Jun 132018

A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

As readers of RightOnDaily.com know, conservative victories are few and far between in the blue state of “Kalifornia” but we never give or concede the fight. This past primary we were victorious but the fight to reclaim our land has just begun. With that, we need warriors. John Cox holds an 850,000-vote lead over Assemblyman Travis Allen. Some Cox supporters are still unnecessarily battling. Engaging the dwindling Allen supporters that are full of vitriol. DON’T. It’s time to move on!

Most Allen supporters are joining us to battle alongside Cox against the evil beast, known as “GRUESOME NEWSOM.” They understand what’s at stake for this blue state that’s turning bloodred with pension debt, sanctuary statehood, high poverty, high unemployment, and jobs fleeing the state with the working-class following.

Their Numbers are Dwindling Daily

There are a few Allen supporters that can’t let go and want to fight. They’re like wounded beasts yet gain short-term satisfaction by denigrating Cox and his supporters. Don’t encourage them. They’re bitter, angry and resentful after suffering a beatdown of epic proportions.

Realize this – their flock is dwindling each day. The few remaining keep their hate going by feeding off you when you respond to them. They’re looking to fight and vent their anger and vitriol at someone, anyone with their only criteria – their foe be a John Cox for governor supporter.

For some of the more kindhearted Cox supporters, realize on the internet, most people become 700-pound gorillas behind a computer making statements they’d never say to you in person. Never forget that.

Time to Focus on “Gruesome Newsom”

Forgive them and realize the more we focus on Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and the rest of the leftist‘s agenda, the quicker those who are still angry will come around. His plans to make life even worse with higher taxes, an unaffordable single-payer tax plan, and so much more is the key to our victory. Trying to convince those who won’t let the primary go, is not conducive to Cox winning in November nor of bringing Cox and Allen camps together.

We’ve all been there

Those who know me, and have seen my battles with them, know I give and take better than they do – they hated me because I used their tactics. That time is over and trying to debate them keeps us from moving ahead. I’ve not engaged one person because it’s time to move forward.

A confession

Anyone who supported any candidate other than President Donald Trump last election cycle knows how Allen supporters feel. Remember that. Show compassion. My own experience – I was like these few angry Allen supporters when Trump destroyed my candidate, Ted Cruz. Destroy him, he did, and I was bitter and angry!

For me and millions of Cruz supporters, we slowly came around with the realization the Democrats were the enemy as we saw Trump versus Hillary Rodham Clinton heat up. That opened my eyes more than any Trump surrogate trying to tell me it’s time to move forward.

My anger blinded me and didn’t want to let go. Clinton and the lies spewed by the mainstream media (MSM) and Democrats gave me the “reality check” and put everything back into perspective. We Cruz supporters eventually came around.

Have patience with the few who can’t let go. Don’t block them or antagonize them because we’re going to need every single vote. The Allen camp had its share of warriors who fought to the bitter end and we need them to take up the conservative mantle. To fight with John Cox to win back this state!

For now, we can support Cox on social media by exposing “Gruesome Newsom” and the leftist, socialist, liberalism he wants to expand on. You can also support him by getting off the computer or device your reading this on and go out and volunteer and do something instead of just posting.

Finally, … have compassion, my friends, have compassion.

William Del Pilar is politically active, currently sitting on the Valley Center Community Planning Group’s board (VCCPG), an elected position. Technically, he’s a politician. As an entrepreneur, Del Pilar drove his fantasy sports company to set the standard for analysis and news distribution, helping to commercialize the industry from 1997-2008. Del Pilar sat on the boards of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) and Fantasy Sports Ventures (now owned by Gannett Co., Inc.). You can view his other Op-Eds at the Valley Roadrunner, Del Pilar’s hometown paper and SD Rostra, San Diego’s online hub for politics.

Jun 062018

Travis lost for a variety of reasons…

#1) No Money to communicate – the polling indicated that no one knew of him.

