Sep 162019

Bill Brough is tracking the Chad Mayes Pattern. In his narcissistic rage, he is pulling out all the stops. He had supporters come who yelled at the Central Committee, an older women confronted Jenniffer Rodriguez physically in an attempt to intimidate her.

In Brough’s alcohol-drenched mind, the talking points are if they had anything they’d sue me. Like real people have the financial resources to sustain a lawsuit against someone who owns no real property known to be living off of his campaign account?  (Bottom line – spend hundreds of thousands on a lawsuit with no hope to gain a penny from Brough who has little if any means). These were the absurd talking points of the rabid dogs Brough brought with him.

Like Mayes – Brough is beating his chest in the face of the weakness of Republican Leadership.

Like Mayes – Brough has enablers in the legislature, including Stephen Choi, who spoke on Brough’s behalf in executive session. Choi lied on behalf of Brough with a deceptive claim that the women’s complaints were not in the Assembly Ethics committee. This was a deceptive sleight of semantics to make them not seem real. As confirmed in public by our  CAGOP Chair and repeatedly written on this blog, as many as 7 complaints exist with the Assembly working group on workplace issues. They are handling #METOO issues, not the ethics committee. Choi knew this when he lied.

Choi is a man who I lambasted for having $400,000 in the bank (like Kiley) who gave none of it to his colleagues, 5 of whom lost their seats in 2018. Now, he is closing ranks around a colleague with documented issues. (update: Choi had no more than $150K at any time after carried over debt. Choi did write a check for $36,500 in mid October 2018 to the Assembly GOP)

Despite Stephen Choi lying, a resolution calling on Bill Brough to retire easily reached 2/3 in the OCGOP. There were no more than 4 no votes according to sources in the room.

The resolution reads: Be It Resolved, that based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding the Assemblyman, the Republican Party of Orange County calls on Bill Brough not to file for Re-Election to the State Assembly and to retire at the end of his current term. 

As I predicted, Bill Brough defiantly told everyone he is running no matter what. Because he is right don’t you know…

Sep 162019

They are now on the record folks and Bill Brough’s problems are situation critical. Where are all the Republican Leaders in Sacramento???


Monday, September 16, 2019
Contact:  Patricia Wenskunas (844) 853-4673




After being maligned by Brough in a recent email blast, his accusers are coming forward to set the record straight.


(Irvine, CA) – Last month, Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough (R-Dana Point) sent out an email blast to members of the Orange County Republican Party (“OCGOP”) Central Committee in which he maligned individuals who have brought forth credible claims of sexual assault against him.  In the email, Brough inexplicably names his accusers in an effort to publicly shame them and discourage other women from speaking out.  Up until that email blast, his accusers had explicitly requested to remain anonymous due to their fear of retaliation.  The referenced email blast is attached to this release. 


In response to the public disclosure of their names, Brough’s accusers have decided to speak out, stand up for themselves, and correct the baseless assertions made in Brough’s emails.  They have also learned that a resolution condemning Brough will be introduced at tonight’s Orange County Republican Central Committee Meeting.  Patricia Wenskunas, Crime Victims Leader (Founder and CEO, Crime Survivors), is scheduled to speak at the meeting for unrelated purposes but intends on offering her support for such a resolution and calling on Brough to resign immediately. 


Joint Statement from Brough’s Accusers

“Bill Brough’s sexual misconduct and predatorial behavior has already caused each of us great pain and anxiety.  As if that was not enough, now he is using his position of power to shame and intimidate us.  Unfortunately for Bill, his actions have given us more resolve than ever to stand up against his bullying tactics and tell people the truth about his behavior.  We are not scared of him and will not be silenced.” – Joint statement by Jenniffer Rodriguez, Heather Baez, and Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.


Statement from Heather Baez regarding Brough’s email

“I filed a sexual harassment complaint against Bill Brough in 2017.  As outlined in my original complaint to the California State Assembly, he made repeated and unwanted advances towards me for years, including inviting me to drinks, dinners, an overnight hotel stay, and an extremely offensive and non-consensual physical contact.  Now he suggests my accusations were ‘unfounded and false’ and that my complaint was in some way politically motivated.  This is simply not true. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my work, I believed it was in my best interest to remain polite and cordial during that time. However, I now realize that by not speaking up I was giving him the green light to sexually harass other women, and no other woman should have to suffer through what I did.” – Heather Baez

Statement from Jenniffer Rodriguez regarding Brough’s email

“In Bill’s effort to dismiss what he did to me he simply states that we only ‘met once in 2015.’ That is interesting because the first thing he said to me during that ‘one time’ was, ‘I have been watching you for a long time and wondering why you weren’t married.’  He even described a dress he had seen me wearing at a previous event.  He then went on to tell me that he was “on the Elections Committee” and could help me out if I went home with him.  When I told him that I was insulted and disgusted by his proposition, he sat there and smiled.  I immediately called my boss to come help me get out of the situation, which he did, and also recounted the incident to various coworkers and elected officials shortly after it took place.” – Jenniffer Rodriguez

Statement from Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett regarding Brough’s email

“As an elected official, I have willingly signed up for public scrutiny.  While Bill’s words about me are hurtful and unfounded, I can take it and have the ability to speak up for myself given the public position of trust I hold.  The truly disgraceful part about what Bill is doing is his attacks on women who were simply doing their job and are not in the same position to defend themselves.  In regard to Bill’s unhinged email and denials about my claim, he is lying – and I can prove it.  I did file a complaint against Bill with the City, there was an investigation, and I am in possession of the final report.  Bill concedes as much in his own email when he states that the City Attorney investigated my allegation.  He is cracking under pressure and cannot keep his denials straight.” – Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett

Statement from Patricia Wenskunas, Crime Victims Leader (Founder and CEO, Crime Survivors)

 “Accusations of sexual assault must be taken seriously and handled with respect and sensitivity.  Instead, Bill Brough has launched an all-out assault on his numerous and growing list of accusers, even going so far as to publicly identify those who had wished to remain anonymous.  Such tactics have a chilling effect on victims of sexual assault and are intended to intimidate them into staying quiet.  This type of egregious behavior must not be tolerated or passively condoned – it is despicable. I would be in full support of a resolution against Brough’s pattern of behavior because it is long past time that he is held accountable for his actions and treatment of these women. He should resign immediately.” – Patricia Wenskunas, Crime Victims Leader (Founder and CEO, Crime Survivors).

