#CASEN was this a Joke? Dan Hughes Fund-Raising Video…

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May 082012


… will cause brain damage with prolonged exposure.

If I am Madam #facepalm, I am calling every left-wing commie-lib PAC, 527, Super-Pac etc. begging for an IE to boost Dan Hughes in to the runoff…

this video from Dan Hughes is the latest example of how he is getting ripped off by his campaign staff.

This video keeps saying “OH YEAH” with a bald eagle flying through it. I feel like I was being taken to a Jim Jones acid trip.

If you waste two minutes of your life watching this video – it features Chuck DeVore, who cut and ran from California talking about how enthusiastic he is to support Dan Hughes (even though he can’t vote for him). “OH YEAH”

After about 15 seconds of Chuck-DeVore brain damage – Dan Hughes pops up like a jack-in-the-box to say he approved the message. I thought it was a cartoon characature of Hughes at first. It wasn’t – it WAS Dan Hughes. “OH YEAH”

Another thing about this video is a 5’6″ tall white dude being promoted by another white dude with Rap music in the background. I was waiting to see a depiction of Dan Hughes dunking a basketball a la Space Jam. When you combine the rap music with the reverberation of all the spoken lines in the video – it is a recipe for a headache as well as brain damage. “OH YEAH”

IF you watch closely – you will also see Dan Hughes’ team depicting a detonation of Fran Dressler… when combined with the rap music, some are sure to see that as anti-semetic. “OH YEAH”

This was quite possibly one of the most painful videos I have ever had to watch and it was sent out on “DonorTube” in an attempt to raise money for Hughes.

These kinds of videos will land Dan Hughes on political food stamps.

I am sure Dan Hughes wasted a cool 5 grand on this video – just like the money he’s throwing away on Dave Gilliard, Jonny Buttner, and assorted clowns. Between Richard Ramirez and Dan Hughes, it is becoming painful to endure this #CASEN primary.

Apr 252012

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Sometimes, you just have to call them how you see them.

Orly Taitz is the founder of the Birther Movement. You can google her name and see videos to your heart’s content. Then, you will understand why she is not qualified.

Dan Hughes has spent $135,000 with 90% of that money on staff and paying Dave Gilliard. None of them have done a thing for Mr. Hughes. Hughes has traveled the entire state of CA and has yet to land an endorsement of anyone other than Chuck DeVore (who cut and ran from California).

Al Ramirez? He said after getting the CRA endorsement that he was going to win with grassroots. Really? Ron Paul thought he could win with Grass, too…

Al Ramirez is also fond of tweeting insults aimed at the main opponent Elizabeth Emken – which is all fine and dandy in a campaign, until the family is drawn in to the fray.

The amateur errors, Ramirez’ chauvinism, Hughes’ retarded emails or the dearth of video evidence about Orly’s state of mind earn the three of them a place in the political cartoon hall of fame.

Meantime, Madam #facepalm is wondering if she will even have to worry about all the money Kindy Durkee stole from her.

Elizabeth Emken is the adult in the room, for sure. She will force madam #facepalm to actually have to run a campaign.

— end of lesson.

Apr 222012

Marginal US Senate Candidate Richard Ramirez whose campaign literature indicated that he is a self-admitted “longshot candidate” got endorsed by the California Republican Assembly.

I am not going to focus on Greg Conlon or John Borat(sp) who got no votes, nor will I focus on Orly and Nachum Shifren, both of whom who had boutique followings.

Conlon is a liberal. Borat is an idiot. Orly is Orly – You should have seen her campaign literature, it was amazing to say the least (in a really, really bizarre manner similar to what you’d see in a psychological manual).

Nachum Shifren is running, in my opinion, because he enjoys the attention of being a candidate. I like Nachum, but a US Senate Race in California is not the place for him.

Elizabeth Emken (who I support) finished in third. Her speech to CRA had the most content in it by far. However, Emken had received the CRP endorsement in the star chamber which basically sealed her doom in the CRA.

