May 242010

… ’cause Jack Bauer (the fabled character from 24) recognizes leadership.

I was graced with a new Chuck DeVore for Information Minister (er Senate) video.

It was supposed to Commemorate Chuck DeVore’s successful on-line fundraiser that allowed him to buy a second spot (as opposed to the one he had saved for already) in tonight’s 24 finale. (I’ll be at the gym)

If fell way short of being the Demon Sheep or the Boxer Zepplin – it’s boring and unimaginative. (Not only did I approve this Ad, I wrote it)

There are a few things that stick out in addition to the obvious bonfire of Middle-Aged-Male-Ego – one is that this is a response to his Chuck Devore- Dick Blumenthal Moments.

Now – he does not address the mis-characterization of his status with the military (as in Retired) to get a better ballot designation. He only states the true nature of his service near the end of his video.

I also noticed that this dodges any mention of Chuck DeVore claiming credit for the Arrow Missile System. (Something Duncan Hunter politely rebuked him for) Of course, Ego does not allow room for apology.

It does include the sound of gunfire (refer to the DeVore: I am Rambo post for more) in an attempt to further clarify his image. Truth: DeVore is probably in more danger from this blog than he ever was in the Golan Heights…

It does include the usual vote for the uniform VS Barbara Boxer creed we have consistently seen from the Information Minister.

I was quite disappointed that the only mention of the constitution was a pan over his lawn signs. (Which violate principle number one of signs – never, ever have your picture on them – especially if you’re pretty, people get jealous…)

All in all – this is more Jim Jones action for the 14-16% that DeVore is polling right now. I am sure that the those that stick around on election day are going to feel cheated when the Retired (I mean Reserve) Colonel finishes third.

Not since the Todd Vander Veen “Moderate Republican” signs have I seen anything so brilliant from a campaign.

Day 4 of the Blumenthal Moment for DeVore – if he keeps this up, he might match Meg Whitman’s 15-day extension of the I didn’t vote, maybe I voted, when I didn’t actually vote saga. (However, by then, he’ll be out of time)

Sometimes, it takes a lowly, lowly enlisted sailor to tell an officer – you’ve land-navigated in to a wall dude.

Meantime, Carly has hit 46% in the polls.

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