May 252018

Well – there goes the purity canard for Travis Allen. He is being used as a foil by the Billionaire Boys Club. The Billionaires are attacking John Cox in an attempt to knock him down and bleed votes off to Antonio Villariagosa in an attempt to get Villariagosa in to the runoff.

Travis Allen for his part is attacking other Republicans and has turned loose a cadre of minions to savage anyone that supports John Cox or does not buy his brand of televangelism.

Here is a link to the campaign finance report of the SuperPac. Have a look at the donors: Michael Bloomberg (yes that Michael Bloomberg), Robert Day, William Obrendorf, Arthur Rock and Eli Broad. Three of the four are Billionaires many times over and all are activist liberals.

This PAC is called the VILLARAIGOSA FOR GOVERNOR 2018, SPONSORED BY CALIFORNIA CHARTER SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION ADVOCATES; FAMILIES & TEACHERS FOR ANTONIO according to the California Secretary of State’s Website. Several Travis Allen supporters have proudly posted pictures of the mail they are sending attacking John Cox on one side and boosting Travis Allen on the other.

The goal is to cut down John Cox and Boost Travis Allen. They are also spending 15-20 Million Dollars on Antonio Villariagosa . They know that two Republicans on the ballot present an opportunity to dilute the vote in order to lower the bar for Villiariagosa.

Public Polls have shown John Cox at 19 and 22% recently with Travis Allen at 11%. Villiariagosa was at 14% and 15% in the same polls. So you can see the math.

Here is a list of what I have found so far:




05/10/2018 JPM&M, INC. INDEPENDENT EXPENDITURE SUPPORTING/OPPOSING OTHERS LIT; OPPOSE; JOHN COX; GOVERNOR $148,333.95 <<< shows $210K in support of Travis Allen <<< shows $210K opposing John Cox <<<  shows $37,000 supporting Travis Allen <<< shows $175k opposing John Cox <<< shows $195K opposing John Cox

This is now a total of 1,687,500 or so against Cox by this pac.

They are just getting started trying to boost 4th or 5th place candidate Travis Allen in an attempt to pull John Cox down as the initial reports show 247K on his behalf by Antonio’s Superpac.

Rumors spread to your intrepid blogger suggest at least 2 million, maybe 3 million more getting poured in to this operation by these rich guys who want antonio in the runoff by hook or crook or in this case a willing Travis Allen who wants to burn it all down because he cant have it.

May 202018

The amount of mental gymnastics that is required to stay on the Travis Allen train is astounding.

Travis Allen has had 11 Traffic Convictions in 8 years. According to things I have seen but don’t have copies of the total may be as high as 19 tickets when you add the 5-7 more he has gotten in the last 6 years. Even 11 traffic tickets is 3 lifetimes for most people.

His corporation was suspended because he did not pay his bill, no big deal they say.

He had two tax liens because he did not pay his bills (One for a two year old income tax bill and the other on his boat).

He has two verified sexual harassment claims (and is rumored to have several more)

He donated to Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Barbara Boxer and others

He has missed over 500 votes in the legislature including the lead ammo ban, illegal alien driver’s license and a host of others.

Several stories in the media have documented his absentee record. Conversations I have had with capitol insiders are even more detailed as they knew most of the time Travis Allen was skipping work to Surf. Two media stories we uncovered detailed 36 absences in 2015 and missing 25% of the committee votes in 2016.

He lost a civil lawsuit because of his driving habits ($10,500)

He got an administrative fine for sloppy business practices ($8,000) amongst three complaints in total.

What does team Travis say? Oh those dem donations were meal tickets. Those fines, they don’t mean nothin! They were years ago… yet they care about John Cox being a democrat in the 1970’s.

Being absent? That ain’t nuthin!

Sexual Harassment, oh that was BS, it was a dem plot. Nothing happened, playing footsies and putting your hand on someone’s shoulder ain’t nuthin!

Tax Liens in 2017? It ain’t nuthin, nuthin, nuthin… he paid them!

Tons of Traffic Tickets? Who cares they say!

Before Travis Ran for Assembly in 2012, he missed voting in half the preceding elections dating back to 2004.

Who relates to one person having all of this baggage? Anyone? Who relates to the mentality that defends this as it relates to someone wanting to be governor of the largest state in the union?

Then there is this gem from a Team Travis conference call I was on, Friday 5/18/2018… Think this through, Travis Allen said the future speaker of the House got bought off and then he tricked the President of the United States in to Endorsing John Cox. This is insane. I am not the only person that heard this, others were on the conference call as well.

Given the out of control personal behavior of Travis Allen, it is no surprise to see the emotional and spiritual manipulation he is exerting – with toxic results – as he even invoked the story of Gideon from the Old Testament to reassure his troops in that conference call post Trump endorsement of John Cox.

Many of Travis Allen’s supporters are raging on President Trump now.

Here is a sampling of yet more of the behavior of Team Travis:

May 172018

In 2016 – Travis Allen took Per-Diem 36 Times when he was absent (meaning he likely was absent more than the 36 times documented here)

Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, 36 absences, $2,351

One of the top criticisms of Travis Allen has been his horrendous attendance to do his job. Witness:

In 2015 – Travis Allen missed 25% of the votes in the Assembly.

In the Assembly, Assemblyman Rocky Chávez, R-Oceanside, did not vote 14.9 percent of the time on the floor, and Assemblywoman Nora Campos, D-San Jose, had a nonvote percentage of 10.9 percent. In committee action, Assembly members Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, and Roger Hernández, D-Baldwin Park, did not vote about a quarter of the time.

