Feb 012019
Yup. Luis Buhler was in the room.

We’ve written about the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. They are currently running a very manic and frenzied operation to identify Travis Allen supporters to exclude them from the CAGOP’s Delegation. Your intrepid blogger has dozens of reports of long-time party faithful being told to pound sand when asking for appointments to the state party.

The long-term consequences of supplanting true GOP activists with consultants and staff will be devastating for a fractured, shrinking GOP. Many Central Committees whose ranks were devastated in the $3MM ego-fueled rampage of Luis Buhler can’t make quorum anymore.

One of the other tactics being employed in an attempt to control the outcome of the CAGOP’s officer elections is operatives showing up to County Central Committee Meetings to threaten people (either with their mere presence or otherwise). Having seen David Stafford Reade and others do this to the Placer GOP several times at endorsement meetings, I am familiar with the drill.

A few days ago Luis Buhler, once the most trusted adviser to Charles T. Munger Jr., was reputedly at the Santa Cruz GOP meeting. Buhler is alleged to have engaged in filibustering and making legal arguments citing bylaws in an effort to forestall an endorsement by the Santa Cruz GOP of Travis Allen.

It is the opinion of this blogger based on 20+ years of experience with Luis Buhler that he has a deep contempt for activists and especially Conservatives. The list of people coming forward to your intrepid blogger with stories of how Mr. Buhler has mistreated them is legion.

Yet here he is acting on behalf of Jessica Patterson.

Since most Central Committees are not comprised of battle-hardened veterans, often times bully tactics work. Mr. Buhler was successful in delaying an endorsement vote in Santa Cruz.

Orange County had the same dynamic. The votes are clearly there to get to 2/3, out come the rules lawyers in order to delay the inevitable. File this as yet another reason for many feckless GOP organizations, some people care more about the process than simply allowing the will of the body to prevail. (as in they never miss a chance to miss a chance)

Jessica Patterson was present in Orange County with an entourage. It was reported to your intrepid blogger that she was visibly nervous having to deal with an audience that was not paying her salary.

Trying unsuccessfully to train candidates for victory is a different world than speaking to party activists… many of whom have been targeted for elimination from the State Party’s delegate list. (Similar to the $3MM spent in 2016 by Luis Buhler to exterminate conservatives from cent com rosters, with people like David Stafford Reade and Jessica Patterson on the payroll)

When I saw Jessica Patterson announce some county party endorsements, I was struck by the number of Paid Staffers and long time political acolytes on the list. Shasta, Glenn, Tehama and Butte are four counties almost 100% controlled by David Stafford Reade. All four were targeted heavily by the $3MM spent by Luis Buhler with David Reade on the Payroll.

The Chairman of Glenn is a supervisor whose election was almost completely underwritten by David Reade’s current and former boss. The Chairman of Tehama is the son of a Supervisor with similar entanglements. Shasta County has long been a moderate stronghold with several staff amongst its’ elected members and Butte County’s Chairman works for State Senator Jim Nielsen, who happens to be David Stafford Reade’s current boss.

Kern, Kings and Tulare County? Devin Nunes / Kevin McCarthy country. All were targeted heavily with the Luis Buhler / David Reade / Jessica Patterson money in 2016. Their membership were hand-picked by team McCarthy in 2016.

7 of the 12 County endorsements Jessica Patterson has are not independent activist leaders. They are from the machine known as the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. I don’t know most of the individuals in question, I am sure they are fine Americans, they are just not independent and do not represent real activists. It is what it is.

This is the main point about Jessica Patterson’s Campaign. It is not legitimately organic. It is from a machine. There is a facade being created that this is something other than a political insider game.

Fast forward to 1/31/2019 in Marin County. The Boss of the Bay Area, Luis Buhler showed up to Marin County in an attempt to repeat his squashing of the Travis Allen endorsement in Santa Cruz County the day before. With Luis Buhler’s surrogate in the room, they voted 15-2 to endorse Travis Allen.

That’s Marin County folks. Travis Allen went in to occupied territory and smoked the moderate overlord Luis Buhler nd crew in their home turf. Amazing things happen when a bully no longer has a billionaire’s money behind him.

When Jessica Patterson’s crew have to fight on a level playing field with Travis Allen, they lose. Badly.

This is why they needed the legislative leaders to step up and defend the failure known as California Trailblazers. This is why they have to defend failure and re-package it as a plan for the future.

This is why people like Andy Gimmecandy, David Reade and Luis Buhler have to show up in an attempt to keep a lid on Party Organizations. This is why they are keeping a list of Travis Allen supporters in an out-sized effort to exterminate activists from the rolls of CAGOP Delegates in favor of consultants and staff they can control the votes of.

So much to control. So many variables. And then there is this blog with 2.2 Million hits in 2018 to contend with…

To be continued…

P.S. Update: We were informed that Luis made calls and attempted to intervene but had a surrogate present at the meeting. He himself was not present.

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  2 Responses to “Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair SPECIAL Update: Understand the REAL Significance of the Marin County Endorsement.”

  1. Last I checked, Luis did not live in Santa Cruz County. How was he allowed to hijack a meeting or even speak at all if he’s not a member of the body?

    If he’d come to Contra Costa County when I was Chairman of the central committee and tried to pull something like this I sure wouldn’t have allowed it.

  2. He was not at the Santa Cruz meeting, I was there,he was not.

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