Jan 062019

For those of you that are avid readers of Right on Daily, you will realize that I am favorable to two candidates for CAGOP Vice Chair. Corrin Rankin has a higher upside for the CAGOP in my opinion. She has more potential and talent, thus making the tiebreaker. While Corrin is relatively new to being a candidate, the talent level is compelling. All this and she is a rock-solid conservative with a following:

The field for CAGOP offices is far from set. I am aware of yet another possible entrant in to the CAGOP Vice Chair Race from Lassen County. The field as it sits now is Corrin Rankin, Peter Kuo and Charlie Schaupp. David Hernandez is not running. 

There are various theories about why Kevin McCarthy has decided to flex his muscles as of late. It would appear to me that it is as much about self-preservation as anything. With only 7 GOP reps left, 2 of which are under siege, it would seem that McCarthy wants to cover his backside. It is a standard procedure for politicians that feel threatened to attempt to exert control.

We had introduced you to Jessica Patterson. She should be publicly announcing her candidacy for CAGOP Chair tomorrow. She has been on the phone with a lot of people. Patterson has quite a pedigree – Meg Whitman for Governor being the most noteworthy. After Whitman’s $150MM debacle, Patterson, along with Mitch Zak and Jeff Randle started California Trailblazers. This was to have been a flagship operation aimed at recruiting quality Republican candidates for state level office. It heralded with much fanfare with Kevin McCarthy being the public face of it.

Since the foundation of California Trailblazers, the GOP has gone from 28-20 in the Assembly and 14-11 in the State Senate. Despite having enough Republicans to forestall tax increases at most times recently, the democrat majority has never had to worry about finding the handful of Republican votes to pass their taxes. Now, they no longer need Republican votes for anything with 75% majorities in both houses. (taxes require 2/3)

I can only conclude that Kevin McCarthy wants to being the Trailblazers formula to the CAGOP. 

There are a couple of other possible angles. In the wake of the Chad Mayes disaster – Vincent Fong had attempted to gain critical mass to become Assembly Permanent Minority Leader. Fong, while incredibly conservative, is an acolyte of McCarthy. He is also close to Patterson, Zak and Randle. 

There is a similar dynamic to Shannon Grove. One of her top advisers is the wife of the late political Godfather Mark Abernathy. The Abernathy’s held an iron grip on everything Kern County, and to a lesser extent Tulare. If not Grove, then Jim Nielsen could also be tapped as he still has 4 years left before term limits. 

It is the opinion of this blogger that the CAGOP Chairman’s race is part of the three-piece set for Team McCarthy. It is clear that either Vincent Fong or James Gallagher will have the votes necessary in the Assembly, with 4 out of 5 of the recent losers being supporters of the current regime. It is also my opinion that Shannon Grove / Jim Nielsen would have little opposition if Pat Bates stepped aside on the Senate Side.

While I reiterate that I do not know Jessica Patterson well, I do know her by the causes and candidates she has worked with/for. With McCarthy in the background and the pedigree, she is going to have a tough sell to a lot of the rank and file CAGOP delegates.

At one point, former Assemblymember David Hadley was the choice of the Establishment. He is not even being rumored as a candidate for Vice Chair at this point (the position he currently holds). It would appear that Hadley has been completely abandoned. It remains to be seen what Hadley’s next move is.

Note: Right On Daily has endorsed Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman. 

CAGOP Secretary – there will be an opponent to would be platform destroyer Dan Trimble. The information is embargoed at this time.

CAGOP Treasurer – there are rumors of an opponent to Greg Gandrud.

This would be the first time in years we would have so many candidates for CAGOP office. I think this is a good thing.

Jan 022019

David Hadley is running to be the California Republican Party Chairman. Part of his appeal is that he wants to do something about the anti-business climate in California. He also talks about how expensive it is to live in California.

Let’s talk to Mr. Hadley about his yes vote as an assemblyman on AB 305 (2016) that increased Worker’s Comp Costs by eliminating any apportionment of pre-existing conditions. So, imagine a new claim on the same bum knee? Imagine someone with an ongoing back injury getting in another accident? The Insurance Carrier would end up paying twice. AB305 were it not vetoed would have caused a 20-30% spike in California’s already absurd Work Comp premiums! 

How about SB350 in 2016? This is the 50% of California Energy to come from “Renewable” Sources. Renewable does NOT include Hydroelectric power, by the way – the cheapest and easiest way to generate Gigawatts. Wind Power is extremely expensive for a variety of reasons as is Solar Power. SB350 will increase power bills as much as 35% according to estimates. Hadley did his part.

It is pretty much impossible to take Mr. Hadley very seriously as an advocate for Republican Values, much less common-sense values given the variety of votes he has taken. 

When given other chances to stand up for lower costs – Hadley skipped SB 2153, a $2 Tax on Lead-Acid Batteries and AB 339 which was an attempt at artificial price controls on Prescription Drugs (which anyone with basic economics training knows causes shortages and price surges) When we needed David Hadley to stand up for common sense and against the artificially high cost of living in California, he was absent. Or, worse, he was complicit in it.

But wait, there’s more…  

Dec 262018

You are probably asking yourself How did Travis Allen out-raise David Hadley? Beyond the obvious quip of Travis Allen being in Four Elections to Hadley’s Two, remember that Hadley was a major target race versus Allen’s Seat then thought to be “Safe”. Thus, you would expect money to pour in to Hadley.

