Oct 122016

Despite having two Dem Supervisors, there is usually a 4 Vote Majority for Development. Left-Wing Hippie Activist Liberal (Aided in to office by Ted and Beth Gaines) Jennifer Montgomery usually comes up with an excuse to oppose any development she has ever had to vote on.

In this case, Jennifer Montgomery voted against a development known as “The Park” because she does not like gated communities. She literally said that gates cause domestic violence. I have not even heard of Social Justice Warriors of the left making that charge.

Victor Bekhet’s quixotic campaign ended in a disaster. He got hammered by 19 points in a dem +10 turnout universe. Bekhet is so feckless that he bragged about holding Kirk Uhler under a 20 point margin of victory!

At yesterday’s board of Supervisor’s meeting, Victor Bekhet and his merry band of NIMBY’s tried in vain to get anyone other than Jennifer MontNIMBY to vote no on the development. #EPICFAIL

The irony is that Bekhet ran against Kirk Uhler specifically because of “the Park at Granite Bay” development.

Had Bekhet not been such an idiot, he and his neighbors could have participated in the re-zone of the entire area. They could have split their larger lots easily and sold parts of them. Now, they are stuck.

Instead, 56 Brand New, Beautiful Homes will be built on the corner of Sierra College and Old Auburn. Maybe I will look at buying one. I bet they will be nice.

You will never see this in the Roseville Press Tribune, as Peter Hanners and Andrew Westrope couldn’t be bothered with Journalism. They ought to go to work for CNN, they’d fit right in given their penchant for calling conservatives racists.

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