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Your Intrepid blogger has been on a search for answers since learning that Bill Brough, a man I helped elect in 2014 has been an out of control hypocrite in the legislature. Worse than being a hypocrite is how he has abused his office for sex, and has been financing a double-life at the expense of his donors.

We detailed several things about the sordid state of affairs (literally and figuratively) in the life of Bill Brough.

We’ve taken a break from the gut-wrenching stories of the Women he has mistreated for a look in to his campaign finance accounts. What we’ve found has been disturbing, we’ve found a junket funded in full by his campaign account, with at least part in clear violation of the law. We’ve learned about his Burbon Barrel, described by Bill himself as his prized possession clearly paid for with campaign funds.

We’ve talked about grossly overpriced events that may well have been cover for Bar Tabs, personal items or buying gift cards with campaign funds.

Today – we are asking if Bill Brough can hear us all. We’ve learned that Bill Brough has been charging the ENTIRE amount of his personal phone bill to his campaign. Source material is linked here.

Just how much has Bill Brough charged his campaign account for his Cell Phone??? $13,245.38 Cha-Ching Verizon. It would be fun to see if Verizon still has copies of all those drunken Text Messages Brough is alleged to have sent his harassment victims. Maybe Todd Spitzer can help with that?

My own Cell Phone Bill is about $140 a month. My part is usually about $100 of the total. I take a $50 a month reimbursement from my insurance business because a flat $50 will stand up in tax court and it is roughly half of my bill. I’ve been told by others who use Verizon that a family of 4 is about $250 a month. It is easily within the bounds of logic to stipulate that Brough is paying for his entire family’s Cell Phone Bill out of his campaign. The FPPC needs to take a look at the receipts and copies of checks, this smells to high heaven. $13,245.38? No way in any reasonable stretch of the imagination this is only Bill Brough’s Cell Phone Bill…

Any political consultant looking to use the above meme in campaign mail has my express permission to do so – just give the Right On Daily Blog attribution. Thank you.

So, to those of you that have been to Bill Brough’s office and have seen his Bourbon Barrel and maybe have had a shot with him… that Cigar Humidor? You guessed it. His donors bought that Cigar for you too.

If the image is unclear, it is highlighting a payment (on the FPPC website it is dated 12-15-2017) to Daniel Marshall, Inc. The Payment is for $1310.97.

Daniel Marshall, Inc. is a high end manufacturer of Cigar Humidors. Bill Brough’s donors can rest easy knowing that Daniel Marshall is rated as the #1 Humidor by Cigar Aficionado magazine.

Back in my drinking days I used to smoke, but I never tasted much of anything after the first six-pack. Along those lines, I am not sure why Mr. Brough needed high-end cigars in addition to the Burbon Barrel.

A check of the website reveals that most of the humidors are $400-$500 a piece, thus one could conclude that Brough purchased a supply of overpriced cigars too. Perhaps the FPPC needs to check some receipts for the AHEM Office Expense. (Well guess what, the Cigars are on his 2018 460… in addition to this expense. Was the Humidor $1300 by itself???)

As I type this post, I am aware that these blogs are receiving a level of Traffic last approached in our takedown of the former Sheriff of Riverside County. Will the Orange County Republican Party Step up to the plate and call Bill Brough Out?

Or will they continue to say “No Comment”?

To be continued…


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  1. It appears that Bill Brough is emulating Duncan Hunter, and look what is happening to him. Good job Aaron in exposing political corruption.

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