Aug 062018

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Dave Kurylowicz is one of our favorites. He is the Captain of the Moreno Valley Station. He is also as much of a trainwreck as other captains we’ve highlighted. We refer to him as Kurly.

Apparently, this is how Kurly deals with broken equipment.

For you Civilians out there – 10-7 means off duty, off-line, secured, etc.

Apparently these doors have been “10-7” since roughly 7-23-2018.

Given that every other day we get a photo of another sheriff vehicle on the back of a tow truck, is this any surprise?


Stan Sniff and crew tell contract cities they have the best equipment, add this to the list of lies.

Fire Stan Sniff.

P.S. This comment was left on another post:

So today I was driving Cactus St in Moreno Valley. As I approach the intersection of Perris Blvd and Cactus next to a Riverside Sheriff patrol vehicle I noticed how bald the tires of the vehicle were. In addition, the vehicle was so dirty. It gave me the impression I was in Tijuana, Mexico. I can’t fathom seeing a patrol vehicle in that condition in Corona, Newport Beach or hell Perris. I wrote to Chief Kurly and I am still awaiting for a response.

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