Oct 252016

President: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (if you can’t figure out what this means, stop reading now and turn in your voter registration card)

Congress D1: Vote Republican
Congress D4: Tom McClintock

Assembly D1: Brian Dahle
Assembly D5: Frank Bigelow
Assembly D6: KEVIN KILEY (open seat)

State Senate D1: No Endorsement

El Dorado County Sup D1: John Hidahl

PCWA District 5: Josh Alpine

Lincoln City Council: Paul Joiner, Peter Gilbert, Dan Karelskint

Rocklin City Council: JOE PATTERSON, Greg Janda, David Butler

Roseville City Council: John Allard, Bonnie Gore

Rocklin Unified School District: Kathy Turner, Eric Stevens

Roseville City School District: (2 Year Term) Alisa Fong

Roseville City School District: (4 Year Term) Julie Constant, Doyle Radford

Roseville Joint Union High School District: Andrew Tagg, Julie Hirota, Paige Stauss

Yes on Measure D

Yes on Measure M

Yes on Measure N

Yes on 51,52,53,54,65,66 – no on everything else.

Oct 242016

8 more calls since the 2014 election. How many of you reading this have had the cops out to your house once? Once in 10 years? 20 years? 30 years?

Rene Aguilera infests the Roseville Joint Union High School Board. He needs to go. I have endorsed Andrew Tagg, Julie Hirota and Paige Stauss. Do not under any circumstances vote for Rene Aguilera.

On 5/12/2016 – you will see that references to Drug Activity at 136 Donner Ave have not stopped. Does Rene Aguilera Live at 136 Donner? If he does, is he selling narcotics? How is he supporting himself as his form 700’s list no income at all for years? These are legit questions to ask.

The most recent call to 136 Donner Ave was on 7/12/2016. Despite getting destroyed over the previous 44 calls in the 2014 election, Rene Aguilera appears to have learned nothing. (Nothing except for how to get free trips to Washington D.C. from NALEO and other groups.)

I am sure Mr. Aguilera, whose 18,000 Judgement is still active with no action and interest accruing is an innocent victim of 52 Police Calls to his home. Perhaps Gary Miller will invite him to his “Church” and Rene can sit there and wait for gas (I mean the spirit) to lead him to some sort of inner peace.

Of course, we here at RightonDaily.com are doing our part to help Aguilera achieve peace. We are helping reduce the stress in his life by helping to relieve him of his obligation of being a school board member… which he does a poor job at anyway.

Let’s recap the Police Activity at 136 Donner Ave (Rene’s Home address of record):

There is an annoying thing called public records. The calls have come in batches – Here is Batch One and here is Batch Two.

Here are some statistics from the police logs:

11 references to Drug Deals / Drug Activity

4 references to Arrests Made

7 references to disturbances between 11:45PM – 4:20AM

Why is Rene Aguilera on a School Board? Why is Gary Miller allied with this guy? They both have extremely poor judgement and Aguilera is a threat to public safety by virtue of the fact that 136 Donner Ave may well be considered a nuisance property.

Oct 232016

Every year around October 20th, I commemorate FBI Day. It is a testament to the power of a lie. The power of lies are relevant today as the American Media and the campaign of Hillary Clinton are on complete tilt to win the election.

A similar dynamic was in play in 2010. A crazed Karen England, a women I have proven to be a fraud and mentally unstable, recruited several members of the local Tea Party to accuse Thomas N Hudson and my brother of money laundering and embezzlement.

Aided by Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines, they created a furor on 7/11/2011 with a front page story in the Sacramento Bee based on the STILL unproven allegations. Both LaMalfa and Gaines were quoted basically repeating the lies of England and her brainwashed Tea Party recruits.

Many of those same people are still on the Placer GOP. In 2012, wealthy donors, Doug LaMalfa’s political consultant, David Stafford Reade, and Ms. England teamed up with a $100,000 independent expenditure some still brag about. Their efforts to gain control through unethical means (aka, a lie) brought about the current chaos on the Placer GOP.

