Jun 122018

Remember if you have information about corruption, cronyism, malfeasance and otherwise within Stan Sniff’s tyrannical regime, email me at [email protected] YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood has been busy. Ray Wood has been contacting LEMU members (remember the glossary of terms? these are the middle managers SGT, LT, Captain) trying to get them to write letters as the basis for a criminal prosecution or civil lawsuit against your intrepid blogger. I am proud to face the threats on behalf of all the people Mr. Wood and others that infest the second floor have screwed over.

It is clear that the fact we are closing in on 1,000,000 hits on this website since 1/1/2018 has them in a tailspin.

Perhaps Ray Wood can subpoena my balls.

Information has come in through a fire-hose. Several deputies have reported incidents of retaliation.

More than one deputy was kicked off a special team by the second floor, some for having a Chad Bianco Lawn sign and others because of the actions of other third parties (not themselves!) Somehow that retaliation was supposed to show that third party who was boss or something. The retaliation also included changing Regular Days Off (because they can) under the guise of eliminating “Yellow Days” (think hammering the taxpayers for overtime). Magically, the employees that were screwed with were all Chad Bianco supporters!

Speaking of overtime, we bring you this story from Jarupa Valley Station featuring one of our favorites, Sgt. Christian “Baluga” Dekker. Dekker signed up for some overtime at Jarupa, he showed up at 5AM was logged in as a deputy (meaning he had to take calls), but reputedly never left the office the entire time. Yup, we got ripped off for 12 hours of overtime by Christian Dekker. As he left at 5PM. (But I am sure he illegally recorded his co-workers if his pattern was consistent with past stories) Perhaps Ray Wood is getting a signed statement from Dekker.

Apparently on 6/9/2018 the day I am referencing, Shift 2 at Jurupa Valley had something like 9 deputies on the clock including “The Baluga” Dekker who was beached in an office all day. The City got ripped off.

Meantime, after recent years of advocating for cutting the budget, Sniff-Supporting Supervisor Kevin Jeffries advertised on his facebook page that he “Surprised” everyone with funding requests for more “Badly-Needed” deputies in a list of communities in his district. He indicated crime was going up – yet Stan Sniff is claiming Crime is going down. Given that Jeffries stands alone out of the active supervisors in supporting the crooked Sheriff (Ashley is retiring), he may want to check with floor two before his next public comments.

I’ve known Kevin Jeffries since his days in the Assembly, he is a good conservative and a solid man. The sudden reversal on funding requests is quite odd and my political antennae wonder if this move is intended to help both the Sheriff, and his coming re-election in 2020. I am not sure of other supervisors made similar requests. Regardless, the timing and nature of the request seem out of sorts.

Then there is this (from an informant):

Sniff has been perusing gun stores in the Coachella Valley and purchasing exotic firearms that are not on the RSD approved weapons list. While there is nothing wrong with that (other than shopping on duty), he has been using his own “gun letter” to skip the 15-day waiting period, even though per policy, it can only be used for firearms that would be used as duty weapons. This occurred at 2nd Amendment firearms about 18 to 24 months ago.

So there it is. Not only does Sniff abuse his office to get out of traffic tickets, he also abuses it to get himself special treatment to buy guns too. Sniff reminds me of all the Democrat legislators in Sacramento who pass Gun Control Laws while possessing CCW Permits.

I just had a fresh tip come in on newly minted Correctional Chief Deputy Misha Graves who has some interesting history. Under cover of anonymity, anonymous commenters and another informant known to me but requesting anonymity came forward. It appears that Graves had a history of propositioning male employees, one case in particular occurred when she was a Sgt., another unrelated case was her habit of sleeping in her office as a Lt and making mention of it to others if true either incident is a termination eligible offense (as well as lawsuit bait). Finally, we were informed of a serious accident she got in with another deputy. Someone had the file on it and proof, the case went nowhere. However the other deputy was injured, and after the case was flushed that deputy may well have sued and gotten a combination gag order / settlement. Anyone with names and further details is encouraged to come forward. We know that Sniff does not promote clean honest people to senior management so this revelation (if true) about Graves is par for the course.

We have a Frank “Drone Boy” Taylor sighting. He is apparently trying to pitch the City of Palm Desert on a drone program. Is the city aware that Taylor may well be a commissioned sales rep for the product(s) he is pitching? Will the City do due diligence to verify the price they are getting is consistent with the standard market price? Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward as “Drone Boy” appears to have been spotted frequently in Palm Desert recently.

The election is in November, but we have a feeling that there will be frequent updates as Riverside Confidential Rolls On.

  4 Responses to “RIVERSIDE CONFIDENTIAL (WE’RE BAAAAAAAAACK): Second Floor Panic Continues and Info FLOWS in like a FIREHOSE! Are they Investigating your intrepid blogger???”

  1. A-A-RON, there you go again telling the truth. Don’t you know that the truth will hurt their sensitive little feelings? Take Lyndon “the Executioner” Wood for example, don’t you know that a guy who would tattoo skulls on himself that represent people he has killed on duty actually has deep rooted psychological problems? One might say he has an identity crisis and thought that these tattoos would make people believe he is something special when he is actually an immature little punk who should be bitch slapped.

    And A-A-RON, calling Dekker a Beluga whale is a bit harsh don’t you think? He probably gets nervous when he is committing fraud against the county and he has trouble controlling his overeating of comfort foods. I’m sure he feels much better when he eats jelly donuts, so please don’t make him feel like he is a worthless FAT BODY. We have all seen his photos of him hugging Stanley hoping for a promotion even though he sued the department and got a huge settlement a few years back. Don’t worry Beluga, I’m sure Stanley will promote you, but remember, you will be on a one year probation…..

    Maybe Stanley should force mandatory psych evals on employees like these to see if they are even fit for duty.

  2. Let me say if ANY of you including Aaron want a GOOD lawyer who is taking down the SWAMP here in San Bernardino County, the name is STEPHEN LARSON.

    Let those who have been retaliated against for exercising your constitutional rights KNOW to come together, hopefully with Union support take Sniff to FEDERAL COURT.

    Mr. Larson and team just destroyed District Attorney Mike Ramos after a 8 month long trial, that took 8 years to get to trial thanks to Mike Ramos.

    It took the same team and friends ONLY 10 months to destroy Mike Ramos at the polls.

    Mike Ramos used his office, State Attorney General and FBI to try and destroy 4 people and intimidate many other politicians with his mite.

    Well he lost.

    Chad Bianco and friends keep this name in mind.

  3. The reason Ken Jeffries is seeking more patrol time from deputies is because he lives in the county area, and every time he calls, notifications go up to the second floor. Ken Jeffries is usually known for voting no on anything to do with spending money, but not when it comes to spending taxpayers money for extra patrol in his neighborhood.

  4. Drone Boy……..LMAO…..I spit out my soda.

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