Oct 072016
  1. Camille Maben has to be upset. The 6-term extreme left-wing Liberal Democrat who supported all the extremist social engineering of the last decade got STIFFED by the Rocklin Chamber. In an extremely RARE move a Chamber of Commerce refused to support an incumbent! Kathy Turner and Eric Stevens got the endorsement!
  2. Brian Caples. He is feckless. I’ve talked to him a few times over the years and he is just so far to the left that logic seems to escape him. Take a look at this Facebook drive-by:caples

#1 Kevin Kiley’s photo is way better.

#2 We tried the experience thing in the Prez Election and in the #AD06 Primary. The voters chose differently.

#3 if 20+ years in business has not allowed Mr. Caples to understand that socialism (he was a Bernie Guy) is a complete #EPICFAIL then I guess experience does not matter…

Speaking of extreme left-wing activist democrats, it looks like the draft dodging Gary Miller has crawled in to his spider hole. Amazing things happen to once boisterous blowhards once they are forced to face their own comments.

For that matter where is Rene Aggielairuh? (Off on another NALEO, MEChA funded junket to DC?)

In the Spring, the cheap shot artists at the Roseville Press-Tribune called me a racist for obliterating Vicktor Bekhet for being a moron. Now Rene Aggielairuh is back to calling me a racist for obliterating him. Gary Miller has called me a Homophobe multiple times – so I am the proud owner of two loaves of the bounty held in the Basket of Deplorables.

Perhaps Camille Maben can call me a sexist for lighting her up for her equally as extreme views as the sentinel of homophobia? I am waiting, because right now my bigotry only extends to my bilingual racism (psst, Rene – yo hablo espanol… es la verdad panson 😉 ),  and homophobia. I need some misogyny to complete the three piece set.

But I digress…

placerville-idiotsNot to be outdone – the brain donors of the Placerville Progressives decided to call Mr. Kiley a racist. Why? If you can figure it out, let me know.

Oh, I get it. They talked to Rene Aggielairuh. They had to have. Only someone like Rene Aguilera or Gary Miller could come up with “logic” like this.

Perhaps I will go back to Mr. Kiley’s HQ and get another 1,000 flyers to deliver to people’s doors – in honor of the Placerville Moron-a-Thon, because I am just a deplorable Conservative racist homophobe waiting to become a sexist too.

Somewhere, Victor Bekhet is looking at the new development starting at Sierra College and Old Auburn wondering what could have been.

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