Emken met with several people during the day on Saturday – but she was the main target, especially of Richard Ramirez.

Dan Hughes was the biggest loser in my opinion. I actually feel sorry for him. Hughes has four people stealing his money from him under the guise of this campaign. They should all be sued for malpractice. Buttner, Franklin, Spillaine and there’s that name again, Dave Gilliard.

I said stealing – what has Dan Hughes gotten for the damn near $140K? He couldn’t get the time of day from the CRP or the CRA, no one other than Chuck DeVore is supporting him and he has gotten a bunch of email out that are copied from others or full of grammatical errors and typos!

Since I have lived with and am living with Dave Gilliard’s “ethics” – I get why he’d be taking a candidate’s money basically for nothing.

Dan – please do not put that $150k into the campaign. It will only go in to the pocket of the people who haven’t done a damn thing for you! Your Chuck DeVore endorsement couldn’t even get 25% of the delegates in CRA!!!

Richard (Al) Ramirez spent the entire weekend at the CRA Convention. He ripped in to Elizabeth Emken hard all weekend – which played well to an audience of people looking to crown Elizabeth Emken the “boogie-man”.

And it worked. But, not on this blogger – I did not vote for Richard (Al) Ramirez once.

Ramirez doesn’t have a pot to piss in and he will get 2% of the vote – the CRA will get nothing out of this endorsement other than sticking it in the Eye of the CRP.

Richard Ramirez for U.S. Senate – the CRA just slashed the CRP.




Dan Hughes: Outdoorsman?

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Apr 202012

Dan Hughes’ amateur night US Senate Campaign is in full swing.

Today’s email?

I’ll match Emken Dollar for Dollar!

I am completely committed to finance my camping but I can’t do it alone.  I need your help.

$3million on Camping? Really? Dan? I should sign up to be a hunting guide for this guy…

Dan Hughes – After Channeling Herman Cain is Now Taking Bong Hits for Ron Paul

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Apr 192012

I really thought the only post about a #CASEN candidate replete with references to abusing dope would be the one I did railing on Richard Ramirez over his patently absurd and fake poll.

Whoops. Dan Hughes has gone from sending Campaign emails dummied up to look like they were coming from Herman Cain to channeling Ron Paul.

Since 4/20 will be here shortly – it is time for a ceremonial Ron Paul Bong Hit. Or, maybe Dan Hughes had a Bong Hit before writing the email.

Why didn’t the sender’s name say “Ron Paul”?

Secondly, take a look at the aforementioned email

It will require narcotic pain relievers to read. (May I suggest something like Norco or Vicodin – there are generics on the market for those now that will allow you to get higher than a kite on the cheap… and Ron Paul would make it possible for you were he elected)

Grammatical Error number one: This was the beginning of what at the time was predicted to be a collusive and monopolistic hold strangle hold on the American economy.

Political Error number one:  When elected to the Senate, I will not only co-sponsor this important legislation, but I will fight alongside Rep. Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul to see this bill become a law. News flash to Mr. Hughes – Ron Paul is retiring. Whoops – but that detail won’t matter as competency and about $20 million are in the way of Dan Hughes getting elected to the US Senate.

Grammatical Error number two: As banking magnate Anslem Rothschild “Give me the power to control the currency and I don’t care who makes the laws”. Do you see what’s missing in this sentence fragment?

Okdokie – Mr. Hughes has not come up with a single Bold, New Idea for California Yet. He is using the Catholic Bishops, Herman Cain and now Ron Paul. If he starts talking about the birth certificate – that may well make me drop a sheet of acid just to kill the pain.

Now add in the fact that Mr. Hughes can’t even cut and paste correctly, or, worse if he actually did write this bold new email then the content of it is riddled with several basic errors. These should scare anyone about what would happen if Queen Facepalm drew Danny as her opponent.

The #amateurnight has to stop. Please. (My liver and kidneys won’t survive the 2012 cycle without voter intervention)