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IF you take a look at Jessica Patterson’s Social Media, you’d be struck by one amazing fact… it stops in mid 2017. 

All the tweets about supporting New Way California – the group Chad Mayes started as his narcissistic rage over being called out on the Cap and Trade disaster, are gone. We all see those emails from New Way California and saw Jessica re-tweeting those tweets. Nope, not any more we don’t. Re-tweeting items critical of the President were also present, and they are gone as well.

I am pretty sure archive services will be our go to, in order to attempt to ascertain more about her. Anything put on the internet exists somewhere and can never be completely covered up. 

We know she has a long history with Meg Whitman’s and other well financed establishment type of campaigns. We know she was involved in efforts to eviscerate the CAGOP Platform and defend Proposition 14. 

Perhaps this blurb in the Sacramento Bee sheds some light. Mike Madrid, a former GOP Consultant who likes to call Republican volunteers Nazis who consistently trashes President Trump is called upon by the Sacramento Bee. (The Bee like other leftist media outlets looks for “consultants” with full-blown TDS for quotes): 

WHO WILL LEAD THE CA GOP? (from the Sac Bee Capitol Alert)

California Republicans will select their next leader at the party’s Feb. 22-24 convention. Lost in the news cycle this week was a major development. David Hadley, vice chairman of the CA GOP, told supporters he’d withdraw from the race.

“I no longer believe that I can prevail on February 24 while still running a campaign to unify the delegates and walk forward together after the convention,” Hadley wrote in an email to his supporters. “As a result, I have decided to suspend my campaign for chair, and to release my many endorsers and supporters to evaluate other candidates.”

Activist Steve Frank and former Assemblyman Travis Allen are the two remaining candidates at this time, and Allen is the presumptive favorite.

But some California political insiders believe another candidate will soon emerge. (Blogger’s Note: This is a link to Chad Mayes’ Chief of Staff Joe Justin)

A representative for political consultant Jessica Patterson would not confirm the any details, but said Patterson would be making an announcement in the coming days. She is expected to have the backing of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Republican political consultant Mike Madrid is displeased with all the available options because of their strong support for President Donald Trump. California Republicans lost seven of their seats in the House of Representatives in November’s midterm election. Madrid worries Allen will lead the party down the wrong path if he’s elected.

“The path that he’s pursuing is obviously flawed, and it’s not going to work,” Madrid said of Allen. “He wants to stay relevant. There ‘s plenty of people in Republican politics who want to be captain of the Titanic.”

Madrid fear the California GOP “will be broke within six months because the donor community as it exists will completely abandon the party.”

Quoting Mike Madrid about anything Republican is like asking a drug addict about moderation. That said, I do find it interesting that the implication of this update is that Jessica Patterson will be the most anti-trump of the people running for CAGOP Chair. It is clear they have read the same (since deleted) social media posts from Patterson. 

Remember, Patterson worked for / or publicly supported Marco Rubio and later John Kasich. She was also known to have been publicly defending Chad Mayes during the Cap and Trade Drama. The plot thickens…

Meantime, having Mike Madrid attack Travis Allen in the Sacramento Bee is a badge of courage. Note that Stephen Frank gets nary a mention. 

P.S. for more on Mike Madrid enjoy this post.

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  8 Responses to “McCarthy’s Pick for CAGOP Chair has some ‘splainin’ to do…”

  1. Mike Madrid is a liberal democrat. Do not hire that guy anything or Grassroots Lab.

  2. Considering the shellacking our Congressional Delegation took in the last election a McCarthy endorsement may actually hurt a candidate’s chance for CRP chairmanship. Never-the-less, I am and will be voting for Steve Frank (who would likely never be endorsed by McCarthy). Steve is only candidate in the race, so far, that is not the puppet of any elected politician or trying to use the chairmanship to propel himself into higher office!

  3. #VoteTravisAllenCAGOP #WeNeedChange #TakeBackCalifornia

  4. Looks like Jessica has some major support—from her announcement today:

    Jessica Patterson for Chairman of the California Republican Party
    State Legislative Endorsements

    California Assembly Republican Caucus
    Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron
    Assemblyman Frank Bigelow
    Assemblyman Philip Chen
    Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham
    Assemblyman Tyler Diep
    Assemblyman Heath Flora
    Assemblyman Vince Fong
    Assemblyman Tom Lackey
    Assemblymember Brian Maienschein
    Assemblyman Devon Mathis
    Assemblyman Chad Mayes
    Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez
    Assemblyman Jim Patterson

    California Senate Republican Caucus
    Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates
    Senator Andreas Borgeas
    Senator Ling Ling Chang
    Senator Shannon Grove
    Senator Jim Nielsen
    Senator Scott Wilk

  5. And even with the losses last election the GOP Caucus in Sac and House members still controls a majority of the delegate seat nominations to the State Party.

  6. I’ll be frank, I wasn’t stunned to see my representative in that list. I don’t know why, call it a gut-check or woman’s intuition (I grew up with five women – LOL!) but I’m not surprised.

    Charlie you’re right, those individuals control a big chunk of delegates. Stunning to see Republicans continue to so willingly keep doing what’s kept us losing and so-called conservatives supporting that. We’re as bad as liberals we call sheep. There’s no other word that fits those who support Patterson.

  7. Vote for Steve Frank!


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