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Did you know that the Blythe Jail was taken over by inmates and guards were tased and assaulted? Regular deputies had to be dispatched to restore order. This, similar to so much other stuff was covered up.

On 6-12-2018 within 7 days of election night information poured in, including these highlights:

More than one deputy was kicked off a special team by the second floor, some for having a Chad Bianco Lawn sign and others because of the actions of other third parties (not themselves!) Somehow that retaliation was supposed to show that third party who was boss or something. The retaliation also included changing Regular Days Off (because they can) under the guise of eliminating “Yellow Days” (think hammering the taxpayers for overtime). Magically, the employees that were screwed with were all Chad Bianco supporters!

Speaking of overtime, we bring you this story from Jarupa Valley Station featuring one of our favorites, Sgt. Christian “Beluga” Dekker. Dekker signed up for some overtime at Jarupa, he showed up at 5AM was logged in as a deputy (meaning he had to take calls), but reputedly never left the office the entire time. Yup, we got ripped off for 12 hours of overtime by Christian Dekker. As he left at 5PM. (But I am sure he illegally recorded his co-workers if his pattern was consistent with past stories) Perhaps Ray Wood is getting a signed statement from Dekker.

Apparently on 6/9/2018 the day I am referencing, Shift 2 at Jurupa Valley had something like 9 deputies on the clock including “The Baluga” Dekker who was beached in an office all day. The City got ripped off. Given that Jurupa’s staffing is below minimum, you have to seriously question this.

As you can see, Stan Sniff’s Narcissistic rage started on election night, as the retaliation against anyone perceived to be a Chad Bianco Supporter started almost immediately. He also promoted Dekker to Lt.

On 6/28 Stan Sniff had a fundraiser at El Felonasco Restaurant, continuing his pattern of associating with Felons.

Stan Sniff Golden Boy Bob Epps does his part to further the Narcissistic Rage of Stan Sniff, having Lt. Werges toss Rafael Cuevas off of the Bomb Squad.

We exposed a major failure in Leadership at Lake Elsinore Station. We blew the lid off of more antiquated, malfunctioning equipment and the listless, incompetent leadership at Lake Elsinore Station. (Captain Daniel Anne, Lt. Smith and Lt. Magnan)

  1. The Sgt pointed out that he was in the field because several in Sheriff’s Admin indicated that the “Watch Commander” should be in the field.
  2. They indicated that the staffer attempted to reach the Sgt. on the WC Cell Phone.
  3. The WC cellphone did not work.
  4. The Sgt. Indicated to the Captain, Captain Anne that the Cellphones were malfunctioning and obselete.
  5. As the irate citizen started becoming so enraged he was spitting on the glass of the station – Lt. Smith and Magnon continued sitting in their respective offices while the now freaked out staffer was finally able to reach the Sgt. who was several miles away from the Station.
  6. The Sgt. pointed out that there were more armed people in the station at the time of the incident than were out in the field.
  7. The Sgt. pointed out that there is a need for updated cell phones that actually work every time they are needed.

Later, we profiled a witch hunt going on at Lake Elsinore as the embarrassed Station leadership were trying to hunt down our sources. Note that the back gate to the evidence lot was broken for several weeks before we lampooned it. It was fixed and then subsequently broke again. #EPICFAIL

It also included a follow-up story on Lt. Robert Rose, who miraculously still has his job (and did not get disciplined at all) despite pulling his gun on Civilians TWICE in road rage incidents. (Compare that to the deputy who got suspended 2 weeks for taking a picture of himself with a Chad Bianco sign) Rose made some extremely racially charged comments at a training class he was teaching. (Yes, Stan Sniff has this guy training people – hell he might promote Rose to Captain, especially if Rose gets a DUI.)

On 6/28, we opened up a story and expose’ on a lot of misconduct at the Southwest Jail. It included an inmate getting a gun in to the jail. (this apparently happens a lot after Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez made policy changes making it harder for CD’s to search people) We later learned that the Cois Byrd Detention Center as it is called (musta been the price of Byrd’s endorsement) has several broken doors and a broken sally gate. As of the time of this blog, these conditions have existed for roughly 10 weeks.

Now there is a witch hunt at Jurupa Valley Station being led by Lt. Tim Martin because more information has made it to your intrepid blogger. People at Jurupa have had their off days changed with no notice and their vacations cancelled. Martin and Captain Daniel Hedge are also actively working to circumvent the KPMG Audit of Jurupa Valley according to multiple sources as this is the SOP handed down by the second floor. Meantime, other contract cities are paying to staff Jurupa Valley’s shell game.