Some of his missed votes appear to be willful:

The Humane Society – a group that openly is trying to end hunting in America and wants to ban gun ownership while they are at it.

I took a screenshot of the post in case Allen deletes it after we highlight it. Travis Allen is bragging about having the second highest possible score on the Humane Society Scorecard.

I’ve known for several years that Allen was not a reliable vote on the Gun Issue or on environmental / animal issues. Lobbyists that I have spoken with have told me that Travis was always difficult to work with, but particularly so on this set of issues as his instincts were all wrong. This is one of the parts of his “history” #touchytravis is trying to re-write.

Allen is highlighting an 89% record from the Humane Society in 2015 while his minions are criticizing John Cox for having no voting record (because he has never held office).

For a better picture of just what a threat the Humane Society of America is to hunters, take a look at this here.

Travis Allen skipped voting on the lead ammo ban for example which contributed to his “honor” from the Humane Society.


May 152018

We’ve all heard by now that Travis Allen has donated money to Gavin Newsom, Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown. We’ve all heard the absurd rationalization over those checks.

I’ve long believed from personal experience that Travis Allen is out of control personally and that is a bigger reason than most others why we can not trust him in office.

76300TP 6/27/2004 Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph
83014UV 1/31/2005 Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph
24375HA 9/7/2007 Failure to obey traffic sign, Display vehicle front and rear license plates, Failure to provide proof of financial responsibility
16152JM 10/4/2008 Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph
HB2968180 5/28/2009 Unsafe speed for prevailing condition
85944LP 12/23/2009 Driving across, over or upon divided highways
Unknown 8/16/2010 Speeding – occurred in Imperial County
SB320704 3/24/2011 No evidence of current registration
27902NS 4/14/2011 Driving vehicle without possession of license, No person shall drive any motor vehicle with material on windshield obstructing or reducing driver’s view
37110HN 11/5/2011 Exceeding maximum speed of 65 mph
IRM430702IA 3/15/2012 Seatbelt violation

Allen’s numerous traffic violations were covered on the OC Political blog.

HEADLINE: Travis Allen’s Lead Foot

I was surprised to find the sheer number of tickets 72nd Assembly District Candidate Travis Allen has achieved in the last 8 years. Allen received tickets on 10 occasions for 14 offenses
in the last 8 years in Orange County.

He was convicted, forfeited his bail, or was sent to traffic school for 8 of these offenses.

There were 4 more offenses on 3 occasions that were dismissed after Allen provided proof of correction. One more was outright dismissed. The last one is a still-pending seat belt ticket
he received 8 days after entering the race for Assembly.

In other words, of Allen’s 14 offenses in 8 years, one is still pending, and one was dismissed outright. That leaves 12 offenses where Allen was convicted, forfeited his bail, was sent to
traffic school, or had to provide proof of correction., May 7, 2012 <<< since deleted as were most negative posts on that site. Thank God for archives.

I have not pulled records from the last 6 years, but I’d lay odds there are more. AS a bonus, I am including a lawsuit Travis Ethan Allen lost over an accident:

The Orange County Superior Court online database showed one civil case with Allen as the defendant. The case, Morgan v. Allen (Case #01CC00750) was filed on 1/10/2001 and appears tobe a personal injury/auto accident claim. The case was dismissed with prejudice on 1/4/2002. Most of the case file was destroyed by the courts, but there is one document that remained – an Award of Arbitrator from December 2001 showing that defendant Travis Ethan Allen was ordered to pay $10,500 to plaintiff Laura Morgan.

Tax Liens. Democrat Donations. Horrendous Absenteeism. This man looks like he is completely out of control.

May 112018

Yup. We’ve all seen it. Travis Allen is always “Fashionably Late”. Yesterday, he showed up an hour after the Placer Board of Supervisor’s meeting started. He showed up 2 hours late to the Sacramento GOP meeting. He’s shown up 15-45 minutes late to events. He even showed up 15 minutes late to a televised debate in Fresno.

So, why am I not surprised to learn that Travis Allen was forced to settle a claim for $8,000 related to an Annuity he sold that the client had actually decided against taking delivery of?

Wealth Strategies Group (Travis Allen’s Investment Firm) is a representative of and sells securities through Securities America Advisors, Inc. However, Allen and Wealth Strategies Group previously sold securities through Brookstreet Securities Corporation, which collapsed amidst scandal in June 2007 and was later sued by the SEC for high-risk investments to customers with more conservative investment goals.

Travis Allen has had three customer disputes filed against him according to FINRA, including one which claimed the customer was sold a high risk real estate fund;; even though they wanted investments with little risk – this is the same type of activity the SEC investigated Brookstreet over, additionally the complaint shows the actions by Allen took place while he was still working with Brookstreet.

Travis Allen was forced to pay $8,000 to settle another FINRA customer dispute in October 2004 after a customer complaint was also filed against Allen for failure to deliver an annuity policy in a timely manner.

Travis Allen promotes “environmentally responsible” investment strategies – i.e., investments that don’t support companies with irresponsible environmental or social corporate activity and
that promote progressive ideologies. This was according to archives of old websites that were captured. It certainly dovetails with his votes to ban the sale of Rhino Horn and his award from the Sierra Club after he skipped voting on the lead ammo ban.

Having been securities licensed at one point, I know that you have to be a five-star screw up to lose a complaint so bad you have to pay a fine. This complaint was 100% avoidable, but seems to be part of a pattern of poor personal discipline on the part of Travis Allen and would be an opposition researcher’s dream for any opponent of Travis Allen’s.