Richard Ramirez for Senate – Attack a Woman’s Children

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Apr 242012

You be the judge…

I normally could care less when people light up candidates on issues – but Richard Ramirez went overboard on twitter. Maybe it is because he was/is angry over being called Richard Ramirez, (His given name is Al) or he has CRP Envy.

Here is a tweet from Richard Ramirez: (elizabeth) Emken doesn’t get it. A Coward who won’t debate issues. Instead, she uses kids to play games and cover her support for #amnesty and #obamcare.

Elizabeth Emken had just spoken about her 19 year old Autistic Child and how she, as a mom, went to D.C. because of a system that at the time had little or nothing to do with Autism. Emken had to register as a lobbyist just to speak to people about her issues – even before she went to work for Autism Speaks a non-profit solely dedicated to helping children with autism .

Ramirez sent his tweet just following her speech.

Two lies and a dirtbag non-sequitir in one tweet.

Richard Ramirez is probably more impressed with himself than many candidates I have seen in a while. My time in politics has forced me to have to deal with some of the most bombastic egos that people ever get forced to deal with – so I don’t say that lightly about Ramirez.

In the other tweet attached here – he talks about being the only person to take a stand on immigration. If you have the misfortune to waste part of your life clicking the link – it takes you to a nice bloveation about immigration from Ramirez. The best speech from Ramirez on immigration is when he says in Spanish that he thinks Mexicans come to America to get on welfare.

Richard (Al) Ramirez, the Mexican savior of the GOP.

Easy kill for madam #facepalm.

Apr 222012

Marginal US Senate Candidate Richard Ramirez whose campaign literature indicated that he is a self-admitted “longshot candidate” got endorsed by the California Republican Assembly.

I am not going to focus on Greg Conlon or John Borat(sp) who got no votes, nor will I focus on Orly and Nachum Shifren, both of whom who had boutique followings.

Conlon is a liberal. Borat is an idiot. Orly is Orly – You should have seen her campaign literature, it was amazing to say the least (in a really, really bizarre manner similar to what you’d see in a psychological manual).

Nachum Shifren is running, in my opinion, because he enjoys the attention of being a candidate. I like Nachum, but a US Senate Race in California is not the place for him.

Elizabeth Emken (who I support) finished in third. Her speech to CRA had the most content in it by far. However, Emken had received the CRP endorsement in the star chamber which basically sealed her doom in the CRA.

Emken met with several people during the day on Saturday – but she was the main target, especially of Richard Ramirez.

Dan Hughes was the biggest loser in my opinion. I actually feel sorry for him. Hughes has four people stealing his money from him under the guise of this campaign. They should all be sued for malpractice. Buttner, Franklin, Spillaine and there’s that name again, Dave Gilliard.

I said stealing – what has Dan Hughes gotten for the damn near $140K? He couldn’t get the time of day from the CRP or the CRA, no one other than Chuck DeVore is supporting him and he has gotten a bunch of email out that are copied from others or full of grammatical errors and typos!

Since I have lived with and am living with Dave Gilliard’s “ethics” – I get why he’d be taking a candidate’s money basically for nothing.

Dan – please do not put that $150k into the campaign. It will only go in to the pocket of the people who haven’t done a damn thing for you! Your Chuck DeVore endorsement couldn’t even get 25% of the delegates in CRA!!!

Richard (Al) Ramirez spent the entire weekend at the CRA Convention. He ripped in to Elizabeth Emken hard all weekend – which played well to an audience of people looking to crown Elizabeth Emken the “boogie-man”.

And it worked. But, not on this blogger – I did not vote for Richard (Al) Ramirez once.

Ramirez doesn’t have a pot to piss in and he will get 2% of the vote – the CRA will get nothing out of this endorsement other than sticking it in the Eye of the CRP.

Richard Ramirez for U.S. Senate – the CRA just slashed the CRP.




CA-Sen Update: Chuck DeVore, Classless Loser

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Jun 092010

I wanted to leave DeVore alone two weeks ago when his campaign was confirmed dead.

