Oct 122016

Despite having two Dem Supervisors, there is usually a 4 Vote Majority for Development. Left-Wing Hippie Activist Liberal (Aided in to office by Ted and Beth Gaines) Jennifer Montgomery usually comes up with an excuse to oppose any development she has ever had to vote on.

In this case, Jennifer Montgomery voted against a development known as “The Park” because she does not like gated communities. She literally said that gates cause domestic violence. I have not even heard of Social Justice Warriors of the left making that charge.

Victor Bekhet’s quixotic campaign ended in a disaster. He got hammered by 19 points in a dem +10 turnout universe. Bekhet is so feckless that he bragged about holding Kirk Uhler under a 20 point margin of victory!

At yesterday’s board of Supervisor’s meeting, Victor Bekhet and his merry band of NIMBY’s tried in vain to get anyone other than Jennifer MontNIMBY to vote no on the development. #EPICFAIL

The irony is that Bekhet ran against Kirk Uhler specifically because of “the Park at Granite Bay” development.

Had Bekhet not been such an idiot, he and his neighbors could have participated in the re-zone of the entire area. They could have split their larger lots easily and sold parts of them. Now, they are stuck.

Instead, 56 Brand New, Beautiful Homes will be built on the corner of Sierra College and Old Auburn. Maybe I will look at buying one. I bet they will be nice.

You will never see this in the Roseville Press Tribune, as Peter Hanners and Andrew Westrope couldn’t be bothered with Journalism. They ought to go to work for CNN, they’d fit right in given their penchant for calling conservatives racists.

Jun 052016

I am a dirty, rotten, mean racist.

Soy un hombre malo. Yo no pudeo entender lo que puse seguir viviendo conmigo.

I just can’t help but marvel at the stupidity of Victor Bekhet, along with his personal corruption.

Victor is the business owner with an expired LLC and an expired securities license AND an illegally placed Double Wide on his property. Get the theme? He does not pay his bills… and his main supporters are Republican and Tea Party leaders.

Hey, who cares about character when you have a score to settle! Debra Jackson, Ken Campbell and other accomplices that may or may not include the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N. Hudson and Placer GOP Chairman Dennis C Revell are supporting this guy.

Victor Bekhet just recorded his own robocall. Please listen at your own risk. When done, please laugh your — off like I did. Then, google psychiatrists in the area to connect his supporters to.

Bekhet is going to get stomped.

May 202016

UPDATE: Victor Bekhet is attempting to defend himself by posting copies of the permit applications he took out today. Would he have ever done this without exposure? Secondly, we will still have countless code violations to deal with – that include three buildings on two parcels as well as substandard issues in the buildings he put on the property. Bekhet appears to be a slum-lord in addition to a fake financial advisor.

Something you won’t see on the Roseville Press-Tribune nor the Sacramento Bee…

Victor Bekhet is a slum lord. Look at the 4 foot tall weeds on his property. Look at the illegally placed 1970’s era modular buildings on the property.

It has also come to my attention that Mr. Bekhet paid no fees to the county to hook up utilities or for permitting for these illegally placed dwellings.

This is consistent with his still-expired securities license and his LLC that had been expired since 2009.

Victor Bekhet does not play by the rules and he does not pay his bills.

Click here to watch a revealing REAL video with REAL evidence about Victor Bekhet.

Damn, it looks like those supporting this disaster look like fools. Revenge has a serious price tag.

Meanwhile, Placer County needs to deal with this mess. Quick.

May 142016

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Roseville Press-Tribune to apologize anytime soon. Heck, they called me a racist for merely pointing out what a disaster Bekhet is.

Selling securities without a license is a crime.

For those of you that are unable to view www.victorbekhet.com <<< which is a very REAL website, I am providing the evidence to back up my claim below.

Please note that Victor Bekhet lied to the media when he implied that the info on the site was inaccurate – one of the key claims against Bekhet is that he is practicing securities sales without a license. Here is your proof as of 5/14/2016. Please note that I had to use Victor’s address in the Bay Area to find him, I should also note that he was a registered Democrat there as well.