Reade is no stranger to FBI Investigations. In the 1990’s when Rico Oller was running against Reade’s father in law, Bernie Richter, Reade and company leveled the charge that the FBI was investigating Oller. Here it is 2016, no FBI visit to Oller. Since Reade served with the crazed Ken Campbell and Karen England on the board of the Capitol Resource Institute for several years, there is your connection to where England got her idea from.

While Thomas N Hudson has proven to be a scumbag whose God is Money, there has never been any evidence of money laundering or embezzlement (just personal Income Tax Evasion in my opinion). Here 5 years later, some of his then accusers are now working with him as agents of chaos in the local party. They were made for each other.

Karen England? After being exposed as a fraud, she cut and ran to Nevada. She still shows her face in California as the more discerning “swing state” political leaders saw her coming a mile away and she can’t get traction there. Someone has to pay her to do something somewhere.

There are still many in the local tea party, either due to their ideological narcissism (as in never back down, apologize or admit fault) or plain naive stupidity that still believe my brother committed a felony. I won’t change them, but reminding my readers they are morons is therapeutic.

Here it is around 6 years later after the alleged visit a half-drunk Karen England talked about in Jan 2011 (at the organizational meeting of the Placer GOP) by the FBI. No phone call, no visit to Hudson or my brother. Karen England lied. David Stafford Reade ran the media drill in 2011 based on that lie. They both teamed up to get the $100k spent on the county party race in 2012 based on that lie.

They will hear about it constantly until there is a public apology, they die or I die. Yup, means you will hear about it for a long time.

Until next year, Happy FBI Day.

Oct 232016

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of Aaron F Park as an individual, and does not Represent any group I am affiliated with.

John Allard is a Conservative, and always has been.

Bonnie Gore the same.

I have known John Allard since about 2008 and I knew Bonnie Mertus when she worked for Rico Oller, first meeting her 17 years ago. The relationships go back a long way. Both have been remarkably consistent and as such are desperately needed on the Roseville City Council. They both have had my endorsement for a long time.

This election cycle finds me supporting two Democrats and two independents across all the local offices and actually voting for the two dems. That brings my lifetime total to 4 dems and two independents.

The Roseville Chamber of Commerce is ardently opposed to Scott Alvord and also made a baffling endorsement of Richard Roccucci.

I have known Phil Ozenick as long as I have known Bonnie Gore and much longer than I have known John Allard. I have seen firsthand, Ozenick campaigning for liberal democrats over Republicans in one-on-one races… including in 2012 when he was walking precincts against Kirk Uhler and stealing his signs. I caught him on camera posting signs for Rene Aguilera in 2014, a man who is widely reviled in Roseville. And as I was typing this, he is out removing Julie Hirota and Andrew Tagg signs and putting Aguilera signs in their place.

Mr. Ozenick is also 92 years old. He should be writing his memoirs not running for office. His life story is amazing, even when he is not embellishing it. I’d buy a copy of his book!

I like the old man, I really do despite him trying to wipe out Kirk Uhler – but he has opposed progress in Roseville since the day my family came here in 1997. I’ve also yet to see him really do much if anything to help elect any Republicans running for office.

politics4Richard Roccucci is a liberal democrat, easily to the left of Scott Alvord ( who actually is a dem). Seeing the endorsements Roccucci got from groups that normally opposed him gave me severe pause. I have theories as to what happened that I will share at a time of my choosing.

Pictured here is Roccucci a “Republican” with Rene Aggielairuh and other Local Dem Leaders at a Richard Pan reception.

For those of you living under a rock – Richard Pan beat Andy Pugno for Assembly, stealing a GOP seat (that is still in the hands of Ken Cooley) in 2010. Pan is also the author of the nazi forced vaccination bill and Roccucci helped him in to office with Rene Aguilera.

politics5If you don’t believe me, look at the second photo of Roccucci with Chief Ganja Jack Duran, Rene Aguilera and the aforementioned Richard Pan.

At least Scott Alvord is honest about his political allegiance while Mr Ozeinck and Roccucci are not. I give Alvord hell over his support of Hitlary Clintion while I have no doubt that Ozenick and Roccucci are voting for her while being registered Republicans.