But, he didn’t stop. Tom Campbell stopped when they knew they were beaten.

DeVore even up to election day was sending emails like Joseph Goebbels in 1945.

Once DeVore was cemented in history with a pathetic 16% of the vote – he could not let go of his classless and false attacks against Carly.

Quoting the LA Times:

Chuck DeVore, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, encouraged his supporters to vote for Carly Fiorina, the victor in that race, but then said in an interview she won’t get their votes “if she thinks that she has to run back to the middle to win.”

Nice Job, Chuck.

CA-Sen Update: Bizarre Appeals and Polls showing Fiorina 50+ vs Other at (who cares)

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Jun 072010

It’s over.

It was over two weeks ago.

Still, the information minister fights on to get a few last shots in at Carly Fiorina (in an attempt to assist Barbara Boxer?) – is it spoiled rotten brat syndrome or a bonfire of Ego. Thomas the Tax Engine folded up his tent a week ago.

In a post called the time for choosing – Carly Fiorina is called Lyndsay Graham or John McCain by Red State Blog. They also compare this race to the hysteria surrounding Arnold and the “Go for the win” mentality.

They emplore people to throw away their votes on the information minister – dragging out his half-baked lines about what a baby-killing, tree-hugging squish Carly is.

They are dead wrong about Carly and will end up eating their words. I would hope that these guys help us against Barbara Boxer.

And now for the truth that Chuck DeVore will likely deny until leeches and electrodes are applied:

Flap’s Dental Blog reported a new poll. Carly 54% – any questions?

Let’s look at the numbers a little closer…

Looking at the changes in the US Senate contest, Carly Fiorina’s campaign has increased her support by 10 points, up from 44%, Tom Campbell has dropped 2 points from 21% to 19% and Chuck Devore has increased by 2 points, up from 14%. Other candidate support has decreased 2 points to 5%, and undecided voters has decreased 8 points from 14%.

They also have Steve Poizner losing 64-22.

CA-Sen Update: Tom Campbell forgot one key detail while citing polling data…

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Jun 012010

How many of you got Tom Campbell’s letter on Friday asking for money? (Auburn-Placer Recology picked it up today)

I got the following email from Tom Campbell – it told me two things. One is that he is broke and two is that he forgot about the prupose of next Tuesday…

I don’t have personal millions like Carly Fiorina to spend on my campaign – but I do have something my opponents can’t offer.

According to a just released LA Times/USC poll, I am defeating Barbara Boxer by 7 points – the first time a Republican has ever led her. The poll shows Carly Fiorina losing by 6 points, and Chuck DeVore losing by 10.

I can defeat Barbara Boxer, my opponents can’t – the case I make in this new video, which I urge you to watch and then pass along to your friends.

While 30-second TV ads have had an impact in this race, the most powerful way to sway voters is through a personal contact from a friend or colleague – you.

Here we go again from Tom Campbell: only my brand of liberalism can beat Barbara Boxer – I am pro-choice, pro-mixed marriage, anti-gun and darn it anyway, college professors think I am a righteous dude!

Tom Campbell’s opening line about personal millions also gives us a window in to the soul of a politician obsessed with raising taxes. That is something James Fisfisfis can’t fix fix fix.

There’s a big problem, Tom Campbell. It’s called a Primary. Problem two, Boxer is vulnerable to anyone, and was vulnerable against Bill Jones in 2004 – Jones was unable to raise money (like Campbell).

Campbell’s fellow Liberal Republican Meg Whitman apparently grasped this concept as she spent liberally on ads calling Steve Poizner a liberal and promising to close the borders. (If Tom Campbell called someone else a liberal it would cause laughter.)

I’d like to direct you back to the Memorial Day Trifecta for Thomas the Tax Engine. Terrorism, Taxes and (vote) Talley – three areas where Tom Campbell comes up wanting.

The California GOP is looking for a few good men, the Information Minister and the Tax Engine just ain’t it.