Victor Bekhet probably does not know that I used to have a securities license myself so I would know how to find a license and what it means to be selling securities and/or giving investment advice without a license.

It is a good thing this blog has a larger readership than the Roseville Press-Tribune. The commie-lib hippie reporter lied in his story, the truth is here.

May 072016

… in the therapists office…

From: Granite Bay Island Community <[email protected]>
Date: May 3, 2016 at 10:58:55 AM PDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject:Fwd: 108,000 Sq Ft Senior Living Sierra College/Old Auburn; Victor Bekhet Voices Concerns

Hello Neighbors,

Granite Bay/Roseville development project updates:
After the victory of the Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Council (GBMAC) voting 6-0 against the Greyhawk III rezone at Sierra College and Eureka, the Planning Commission proceeded with business as usual.  They overrode the our voice and voted 4-0 to approve the project continuing to the Board of Supervisors.
This is not surprising since Patterson Properties, owner and developer of Greyhawk III, gave $2500 to Supervisor Holmes’ campaign in March 2016.  Victor Bekhet for Supervisor (www.bekhet4supervisor.org) and Suzanne Jones for Assembly (www.suzannejones2016.com) were both present and pleaded for the Planning Commission to uphold the GBMAC’s decision, but were denied.
Tomorrow night, land use lawyer, Marcus Lo Duca, will present information on the Ovation Senior Living 108,000 Sq Ft rezone project at Sierra College and Old Auburn.  You can voice your questions and comments there: Wed, May 4, 7:00 pm at the Eureka School District Office 5455 Eureka Rd.
Marcus Lo Duca has been the spokesperson for three major rezone development projects brought to the GBMAC in 2016.  He has also donated money to both Supervisor Uhler’s and Supervisor Holmes’ June 2016 campaigns.  Please encourage your friends and neighbors to make their voice heard in this election by voting for candidates who represent our voice, not the voice of opportunistic developers and their associates.
Thank you,
The Granite Bay Island Community
So – some of you have been wondering WHY I have been pointing a finger at the 12+ Year burning rage of Ken Campbell and the paranoid rantings of the CRA’s Pol-Pot-Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson? You see, it has been clear to me that they were the driving force behind trying to find ANYONE to run against Kirk Uhler.
Ask yourself a question – extreme left-wing homosexual activist Gary Miller is running for re-election to the Roseville City School District. He has no business in any office, what do Campbell and Hudson talk about? The Prop-8 supporting, Pro-Life Uhler.
Another person of similar persuasion, David Larson is vetting a run for Roseville Joint Union High School District. Where are Hudson and Campbell? (And the whole dam Placer GOP?)
Suzanne Jones was elected to the Placer County Office of Education due in part to the then CRA leadership (namely myself) and a local education activist recruiting her to run. We took out a Charter-School hating incumbent. Jones has remained close to the CRA as it is turned in to the fringe group it was always reputed to be. Hudson is the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister and Ken Campbell got his start in politics in the CRA…
Now Jones is best-buddies with the neurotic victor Bekhet. Jones is reputed to have been participating in joint events with the Granite Bay fringe crowd. Most of the remnants of the CRA hate Uhler. So, there’s your nexus
The #EPICFAIL? Suzanne Jones was appointed to the Granite Bay MAC by Kirk Uhler. Sometimes, no good deed goes unpunished. This is felony stupid on Jones’ part. This is also not uncommon for a fringe legislative candidate with huge dreams and nothing going for them to engage in self-destructive stupidity to achieve said dreams.
Victor Bekhet continues to run one of the most feckless and bizarre campaigns I have seen in recent memory. I sincerely hope he is retarded enough to call Channel 10, or Channel 40. That interview would a be priceless follow up to Channel 3.
Victor Bekhet and Suzanne Jones appear to have the similar mental illness. I have grown to regret ever helping get Jones elected.