Scott Alvord supported expanding the Galleria. Scott Alvord supported building the Fountains. Neither “Republican” Roccucci or Ozenick did, as they are both famous NIMBY’s. Yet, somehow business groups are supporting Richard Roccucci now?

While a lot of people I respect have coalesced behind Roccucci, I can’t. I have done professionally what I was hired to do without complaint, and when called upon to help local business groups I will do so again in the future. These are good people that made a bad choice.

I know Richard Roccucci is a “nice guy”. I get that, he was very warm and friendly when I saw him at an event for a client who withdrew from the Council Race. Should Roccucci get elected, I am sure the other council-members will be able to work with him to try to get him to come along on a few things. I don’t dislike Roccucci, I disagree with him a lot as he is a liberal democrat that is a registered Republican.

(Roccucci was also central in getting the League of Placer County Taxpayers fined $5000 by the FPPC in a past election over a paperwork snafu. That would be the same League that is supporting him today at the behest of Roccucci’s sudden business group suitors.)

Scott Alvord? The same business groups dislike him a lot, I am not sure what the issue is beyond personality. My issue with Scott Alvord is that he is on the endorsement list of every democrat running for local office (and President) and I see him endorsing few, if any of the Republicans. This is a problem for me.

For me – I agree with Allard and Gore 90% of the time, I agree with Alvord 50%, Roccucci and Ozenick 10%. Since there are 5 people running for three seats – there is the scorecard.

Oct 222016

This post is dedicated to Trump-Haters and the pious self, righteous pseudo conservative #nevertrump morons that refused to accept the results of the primary. It is also dedicated to Republican sell-outs that have endorsed Hillary Clinton.

I worked for Dr. Ben Carson in Nevada. I beat on Trump mercilessly and when I was in Nevada in February of this year, I had a good idea that Trump was going to get nominated and would be a extremely viable candidate for President.

I also have known as has any honest, rational person that the Clinton’s are basically an organized Crime Syndicate.

Wikileaks and Project Veritas have provided us with a window in to who Hillary and Bill Clinton really are. It has also confirmed a lot of my worst fears in terms of conspiracies and how contrived many things in politics are.

My #Nevertrump friends are obsessed with Donald Trump being an asshole. I wonder if they forgot about this blog? If I was held to that standard, go ahead and shoot me now.

My #Nevertrump friends are obsessed with Donald Trump being undefined on the issues. Well, he is talking tax cuts, bringing jobs, dealing with the deliberately busted immigration system, lighting up terrorism and addressing rampant corruption.

When you live in fear of a maniac killing you and those in power call you a racist for being afraid, it is infuriating. When you have a crappy job you hate and you can’t find a better one – yet you’re lied to by the media whores about how good the economy is, it is infuriating. (Wikileaks has shown that the dem leaders know the economy is horrendous)

Hillary Clinton is a democrat stuck in the 90’s. Her campaign was scripted and planned in a 1990’s paradigm. The #wikileaks emails have shown clearly that everything she says in public is pre-planned and focus-group tested. People are puking that out.

Donald Trump will be the first President in American history that has never held elected office, been in an appointed office or served as a senior General in the armed forces before election. Let that sink in.

The only reason Trump had a chance is his personal fortune. Running for President is not the common man’s game, yet here is this Billionaire Usurper who did not come up through the ranks who is derided for talking at a 4th Grade Level within 3 weeks of being elected President.

What the Media Whores and the so-called elites don’t get is that 4th Grade language is actually a smart man breaking stuff down in to sound-bytes that people can easily understand. Hillary Clinton does it too, she has 17 people working on her twitter account and everything she says is strained and filtered by these same overpaid crooks.

So people don’t like Donald Trump? Why? He strikes a nerve with his bombast. People dislike Hillary Clinton because she is a proven liar and a crook.

Which brings me to the rest of the case as to why Trump was the best choice of the GOP.

