Nov 162018

Some people may be wondering why a guy I opposed for Governor vigorously is now my choice for CAGOP Chair.

The CAGOP got shellacked in 2018. They were not prepared for the rules changes in elections. The Democrats were harvesting ballots in all kinds of districts and pushing voter registration with millions of dollars.

This has been a common refrain, inability to adjust to the reality of today and being stuck 20 years in the past.

Steve Frank is a conservative warrior whose roots go back to 1968 in the GOP. That’s 50 years. I am 47. Mr. Frank represents the past. His answer to the CAGOP’s problem are a series of graduate-level essays related to organizational issues. His ideas should be incorporated by younger more energetic people with the ability to deliver on them.

David Hadley and Andy Vidak are both stand up men. Both are past legislators similar to Travis Allen. Vidak and Hadley both managed to rent space in Democrat-Leaning Districts. Vidak is a popular figure within the CAGOP and will be a formidable opponent for Travis Allen. Vidak lacks the charisma and inspiring personality of Travis Allen. My one and only concern for Andy Vidak is can he elicit the passion and instill a sense of hope in to the demoralized grassroots.

David Hadley can not, he had a head start on everyone… including being appointed Vice Chairman of the CAGOP. He was unable to seal the deal. It is the opinion of this blogger that he will give way to Andy Vidak. I do not have anything against Hadley other than not being able to reconcile myself to how liberal his record and views are for a Republican. David Hadley deserves a role in the CAGOP going forward regardless of who wins the Chairman’s race.

Andy Vidak is going to run for CAGOP office with Connie Conway as a running mate. Conway is also popular within the CAGOP ranks.

I think highly of Andy Vidak and Connie Conway and have no intentions of attacking either one of them. I will also work to restrain Travis Allen’s volunteers from doing the same. We do not have the luxury of letting blood in this internal debate.

I went after Travis Allen in the Governor’s Campaign because I did not believe he could be a competitive Governor Candidate, given that Cox is wealthy and just as conservative as Allen. In a much smaller universe where demoralized volunteers need a morale boost, I believe Travis Allen is ideal. Travis Allen has the same experience as Andy Vidak (former legislator), he has the same connections as Vidak (think donors), but has the fire and charisma that matter in an insider game.

Travis Allen broke with the “establishment” in a major way in 2018 in his Governor’s Campaign. A lot of his volunteers were absolutely over the top, and as part of his team I am going to work to dial back the “enthusiasm” in order to allow others skeptical of Allen to see he has the skill set to deliver for the CAGOP. If Travis Allen is harnessed and focused, he will be a deadly effective force for the CAGOP, if his passionate volunteer base can be harnessed in a similar manner the CAGOP can recover.

Travis Allen has a much higher upside for the CAGOP than his opponents.

For this blogger, the Travis Allen for CAGOP Campaign represents a return to my Conservative Roots. Watching the drubbing in 2018 cut it for me, the drubbing had 100% to do with being outworked on the ground as the democrats harvested hundreds, if not thousands of ballots and dumped them on election day. The failure once again of the consultants, insiders and leadership to be forward thinking and prepared mandates that any of us left that care about the CAGOP need to try something different.

This is my case for Travis Allen – we need to go a different direction, we need to Inspire, Revive and Reset the CAGOP.

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  3 Responses to “Blogger’s Update: My Case for Travis Allen for CRP Chairman”

  1. Yes the GOP needs to get it together and be more pro active with our agenda of less taxes, smaller government and greater personal responsibility and accountability.

    I am not very active politically but things need to change.

  2. I, too, think he’s the best candidate fr the job of CRP Chairman. I heard him speak often and he is very charismatic and is a very conservative Republican with the energy to help “regroup”our Republican base in our state.

  3. Sorry not with you on this one. I don’t think Travis Allen has the skill necessary to put the GOP/CRP first and not his own personal career. Also, I don’t think his ‘cheerleading’ style is well suited for the task of being a state chair and pulling people together. I think the opposite will occur with a ‘Cheerleader’ rather than a ‘Leader’.

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