Apr 022020

Is this Peter Kuo’s Latest Scam?

The post by Peter Kuo on his facebook page from 2 months ago speaks for itself. We’ve written at length about the list of bizarre businesses he has and the number of LLC’s / C-Corps that have been shut down. You’d think if the Vice-Chairman of the California GOP had a magical device that could Contain/Destroy the ChinaVirus we’d have heard about it by now?

Where’s the aircraft factory?

I am also still waiting for my Jade Bitcoin. BTW – the video of Peter handling ancient antiquities seems to have disappeared from the website.

I just keep getting reminded why I had a bad feeling about Peter Kuo when he first announced his vice chair campaign.


Dec 042019

Let’s talk about the violin-wielding Chinese/Taiwanese Immigrant whose political life is centered around that fact. You’d think then that such a man with a story would be aggressively criticizing the government of China.

President Trump recently signed a bill demonstrating solidarity with the Protesters in Hong Kong. Predictably, media outlets criticized it. Peter Kuo? Crickets.

Is it because of Kuo’s Jade-Backed Bitcoin project? Check it out.

Peter Kuo has made some weak reference about “Les Miserables” in a post buried in one of his Facebook accounts – but has been remiss to call out the totalitarian regime of China. As such, we are going to recount some of Peter Kuo’s greatest hits as several in CAGOP Leadership helped elect this guy without fully investigating the string of dubious companies and what look to be his connections to the Chinese Government.

Peter Kuo’s foreign entanglements are going to cause the entire CAGOP problems. I’d like to publicly thank Greg Gandrud, the CAGOP Treasurer for posting the following:

While Kuo is surrounded with Advisors who support impeaching the President and convicting him to remove him from office – CRP Treasurer Greg Gandrud and others on the CAGOP Board get it with regard to Hong Kong and the success of the President. Whenever Peter Kuo posts about Preisdent Trump, it is measured and carefully done to promote himself as much as it is the success of the President.

If you see Peter Kuo speaking at a GOP event – ask him, “What is your position on Hong Kong?”, “Why have you not taken a stand for Hong Kong”, “What are your business connections to the Chinese Government?”.

In light of Peter Kuo’s lack of action or resolute stand on anything Chinese, allow your intrepid blogger to pen a refresher course in to Peter Kuo’s foreign entanglements. To be continued…

Oct 222019

But, hey! Peter Kuo plays a mean violin.

Your intrepid blogger has learned that at the convention, once the “leadership” people realized that Jessica Patterson was going to win, in the form of Luis Buhler and someone who may or may not be George Andrews began to whip votes for Peter Kuo. It is alleged that both were motivated by personal animus against Harmeet Dhillon. Note – I have not asked Harmeet for comment as I did not want to pull her in to this.

There is a consequence to making political decisions based on personal animus – they blow up in your face. Peter Kuo’s Campaign manager Scott Winn is an out of the closet trump hater and now Kuo’s social media director has come out in favor of impeachment based solely on mainstream media reports and selected leaks.

Even while several members in the minority are sounding the alarm over the process and lack of transparency, this “Republican” operative is endorsing Impeachment. Not just any Republican Operative, but the Social Media Director for CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo.

What a great look for the CAGOP. #EPICFAIL


Sep 152019

This stuff writes itself. CAGOP Vice Chairman Peter Kuo ladies and gentlemen. Our Vice Chair is a senior advisor to Ro Khanna.

Meet JDX Coin – the website is down, but its’ contents are memorialized forever.

Another business venture is linked here. You will notice that there is limited information on the three-page site. It is a startup consulting company that alleges to recruit investors from China, Taiwan and Indonesia. I am struck by the typos on the site, lack of “Who we are”, the lack of testimonials and no physical or mailing address listed.

It is the opinion of this blogger that the Venture Capital Company he has a website up for is dubious.

While at the CAGOP Convention, the Violin Wielding Peter Kuo had a young kid carrying his violin and at one point a much older woman carrying it. However, when it came to posing for a photo:

If you’re lucky, Peter Kuo, violin in hand (or with a chaperone), may show up in your county to get you a Chinese Government owned location for a phone bank!

Your intrepid blogger is just waiting for the extremely biased state media to get ahold of this story. Yikes…

So when Madam Chairman Jessica Patterson is not getting throttled by the feckless GOP leadership, she has a complete zero for a vice chair. I suppose the six-figure salary she is getting as CAGOP Chair is a consolation. #FACEPALM

Sep 052019

You can find some amazing things in internet archivesdid you know that CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo was a senior advisor to Congressman Ro Kanna? Perhaps some of the party faithful should inquire of Mr. Kuo about his side gig. I do notice that this biography does not include mention of JDX Coin. (Remember that one?)

Peter Kuo – international man of mystery and an inviting target for some serious issues within the CAGOP.

There is some pending drama with the California College Republicans. There are now two groups, the CFCR which is where the squishes and establishment types went after a disaster of an election process a few years ago. The CCR seems to be where the Conservatives and the Libertarian wackjobs went. For me, it is kind of like watching the Chargers Play the 49ers. No one to root for.

All this said, there are some very interesting sidebars. #1 The national college republicans are run by trump-hating country clubbers and chose to recognize the squishes. (CFCR) #2 Both the CCR and CFCR are split evenly between trump haters and trump lovers – yet the CCR is trying to claim the trump mantle. #3 I’ve been told that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson has taken a side, but not the one people think. It appears that neither group is going to get de-chartered, rather the permanent charter of the CCR is going to get removed from the by-laws and both groups recognized.

Since I think permanent charters are recipe for membership fraud (paper units, fake members, etc) because there is no bi-annual audit by the volunteer Organizations Committee – I’d favor eliminating them all.

David Stafford Reade and crew have been running a proxy drill. It is likely that they will have more proxies than bodies as this convention will be lightly attended. Be on the look out for the leadership text messages telling people how to vote – similar to the message telling people to vote for Peter Kuo.

They will be interested in controlling resolutions, rule change 9 that removes CCR from the list of permanent charters, controlling endorsements and of course protecting their precious Prop 14.

I doubt Bill Brough will be in attendance if yes, check his burbon level. 10 trips to Safeway, 5 Trips to Bevmo and a Custom Bar all show up as office expenses. I’d never leave the office ever if I was him… but I did think this recent facebook post was quite ironic related to his drinking…

How many people show to the CAGOP Convention? How do the late announced speakers work out? Is brough bringing Lorena Gonzalez with him to the open bar at the CAGOP Convention?

P.S. someone please send me a copy of the treasurer’s report – I’ve been told the numbers will show some life, I’d love to see them!