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February 16, 2018

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Amid Scandals Surrounding Sheriff Candidates Sniff and Brown, Riverside Deputy Sheriffs Give $300,000 to Lt. Chad Bianco

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA – – With two candidates for Riverside County Sheriff embroiled in scandals in their departments the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association affirmed their support for Lt. Chad Bianco who has emerged as the only qualified candidate capable to lead change.

“There is no true leadership at the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and as a result, public safety is dangerously threatened,” said Ian Anderson, District Attorney Investigator who also serves as Vice President and Chairman of the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association political education committee.

“Lt. Chad Bianco has a distinguished record supervising staff and managing resources in this department while protecting all in Riverside County. Bianco has earned our endorsement and has the full support of the county’s 2,300 law enforcement professionals who put their lives at risk patrolling our streets every day. We need real change in leadership to restore integrity, efficiency and accountability to this department. That’s why we are 100 percent supporting Chad Bianco.”

This week a new scandal involving Sheriff Stan Sniff caught national attention as it was learned that he ignored a cheating scheme within the department and later promoted those involved in the cheating.

Read More About the Cheating Scandal Here

This scandal comes as Sniff’s department faces huge budget overruns and a mass staff exodus which led to Supervisor Tavaglione to state, “He is unable to manage his organization in an effective way.”

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In addition, it was revealed that second tier candidate Dave Brown a former Chief of Police in the crime-filled city of Hemet faces a scandal of his own. A former Hemet police officer alleged the Hemet Police Department was destroying evidence, used racial slurs and abused a prisoner while Brown was in charge.

Read About the Hemet Police Department Scandal

The election for Sheriff will take place in conjunction with the June 5th Statewide Primary election. For more information visit www.ChadBiancoForSheriff .com.

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P.S. Please note, if it was not obvious already, the RightonDaily Blog has endorsed Chad Bianco for Sheriff.

Feb 172018

Hemet Dave Releases Plan to Restore Public Trust in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department

Proposal would establish facts and restore accountability in response to the promotional testing scandal

Former Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown released a plan today that would rebuild public trust in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department following revelations, first reported by The Desert Sun and featured in USA Today, of a promotional testing scandal.

Click to Read the Full USA Today Article
“I am calling upon our region’s respected county, prosecutorial, and civilian oversight leaders to begin the process of restoring trust in our Sheriff’s Department through full transparency and accountability,” said Brown.

Brown has called for County Counsel to reaffirm protections for deputies or county employees who act as whistelblowers, an inquiry by the District Attorney’s office regarding the impact these revelations may have on criminal convictions, and a thorough investigation by the Riverside County Civil Grand Jury.

“I have a long track record of fair and equitable executive leadership that sets clear standards and expectations and rewards excellence. However, I’ve also dealt swiftly and effectively with allegations of wrongdoing. There is simply no room for wavering as a chief executive, especially when the public trust hangs in the balance. Sheriff Sniff owes the citizens a thorough explanation of this scandal while protecting the privacy of the employees and the integrity of the investigation,” concluded Brown.

Feb 162018

Wow. Maybe Hemet Dave is not a strong enough moniker for this guy:

Let’s talk about Dave Brown as Hemet’s police chief and the possible next County Sheriff. Fellow officers reported that when Brown was a patrol officer he was often found parked behind buildings working on a laptop trying to come up with community programs and acronyms for them and neglecting his patrol area. He was so desperate to be made chief that he felt by pushing these programs, it would be his ticket to chiefdom. He went so far as to offer to forego his benefits.

It was Brown’s idea to park a patrol car on a busy street corner where there was significant crime. He felt the visual of the unit would discourage criminals. This became a HUGE embarrassment when he ‘forgot’ about the unit that was left unattended or moved for days.

Brown was also the brainchild for the ROCS program (Reviving Our Community) where the city took an old swat truck and painted it up with well…in most opinions..like an huge ice cream truck. The ROC-mobile sat unused most of the time since no one in the department was licensed to drive the unit.

Brown then buddied up to a knucklehead named Larry George who proclaimed himself to be a news source for the city. Brown gave George permission to follow first responder units to scenes and report the incidents. Shortly after this bromance started, George and his crew were reprimanded for creating dangerous situations when following fire trucks, police units and ambulances. One of Georges staff reportedly filed a lawsuit against HPD when he was ‘roughed up’ by an officer when the reporter was in the way during an auto accident investigation.

Brown’s biggest blunder was his campaign called “Taking the fear out of crime”. When crime was at an all time high in Hemet, Brown, via newspapers and town hall meetings encouraged citizens to go into town day or night to shop, eat, socialize in order to keep money in the city. That his crew were out on the streets and the citizens shouldn’t let crime control their activities. A year later Brown had to admit to all that the ‘crime was bigger than his department’.

His recommendations to citizens were irresponsible, and egotistically driven. He put citizens at risk in very dangerous times. Brown’s speeches always included how he grew up in Hemet and he was committed to serving the city. Now he’s retied and running for Riverside County high Sheriff position. Brown has not had any policing experience outside of the small city of Hemet. He has no experience with courts and county jail demands. Furthermore, there is little to no doubt that corruption in his department DOES exist.

Given that there is a story that got limited press coverage with the sordid details of a lawsuit against the City of Hemet over racism and police abuse, there are definitely a slew of issues beneath the  surface.