The problem is when you remove money RAISED FOR HADLEY, by the CAGOP or others and focus on what Hadley raised himself… the true story emerges. It undermines the primary argument Hadley’s nascent chairman campaign is making.

Travis Allen and his plan for the CAGOP

For 20 years of being in CAGOP politics, the refrain has been the same. (Insert the name of Moderate here) is the best choice because (Insert the name of Moderate here) can raise money. Well, guess what? So can Travis Allen.

If you remove In-Kind and Party led contributions from David Hadley’s numbers – it Yields $2,693,069.91 raised. That number even includes Hadley’s 2 week long Governor Campaign which netted $191,607.19. Travis Allen’s Governor Campaign alone netted $1,715,678 when you remove the $72K head start from his leftover assembly money, and some in kind contributions. (I am simply looking at the reports and do not know what the in-kind contributions were specifically, just what if-any dollar value reported was)

In 2012, Travis raised a net $453K, in 2014, just short of $400K and $390K net in 2016. Add in $452K for Repealing the Gas Tax and $183K in to his Take Back CA PAC – you arrive at $3,596,126 – $900,000 more than David Hadley!

David Hadley can not claim to be a superior fundraiser to Travis Allen, at best he can only claim parity. This means then that the tie-breaker by any measure is the adherence to basic Republican Principles and ability to lead and inspire.

Some of you are wondering how I arrived at $-2MM for Steve Frank. I left out his failed Assembly Run from 1996 because that was more than 10 years ago. I focused instead on former CAGOP Chairman Tom Del Becarro who Steve Frank got elected as his top adviser and campaign manager. Once Del Becarro was in his role as CAGOP Chairman, Mr. Frank was either unwilling or unable to move the ball as the Del Becarro’s Chairmanship ended up failing spectacularly. Del Becarro left office, handing then incoming CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte with $2MM in debt to have to cover. 

Mr. Hadley, once the numbers are properly analyzed is going to have to focus on issues and organization. Neither of these are his strong suits and as this CAGOP Chairman race gets fully vetted, time and time again all of the fundamentals will point to Travis Allen. 

P.S. Fundraising numbers are all public record, you can cross-check my data. 

To be continued… 

Dec 202018

David Hadley is running to be chairman of the California Republican Party. He has a lot of explaining to do for his public record.

While he was only in the Assembly for two years, he had a slew of votes that ostensibly were allegedly about “Voting his District”. However, the slew of bad votes did him no good when he was blown out of office after only one term in office.

In 2015, the man who is campaigning on his ability to raise money voted for AB700. AB700 forced the top contributors to ballot initiatives or independent expenditures to be put in the disclosures. (This is why you see with major funding from… on disclosures now)

This extra exposure has opened several major donors up to intimidation and was one of the reasons the yes on 6 campaign got buried in fundraising as no major donors wanted to tangle with the powerful lobbies that wanted their tax money.

David Hadley in essence voted to make the very donors he would be calling on behalf of the GOP in to bigger targets.

Hadley also voted yes on AB 2523 which would have imposed State Contribution limits on to local office candidates!

That’s correct, county supervisors, Sheriff’s DA’s, councilmembers, school board members, etc would have all had a $4200 contribution limits. This terrible bill got vetoed by Governor Brown!

Why would any Republican seek to impose the State of California’s will on local elections? Why would any delegate to the California Republican Party who has sought local office or who holds local office support this guy?

Publicly Financed Campaigns. Ending Poll Voting. Sending Everyone an Absentee Ballot. Hanging a Target on Donors. Imposing State Government’s will on local elections. This is what David Hadley the Assemblyman voted for.

Now, Mr. Hadley is attempting to reinvent himself as an advocate for the Republican Party. He can not re-write history (65% “D” Rating from ACU, “F” Rating 43% from NRA, 80% “B” Rating from Howard Jarvis). To be continued.

Dec 182018

David Hadley is running for Chairman of the CAGOP.

At the forefront of everyone’s mind is “Ballot Harvesting” and “Was it all Trump’s Fault” in California.

I am not sure how Mr. Hadley can speak to either topic as his comments trashing the President were as out there as any of those made by anyone:

“I have never supported Donald Trump and I’m not supporting him now,” Hadley said in a telephone interview Monday. “I’d love nothing more than to have him step down and be replaced.”

David Hadley skipped voting on AB 1461 – Automatic voter registration. This is the very bill that enabled the DMV’s registering over 50,000 illegal aliens and led to mass errors with registrations.

5 Counties in California mail ballots to every registered voter, what could possibly go wrong?

David Hadley voted yes on SB450 – which enabled the now automatically registered voters to get ballots in the mail automatically. SB450 eliminated polling places instead replacing them with mail ballot voting centers – making it easier to harvest ballots.

In addition, the bill Hadley Skipped, AB 1461 also makes prosecuting illegal alien voters nearly impossible.

David Hadley, the erstwhile chairman of the CAGOP was not done there. He also voted for SB 1107 in 2016, which created publicly financed campaigns. Fortunately this disaster did not make it out of the Assembly.

That’s correct, David Hadley voted for Publicly Financed Campaigns and is now campaigning on his ability to fundraise. I am not sure how supporting the elimination of private donors is consistent with party-building. I am also not sure how eliminating poll voting and mailing out millions of ballots willy-nilly increases election integrity.

In our next installment, we will detail how the man who wants to be your chairman also sought to hamstring fundraising. That’s correct, David Hadley’s main push is his ability to raise money. You will be shocked to see what he did beyond supporting Publicly Financed Campaigns…