  1. The Race Card. Trump is the first GOP candidate in my lifetime that tears in to people that call him a racist with ferocity.
  2. The Woman Card. Gloria Allred destroyed Meg Whitman and Herman Cain – but not Donald Trump. The Clinton campaign, as proven by #wikileaks had pre-planned to smear Trump with apparently false charges of harassment. It has been done to dozens of Republicans over the years and has always worked because the idiot consultants overthink their response. Trump did not – he apologized for what he did and called BS on what he did not do and defied them to provide evidence. Even without the proof of Wikileaks, Trump still handled the coordinated attack by the media whores better than any GOP candidate before him.
  3. The Border Card. Trump has refused to back down from his stance on that issue despite withering attacks and misinformation from all sides. The issue is proving to be a winner – even with Hillary Clinton supporters.
  4. Consistency of message. Trump repeats himself constantly. This is what a marketer does, we all know the rule of 7. It takes 7 times for a marketing message to fully arrive in the minds of the intended target. How many over-consulted train wreck GOP candidates changed their messages often?
  5. Bashing the media. Trump has gone for broke on this. The media has responded by completely abandoning objectivity. They have been the losers – their trust levels are at record lows and they are hemorrhaging customers. Given the proven collusion between the media, CNN, NBC, Politico, Ny Times, Washington Post and others with the Clinton Campaign – Trump has been proven right again for doing this. He has given voice to the masses who know intuitively in the absence of evidence they were being manipulated.
  6. #RIGGED system. What other GOP Candidate would straight up bring election fraud in to the mainstream? When you add in the proof we now have that Dem PACS and the Hillary Campaign itself was paying for violent protests, again Trump was proven right for railing on this.

A lot of people point to Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio as having been a better option and we just woulda coulda shoulda… Both men have skeletons of a sexual nature in their closet. You could make bank that Gloria Allred and the Clinton Crime Family had them lined up.  Neither would have taken on the media or the rigged system the way Trump did. Neither would have been able to dig in to the democrat base the way Trump has. Period. End of Story.

The failure of the feckless cowards who are now aghast over Donald Trump’s bombast still don’t get it. It is that bombast that people wanted. It is someone not afraid to say America First in the face of the race racket, the professional vagina politicos and the so-called “globalists”.

The same feckless cowards in their intransigent arrogance will never see their own part in this election. Their failure created the ideal circumstance for a well-meaning unpolished loudmouthed Billionaire with some ideas of his own to drop $250 million of his own coin and make a legitimate run (that I believe will be successful) for President.

This is why the 1990’s style slime machine of the Clinton Crime family only temporarily slowed Trump down. Only the hard-core values voters Republicans were affected by it. The smears are now getting fully vetted and the pattern is now clear.

Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble. She has come to represent everything real Americans resent in politics – fake contrived public personas, personal corruption, a sociopathic lack of empathy and a a clear pattern that she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. It is like a real-life year of House of Cards.

She is in a place now where they are leveraging their remaining political capital to keep squeamish donors on board. The messiah, Obama raised over $1Billion. Hillary Clinton will be lucky to have $600million and a ton of the PAC Money that was in abundance is drying up over revelations her campaign had been illegally coordinating with PACs. Donors are a unique breed and are VERY risk adverse – which is why the Clinton Campaign is 100% reliant on the American media whores to keep the false narrative going along with their inaccurate and falsified polls.

078Donald Trump is going to be elected President. The Narcissism of the establishment will completely prevent them from being able to understand why. The people of America will know why…

… make bank that there will be more 90’s style dirty tricks by the Clinton Crime Family along with breathless coverage of them by the media whore establishment before 11/8/2016 gets here. They won’t work. People have had it – even while many hide their true feelings from pollsters (see my previous comments about being brow beat for their opinion).

The pall of the corruption of the Obama-Clinton free-stuff dynasty will be broken… for a time by Donald Trump. If Trump does half of what he has talked about, this country will be far better for it.

The #nevertrump crowd have marginalized themselves because they refused to accept reality and the results of the GOP Primary. I am proud of my fellow grown-ups that joined me on the #trumptrain, we will be on the right side of history.