Nov 042018

We accurately predicted Marion Ashley’s endorsement of Stan Sniff 3 weeks before it became public. This post is updated with additional information.

One of the key themes of the Riverside Sheriff’s Race is the decimated morale of the department. 3 More Correctional Deputies are “Lateraling” out of the Indio Jail in August. (meaning they are leaving for another department) 250 Deputies left the Riverside Sheriff’s Office (RSO) last year.

Every station is on forced, mandatory overtime as they lack the manpower to fulfill the obligations of their contracts with Cities that have hired the Sheriff’s Office as their police force.

Right now the suspect “Audit” of the Jurupa Valley Station is in Progress. It is known that at least 8 deputies have been shipped over from Moreno Valley Station and as many as 8 more have been moved from other stations in order to artifically cover the audit’s staffing requirements.

Every time Stan Sniff complains about his budget, you should cringe as Contract Cities are getting hammered with over time. (Think of a Deputy that gets 30ish an hour getting paid at 150% of their hourly rate) Even with the imposed contract not starting overtime until 84 hours in a pay period, when you are running double shifts, it does not take long to explode that barrier. at $50-60 a hour, overtime adds up quickly.

Every time Stan Sniff claims fiscal responsibility, remember how he conveniently “Found” $10 Million Dollars to suddenly deal with the backlog of CCW applications and the 24-26 month wait for an interview. While jacking up fees on Contract Cities, he developed an amazing ability to “find” money for things that became sudden political issues.

Do not forget the stories of mismanagement such is the Captain Tripod adventure, when she botched some 700 hours on a contract she was supposed to manage. Other less severe examples are commonplace.

I don’t know of many folks over Age 35 that can handle working 12-16 hour days without serious degradation of their performance. Given that County Admin has a habit of abusive worker’s comp practices, when those fatigued employees get in accidents, they get hammered on the back end by bureaucrats looking to save money at their expense.

Then add in people like Christian Dekker who have abused the overtime system for thousands in pay (he can’t do it anymore now that he is a LT.) willfully, the overtime problem is an epidemic.

This is why things like jacking up the booking fee 10% is outrageousAny level of fiscal prudence by Stan Sniff and some of these problems get less severe. Add to this that allied agencies are letting scum go free to avoid paying the booking fees. (Largely because they know most of those arrested will get early released within hours of being booked in to the jail.)

It is 100% clear to this blogger why Sniff is fighting the KPMG Audit tooth and nail, he and his crew knew they were using the force to manage the department and cooperation with the Audit would have exposed the cover ups, double-dipping, ghost deputies, and the like..

Contract cities get to pay overtime (or the overtime eats the Sheriff’s Budget alive, take your pick), and get to pay more in booking fees to have criminals “Early Released” sometimes within hours!

Stan Sniff said in a public forum that he is going to leave the new jail almost completely empty. Then, once he got hammered at the ballot box, he is now “Happy as a Clam” with the same budget. (Note – the new inadequate jail will still be empty) Other jails have broken equipment that has not been fixed.

This brings me to the embedded text message. On 7/18/2018 – Supervisor Marion Ashley sounded the alarm over another massive blunder by Stan Sniff (whom Ashley is going to endorse). Sniff was not billing contract cities for Air Support. This amounts to millions of dollars. On 8/22/2018 Marion Ashley rewarded Stan Sniff for his incompetence by endorsing him.

Perhaps Ashley is good with the Games being played at every station to circumvent the KPMG Audit. (We’ve documented Hemet and Jurupa Valley Station in particular) Perhaps Ashley and Taviglione cut a deal to cover themselves politically regarding said audit on their way out the door. 

Remember, the contract cities have been getting hit with rate increases every year despite inconsistent revenue and the insanity of Sacramento squeezing the City Budgets. According to your intrepid blogger’s research, the cost per hour of a deputy has gone from around $131 to $168 an hour. This seems to be a gigantic money maker for the Sheriff so he can shoot James bond videos and buy toys for the department.

In the last two years, Stan Sniff has hit Contract Cities with a straight-time increase of 5.4% and 6.6% in addition to all of the above. It looks like the three Supervisors are Happy as a Clam with that.

Chad Bianco is inheriting a mess at every level of the department.

I received a couple of screenshots and a note from a deputy about the mandatory overtime and a Sgt. bascially begging people to step up for it…

This just happened. The attached MDC mail was sent by a graveyard sergeant to the on-duty swing shift deputies at (XXX) station looking for two deputies to hold over until 5am. Apparently no one replied. A few minutes later, the dispatcher is asking for two deputies to hold over. Again, no reply. Then a second plea via MDC mail was sent by the sergeant asking again for 2 deputies to stay over to cover graves. You would think the lack of responses would be a hint we don’t want to hold over. We’re tired. We get this request almost every night. This is another example of the current atmosphere at (XXX). Burnt out deputies being overworked every day of the week. I guarantee the sergeant will volunteer some tired, exhausted Deputy to hold over. Hope it’s not me.

Supervisors Kevin Jeffries , John Taviglione and Marion Ashley are supposed to have some oversight of this. Do they know what is going on? Did they do due diligence? Are they Okay with this? Where are the other local leaders that are sitting on the sidelines?

If you are reading this and you live in a contract city, get a baseball bat, pepper spray, a house alarm and a gun if you can deal with the BS of California’s gun laws. It takes 18-24 months to train a deputy at a cost of $150,000 – $175,000 dollars. It is going to be a long slog to fix this problem.

See below – two different Sergeants sent these messages within something like 15-30 minutes of each other. It has gotten worse since July with even more stations doubling up on Yellow Days, arbitrarily torching people’s vacations, arbitrarily changing people’s off days and the like. Stan Sniff is on a narcissistic rage as is burning the Station down on his way out the door.

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