly. I am not a fan of Deborah Pauly at all, for starters, she is a perennial candidate. That said, even a loudmouth political gadfly is right occasionally. She lambasted Fred Whitaker for one of the few resolute decisions he made, this one related to the Late Mary Young. Whitaker is noted for his refusal to make decisions, conflict avoidance and smarmy two-faced communication style. It is also alleged that he has a problem with strong women, which may also be fueling his tacit defense of Bill Brough.

Pauly wrote:

February 18, 2019

Chairman Fred Whitaker is in a very uncomfortable situation tonight because he will have to reveal the true depths of his hypocrisy or ignore the passing of an OC GOP icon. Long-time volunteer and party faithful Mary Young unexpectedly and suddenly died last week. Tonight will be the first meeting since her passing. Mary has been a permanent fixture of the OC GOP for as long as I can remember.

Everyone in that room knows that Fred tossed Mary aside like a piece of trash when he took over the Republican Party. He had her unceremoniously removed from the Executive Board with no explanation.

She was devastated.

Everyone knows how distraught she was. She even called me — crying — to tell me she understood how I felt. Party leaders had enjoined her to their cause of deposing me from a duly elected Executive Board seat a few years prior. She apologized.

Mary had volunteered untold thousands and thousands of hours to the Republican Party.

Mary had donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party over the years.

Mary and her husband, who preceded her in death, donated the funds that allowed for the beautiful OC GOP HQ conference room.

Mary had recruited and engaged hundreds of volunteers — of all ages — over decades.

Mary supported whomever the establishment leadership told her to support, even when that candidate was bad for the party long-term.

She was loyal.

The Republican Party was her life. Fred Whitaker knew that. Everyone knew that. He took that from her and it had a significant and detrimental impact on her feelings of self worth and joie de vivre.

Who wants to lay odds? Will Fred deliver a heartfelt, pseudo-eulogy tonight after what he did to her? Will he be able to do it with a straight face?

For decades, the leadership of the Republican Party took advantage of Mary’s compromised state and need for their acceptance and confirmation.

That, my friends, is reprehensible on every level.

Deborah Pauly
(714) xxx-xxxx + [email protected]

I do not know the complete details surrounding this, but I was familiar with Fred Whitaker’s initial decisions as chairman where several party stalwarts that were not defeated by Luis Buhler’s $3 Million rampage against Central Committees statewide were discarded by Whitaker. Several alleged that the feckless, weak Fred Whitaker was taking orders from Buhler and crew regarding the leadership of the County Party. (This happened in other counties, so why not Orange, too) The OCGOP finds itself with a rudderless ship due in no small part to the massive expenditures by Buhler targeting several long-time party stalwarts, this is a fact.

No one believed or imagined that Chad Mayes would melt down in a narcissistic rampage and very few knew the truth about Bill Brough. That said, I believe almost no one had any faith that Brough’s skeletons would be day-lighted. The meltdown of Mayes and the exposure of Brough have basically beset any plans that Buhler and his team of consultants had related to controlling the day to day actions of the GOP. Worse, Whitaker’s arrogant cowardice in defending Brough threatens to completely unravel all of the gains the left of the GOP made on the OCGOP Cent Com.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, I have devoted thousands of pages of blogs to the inner workings of the CAGOP. There is a term I coined called “The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure”. It is an apt description for the shrinking coven of consultants and “leadership” within the CAGOP that do not seem to care about elections, just their roles (or paychecks).

As of the writing of this blog, I am aware that Whitaker has fielded dozens, if not hundreds of calls related to Brough from all corners. As of the writing of this blog, I am aware that Pat Bates may well be the only local female GOP leader not publicly or privately critical of Brough – thus leading me to draw the conclusion that she is still defending him. Whitaker has yet to do anything other than a smarmy quote to the OCGOP and ignoring further media inquiries.

As our series on Bill Brough Continues you can expect:

  1. More on Bill Brough’s reprehensible personal conduct
  2. More on Bill Brough financing his lifestyle with his campaign account
  3. More on Fred Whitaker’s history as an explanation for his inexcusable behavior
  4. Information about the Toll Road Caper as some think (incorrectly) this had some bearing on the events surrounding Brough. (aka trying to deflect from Brough’s behavior) For example I’ve lit up the seriously flawed Bryan Maryott (running for CA-49) several times related to this long before any of this current drama. (note, Maryott has yet to weigh in on the Brough situation.)
  5. Any and every other target I feel like writing about whenever and however I’d like to

Blogger’s P.S. Little did I realize that Deborah Pauly’s letter related to Mary Young would end up being so timely. When she originally sent it, I dismissed it as another one of her famous cases of political Tourette’s Syndrome. Now, she looks like a Psychiatrist instead of a psychiatric case as she nailed Fred Whitaker.

To be continued…

P.P.S. Bill Brough made a facebook video on July 4th. He looked awful. I took still shots from the video in case he deletes it post scrutiny.

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