Aug 062018

Overtime. Lots of it.

Moreno Valley is Kurly’s Station. Dave Kurylowicz who spends a ton of time managing fake Facebook profiles to troll and threaten people. Perhaps Kurylowicz should be attempting to deal with the trainwreck that is his own station.

Moreno Valley has Exhausted cops. Lots of them.

Oh and Chief Deputy Jason “Deuce” Horton was there a few days ago with a BS Pep Talk to try and boost sagging morale.

That’s what the poor deputies at MoVal are saying. Hilarious Chief Horton shows up with his “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side “ speech, trying to pump everyone up in briefing. You know, the “I was always proud to put in the badge “ bullshit pep talk. He blew so much smoke up everyone’s ass it was hilarious. Then the entire night shift is ordered to hold over after a busy Saturday night. 🖕🏽 them

And Stan Sniff says morale is a meaningless attack brought about around election time.  BTW – Mr “Pep Talk” Horton also recently found out that his services were not needed by the corona pd. #EPICFAIL

Looks like the Kurly Fries are well done. (Maybe beer battered while we’re at it)

Sgt Kurly was involved in the cover up of the Kevin Duffy Serial Child Molestor Case. Lt. Kurly handled the “investigation” of Ryan Huizinga who discharged his weapon at the county fuel dump, but Captain Kurly can’t hide the disaster that is his station.

  3 Responses to “Moreno Valley Continued – That Time WHEN AN ENTIRE SHIFT WAS HELD OVER TO A 16 HOUR DAY!”

  1. Kurylowicz, not going to call you by your title because you don’t deserve it. You been a train wreck your whole career. When people confront you you accuse them of being homophobic, well let me just tell you that’s not going to work anymore. That little rainbow train left the station a long time ago, so stop using that as an excuse you piece of shit.

    You are a disgrace to the uniform and to the law enforcement profession. You have no leadership, and you are a coward. If you can stomach it take a good look in the mirror you’re a mess.

    I and all the deputies at Moreno Valley station, and the city Council have no confidence in your leadership, or your decision making. You should ask for transfer before a vote of no confidence is taken.

    A little advice for Jason Horton stop coming around the station stop wasting your time and our time. No one believes the bullshit that you are saying. You of all people should realize that you are supporting the wrong person. Remember just about four years ago you were talking all kinds of shit about the sheriff.

  2. Welcome to every station in this bullshit agency.

  3. Poor little ID 3770. Bodnar cried and moaned in briefing recently, saying shit about about there being “snitches” at MVPD after a photo of his CAD mail was posted here that shows he ordered the entire graveyard shift to holdover after a busy ass weekend night. Bodnar then told his deputies in briefing to “police your fucking peers” as he raged on as usual. Hey Jon, you were a PSB guy, you know you can’t use profanity. In addition, you should know that no one in your briefing cares about your opinions. You are insignificant to your shift and the station. Stop micromanaging deputies, they know more than you. Even the sergeants think you are a clown. Luckily there are some real kicksss sergeants at MVPD that pick up morale after a Bodnar goes home.

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