Oct 052016

RJUHSD = Roseville Joint Union High School District, the school district board Rene Aguilera currently sits on and the district he is tried to take over with two recruits he and Gary Miller brought out in 2014. This is also the board he has not even served a full term on before jumping to run for another office in 2014!!!

Here’s another reason why the expired corporation of Rene Aguilera is a Big ^&*($#^&*( Deal. (quoting Rene’s buddy and VP, Joe Biden)

Had Rene’s buddies made it onto the High School Board, it is likely Rene Aguilera would have never been held accountable for setting off the fire alarm at 4:30AM nor his misuse of the district’s resources to plan the 2013 Cesar Chavez Day event. If he had gotten two more votes on the High School Board he could have stonewalled any investigation with a 3-2 vote.

Worse – it is conceivable that Rene Aguilera could also use the RJUHSD email system to send out another 12,000 emails to people soliciting donations for his expired charity.

You read it correct – according to the other four members of the RJUHSD board and others off the record, Rene Aguilera used the RJUHSD email system to launch a fundraising appeal! According to them, their system indicated that Rene sent 12,000 such emails.

Now there are two documented instances of Rene Aguilera apparently misappropriating the resources of the RJUHSD!

This one is worse – Rene Aguilera could likely be guilty of fraud if he was indeed raising money for H.E.A.R. in those emails. Since the incident is over three years old, none of my sources could recall the specific content. Rene Aguilera has been such a nuisance that people can’t keep track of his bad behavior.

I have alleged several things about Rene Aguilera’s behavior and with just cause due to the body of evidence. It is clear to this blogger that Mr. Aguilera believes that the rules the rest of us live by do not apply to him.

Reject Rene Aguilera for the sake of the Roseville High School District.

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