Oct 152016

President: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (if you can’t figure out what this means, stop reading now and turn in your voter registration card)

Congress D1: Vote Republican
Congress D4: Tom McClintock

Assembly D1: Brian Dahle
Assembly D5: Frank Bigelow
Assembly D6: KEVIN KILEY (open seat)

State Senate D1: No Endorsement

El Dorado County Sup D1: John Hidahl

PCWA District 5: Josh Alpine

Lincoln City Council: Paul Joiner, Peter Gilbert, Dan Karelskint

Rocklin City Council: JOE PATTERSON, Greg Janda, David Butler

Roseville City Council: John Allard, Bonnie Gore

Rocklin Unified School District: Kathy Turner, Eric Stevens

Roseville City School District: (2 Year Term) Alisa Fong

Roseville City School District: (4 Year Term) Julie Constant, Doyle Radford

Roseville Joint Union High School District: Andrew Tagg, Julie Hirota, Paige Stauss

Yes on Measure D

Yes on Measure M

Yes on Measure N

Yes on 51,52,53,54,65,66 – no on everything else.

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