Feb 152018

As Posted on the Banning Informer Just Today – it looks like Leonard Purvis and Stan Sniff tried to destroy the Banning PD to turn it in to a franchise. The latest in a string of unethical activities we are discovering about Sheriff Stan Sniff:

.2/15/18 – For quite some time, rumors have been circulating persistently around Banning, alleging that its small Police Department was at one time being set up by its former Chief, Leonard Purvis, to be taken over by the Sheriff’s Department. Purvis left the position of Chief in late 2013.

Only a few days ago, the issue resurfaced when an article on the website RightOnDaily.com” (view) asked this very question, and pointed out that Sheriff Sniff and his henchman Purvis have a long history of, shall we just say, “working together closely”.

Banning Police Chief Alex Diaz's statements expose Sheriff Stan Sniff

Banning Police Chief Alex Diaz’s comes forward exposing Sheriff Stan Sniff’s underhanded dealings

For those readers who are new to the subject, here is a quick primer: on behalf of his buddy Sheriff Sniff, Captain Purvis is currently “guarding” Sniff’s arch enemy and political challenger, Sheriff candidate Lt. Chad Bianco at the Hemet station. Bianco says he has been ordered not to wear his uniform and is also under orders not to respond to calls for help, neither from the public, nor from fellow deputies, no matter what the situation (see Press Enterprise Story).

So much for a Sheriff that constantly whines about his lack of resources. Even those unfamiliar with the inner workings of law enforcement can easily grasp why the Riverside Sheriff’s Association would decide to back Chad Bianco.

After all, what deputy would like to be left stranded somewhere without help?



With the allegations of an attempted underhanded takeover of Banning PD not going away, we reached out to Banning Police Chief Alejandro Diaz.

Former Banning Chief Purvis, now Captain of the Hemet Sheriff's Station

Former Banning Chief Purvis, now Captain of the Hemet Sheriff’s Station

Diaz says he recalls a meeting with Purvis at his home in San Jacinto sometime during late 2013, shortly after Purvis had been ousted from his position as Chief. Diaz explains as reason for the meeting, that he delivered two assault rifles to Purvis, which belonged to him but had still been kept at the Department.

Diaz states that he had a “long-winded” conversation with Purvis and his wife, during which both stated that a takeover of Banning Police Department by the Sheriff’s Department was “inevitable”. Diaz recalls Purvis suggesting that he should apply with RSD and assured him he would be hired as a Sergeant.

Best buddies: Sheriff Stan Sniff and his henchman, Captain Leonard Purvis (2013)

Best buddies: Sheriff Stan Sniff and his henchman, Captain Leonard Purvis (2013)

Diaz says that Purvis proceeded to tell him about a plan that had been set in place between him, then City manager Andy Takata and Sheriff Sniff. The plan was to decimate the Banning Police Department, and get the Department to such a minimal number of sworn personnel that it would be impossible to come back. This would eventually force the City council to disband the City’s Police Department and hand it over to the Sheriff.

Diaz recalls Purvis indicating that for his part, he (Purvis) would be hired by Sheriff Sniff and assigned duties in Banning as a lieutenant. Diaz states that he was further told by Purvis that Andy Takata, the then City Manager, had the role of convincing the council to reach out to Sheriff Sniff for an estimated cost for services as well as convincing Council of the ”benefits” of contracting police services to the county (view Takata email here).

Diaz says he vividly remembers Purvis expressing his profound regret over the fact that the takeover attempt was eventually foiled, when word of a secret meeting between Sniff, Takata, and then Beaumont City Manager (and convicted felon) Alan Kapanikas got out to the Banning Police Officers Association.



 We believe that Police Chief Diaz is telling us the truth and for that we highly commend him. But besides his account, there are other circumstances that appear to confirm his story.

For example, during that latter part of Purvis’ time as Chief (2013), there were police cars purchased that were kept at the airport brand new without being used. This in itself is highly suspicious as it falls in line with a possible attempt to undermine the Department’s effectiveness. However, what is even more telling is the fact that these unused police cars were carrying paint schemes that were not used by Banning PD, but rather by the Sheriff’s Department. Specifically, these cars had a black body with four white doors (Sheriff paint scheme), while Banning PD vehicles were painted with black bodies and front only white doors.

Banning's new $18M Police Station was kept closed by Purvis - for no good reason

Banning’s new $18M Police Station was kept closed by Purvis – for no good reason

Further supporting Diaz’ account is the fact that Purvis kept the then brand new, $18M Police Station permanently closed to the public, except for 3 hrs per week, citing lack of personnel. As it later turned out, Purvis’ explanation was a blatant lie: immediately after taking over as interim Police Chief, Diaz was able to open the Police Station 9-5 weekdays, without the need for additional personnel.

Like nothing else, this fact alone seems to supports the notion that Purvis sold out the citizens of Banning by plotting a Sheriff takeover of a Department that was sworn to lead, with the apparent goal to ultimately paralyze it.




In our opinion, the foregoing suggests that Sheriff Stan Sniff and Leonard “The Snake” Purvis should both be considered despicable characters of the sleaziest kind. When a Sheriff and his henchman conspire to undermine and weaken a small Police Department so they can take it over, they have become traitors to the people they serve.

Thank you, Chief Diaz, for coming forward with this information. Now we know who our enemies are.