#2) He didn’t look the part… Way too much hair gel, no tie, too metro, not appearing serious enough to many.

#3) He spoke in riddles when actually interviewed… His answers were generally all over the place and if you were paying attention, he was trying NOT to answer some questions.

#4) He supported Democrats and the Top-Two in the last 8 years and he then spun it away as a ‘necessity’ for business… BAD call…

#5) He treated us like fools… The stupid arguments about Cox being a democrat (when Cox became a R in 1977!), the SOROS claims, the NEVERTRUMP claims, the PRO-ABORTION claims, ALL backfired… They were political stunts and the nexus to the facts was a bridge too far for many when they actually looked at the data.

#6) His supporters… all they could do was SPAM every social media post with the same garbage… either just his name, or some slightly tinged by truth statement about Cox. And then, the abuse that they doled out to anyone who disagreed with them made it clear that this was no campaign under control

#7) The absolute blindness to the facts of the polls… It was so obvious that he was miles behind Cox in all the polling but all we saw was Baghdad Bob style ‘HE’S WINNING!!!’ – what a joke

#8) His biggest flaw? He was a salesman who tried to walk the fine line and he failed… The pro-life issue? He was absent. The $300K for the fuel tax… he couldn’t explain it, The issue of Dem support….. look the other way please and just know he *HAD* to do it for business…

#9) Simply… he couldn’t be on time to anything.

#10) And finally, and this is something I kept quiet about – he is a bully if he doesn’t get his way and Karma finds its way again… This is something I didn’t bring up during the election because it was something that was more inside baseball than a public thing…

I said it from the beginning… he stood no chance. Sorry kids.

Jun 022018

We start off with this meme. This is called Travis Allen for Governor trying to distance themselves from all of the nutwads, cyber-bullying, crass sexual innuendo, profanity-laden tirades and racism exhibited by dozens of his small group of supporters on the internet. #CULTOFTRAVIS Please note the misleading info on endorsements and the xenophobic quip at the end about immigration… even when trying to sound sane, they can’t.

Since Travis Allen is dependent upon this bevy of marginal characters to carry his message, he can’t reign them in. However, he inflames and encourages this behavior no he is far from innocent. Even in a meme claiming character they misrepresent (as in lie) his endorsements as well.

I do also find it interesting that Travis Allen’s supporters use his soundbyte about Gavin Newsom’s adultry in the meme as well. It is clear they are unaware or are willfully ignorant of the behavior of Travis Allen. He has had more tryists than anyone else I’ve known about in politics. They include several legislative staffers, stuff I have written about previously and as many as four other members of the legislature.

The following is another selection of Screenshots of Travis Allen’s crew in full effect. Please also note that they have run complaint drills and have gotten one of my facebook accounts partially disabled twice. (I can’t post or comment in groups I am not an admin in for a 3 day ban and currently I am in a 7 day ban thru 6/8) Contrary to their spin, there are plenty of Cox supporters feeding me this stuff in almost real time and it is disturbing at best.

May 302018

Burn it all down is the mantra of the Travis Allen for Governor Campaign. If Travis can’t have it, no one can.

They thought they had team Trump all to themselves when West Walker and others signed on to the campaign and handed the keys to the Trump volunteer list to Travis Allen.

Now, with President Trump wisely and rightly endorsing John Cox for governor, cue the meltdown. Howard Jarvis Taxpayers are being attacked, President Trump is being attacked and members of Congress are being attacked by Travis Allen’s flying monkeys.

Some are comparing Travis Allen to Jesus. Others are attacking people being paid by Mr. Cox to do campaign work.

Meantime, Travis Allen is doing nothing and has done nothing to reign these people in.

May 292018

In our ongoing attempts to inform the public about the #CULTOFTRAVIS, we continue with our Screenshots expose’. Travis Allen is almost 100% dependent upon social media to win election, therefore the acting out matters far more than it otherwise would.

Some of these appear to have threats directed at President Trump.

Note the “organic” nature of the insanity. To be continued…