We’ve written ad nauseum about the dirty insider machinations behind the joke of a KPMG audit of Jurupa Valley.

Moreno Valley? Yup, an ENTIRE SHIFT was held over to work overtime. Every. Last. Employee. Like so many other stations, Moreno Valley is falling apart.

Stan Sniff’s leadership of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is a Disaster.

  8 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Retaliation, Ripoffs, Witch Hunts, Cover Ups and Mismanagement”

  1. I am more afraid of an army of one hundred sheep led by a lion than an army of one hundred lions led by a sheep. ~Charles Maurice, Prince de Talleyrand-Périgord

    A leader leads by example not by Force. ~Sun Tzu

    There is a serious increase in Sheriff’s being arrested across the country for corruption and misdeeds. If we keep giving these individuals unchecked power we are doomed to fail. Add sex, drugs and rock n roll and its inevitable. S/Sniff if you care about the men and women of RSD then step down and let the healing begin. YOU FAILED!!!!!!

  2. You can’t lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself. ~Gene Mauch

    RSD new promotional exam; Let me see your stack of booking sheets.

  3. Last night I watched the interview with Sheriff Sniff about the Duffy cover up. As I listened to him answer easy questions he kept dodging a direct answer. He used words like historically, we are objective as we can be, etc.

    I think he was political as opposed to truthful! The election was brought up and as a voter I think he lied and are now convinced we need to vote him out of office. Sniff’s vauge answers was the deciding factor for me.

  4. Sgt. Nathan Kaas at the Lake Elsinore station would to do the same thing as Beluga. Sgt. Kaas was the traffic sergeant and would come in on holidays to collect holiday pay, Although based on his position he should have been given the holiday off, but Sgt. Kaas would still come in and sit at his desk in civilian clothing getting paid time and a half while his traffic team was out on patrol. But he was one of Capt. Anne’s favorites, so Sgt. Kaas was not held accountable. And with Lt. Aaron Kent, he would sit at his desk and do his college homework for his degree while on-duty, and raping the taxpayers in the process. And years ago the Temecula Station did a personnel investigation of watch one deputies because Deputy Rick Sanchez (who is an FBI special agent now) was accused of doing his college homework while working graveyard, yet nothing is done with these truculent individuals and their perverse behavior. Additionally, Sgt. Kaas is obtaining his degree, so this also gives rise of the possibility of him also doing his college work while on-duty. We can only hope the truth comes out in January when the new sheriff takes command.

  5. What’s amazing is it took a blogger from Northern California to uncover these stories. Not the Press Enter lies, or the Desert Scum, or Keswho.

    Only recently has the desert scum started putting out stories. And that’s because they read this blog. The only channel to put out anything is KMIR. The reporter has felt the flames from RSO for trying to uncover the truth.

    Bravo, Aaron F. Park. You deserve a big old present from the people of Riverside County for exposing the truth.

  6. You all make good points but the only remedy for improvement is to vote for Bianco. Change is good and needed in order for the public to trust thier Law Enforcement.

    Mr Park saw a need to bring faults and lies in the public view to decide. Local media outlets refused to take a controversial position against Sniff. I imagine out of fear…or cowardnessLike CNN and the Clintons

    Just my opinion.

  7. The issue is not the opportunistic individuals looking to pad their pockets collecting unwarranted overtime pay, the mid-level managers also share the blame for allowing this to occur. Where was Lt. Kevin “holy roller” Smith at when Sgt. Kaas submitted his payroll activity report? Did he not see his sergeant that was suppose to be off working the holiday? Same thing with Lt. Tyler “I’m telling” Clark, where was he when Aaron “I cheat on tests” Kent was doing his homework while on-duty? And let’s not forget Christian “Beluga” Dekker putting in for overtime when all he did was stay in his office. Where was Lt. Robert “417” Rose when Dekker submitted his 344 for approval? And the Lieutenants are suppose to review the patrol logs, so it was no secret that these morally questionable staff members were logged on, yet not earning their time and a half. So these managers are just as guilty in the waste and abuse of public funds because they sign off on payroll activity reports and patrol logs.

  8. Hell ar high watet,

    Your right and all those you identified are protected by a captain and chief deputy.

    Gotta protect your informants

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