Blogger’s Note: Who’s with me? Who else will stand up to defend Bill Brough’s Victims???


Sep 162019

From Catharine Baker:

How did your legislator vote? Legislators will vote on hundreds of bills before adjourning Sept. 13. But AB 1094, which prohibits taxpayer money from being used to pay legislators’ legal settlements of sexual harassment claims against them, will unfortunately not be one of them. Why? Because of this vote below. A Yes vote would’ve allowed the bill to have a hearing and an up or down vote in committee. A No vote below killed the bill, and without a hearing at all. Don’t see your legislator’s name? That means they chose not to vote at all.

Unfortunately, this was a partisan vote. When I authored the bill last year, it had bipartisan co-authors and bipartisan support.

Was Bill Brough hungover and missed the floor session? (We could PRA the records to see if he took per-diem that day – however capitol sources told your intrepid blogger he in fact took per-diem that day)

Bill Brough took this action on 9-2 or 9-3 (Baker posted on 9-3), which means he was 100% aware of the multiple complaints against him within the Assembly Rules committee. It is also clear he may will be dialed in to his potential legal liability as well.

The Chair of the California GOP confirmed there are investigations as well.

I also suspect this revelation non-vote of Brough’s did not happen in a vacuum. This is far from the last issue Mr. Brough will have as it relates to his years-long pattern of mistreating and even abusing women.

Sep 132019

As Assembly “Leadership” remains quiet.

The Sacramento Bee sent out several email alerts today with the same link in them. If you have been reading Right On Daily Blog – then you know there are active investigations in to Bill Brough with the Assembly #METOO working group.

It appears that the same Sacramento Bee reporter whose tweet we highlighted yesterday had another bombshell hidden in plain sight in his tweet:

Most people missed the reference in the tweet (and the tweet itself) – but today’s breaking news update put it in clear and unambiguous terms:

A California lawmaker is under investigation for alleged sexual harassment, according to the leader of the state’s Republican Party and people familiar with the investigation.

Multiple women have accused Assemblyman Bill Brough, R-Dana Point, of making unwanted sexual advances, prompting party leaders to distance themselves from him and withhold a possible 2020 re-election endorsement until a pair of investigations are complete.

While it’s already known that the Fair Political Practices Commission is looking into potential campaign finance violations, California GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson said at a Sacramento Press Club event Wednesday afternoon that Brough is also being investigated by the state for accusations of sexual harassment.

I want to thank Madam Chairman Jessica Patterson for telling the truth at the Sacramento Press Club on Wednesday. I missed the other significance of that tweet as I’ve known since I started taking on Bill Brough in June that the investigations were real. I incorrectly assumed their legitimacy was well known by political insiders. While I am used to the mainstream media trying to act like they don’t read Right on Daily, the attribution some of them have given this blog in the Bill Brough saga caused me to assume they were aware of everything.

Bill Brough must have been stung good by the revelation as he appears to have attempted to bully Madam Chairman:

When reached for comment via text message, Brough said “that is who would investigate,” but replied, “Don’t know” when asked if the workplace conduct unit is looking into harassment claims against him.

Patterson, who said she learned about the investigation several weeks ago in a “public setting,” said she got a call from Brough asking her to walk back the comments she made at the event.

I will be following up with a commentary later about the abuse victims and why I believe them – but suffice to say, I have first-hand knowledge of one of the victims filing their complaint.

In the meantime, we have the intransigent narcissist Bill Brough continuing with his well documented pattern of behavior. The OC Lincoln Club has said, “Bad Billy, Resign Now”. Several OC GOP Leaders (like Scott Baugh, Mimi Walters and Dick Ackerman) have said “Bad Billy, Resign Now” and one of Billy’s primary opponents just rolled out 18 local elected endorsements from inside AD73 this morning.

Bad Billy, Resign Now.

Sep 132019

Marie Waldron – are you paying attention? (assembly permanent minority leader)

Pat Bates – are you paying attention? (Bill Brough’s protector in the legislature)

Shannon Grove – are you paying attention? (Senate Permanent Minority Leader)

Madam Chairman Jessica Patterson – are you ready to stand up publicly and tell Bill Brough the CAGOP is done with his trail of destruction? Will the soon to be retired from the legislature David Stafford Reade give her some new talking points?

The Right on Daily Blog salutes the Orange County Lincoln Club for being the FIRST Republican organization to say, “Bad Billy Resign Now”. The Right On Daily Blog salutes the Orange County Lincoln Club for standing up for the victims of Bill Brough’s rampage. The OC Lincoln Club decided to lead when others waffled. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 CONTACT: JOHN WARNER
September, 12th 2019                                                                 (760) 807-7029


ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Today, the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Club of Orange County voted unanimously to rescind its endorsement of Bill Brough for the 73rd Assembly District.

“Serious allegations have been made against Assembly Member Brough, and the Lincoln Club takes them seriously,” said Lincoln Club of Orange County President John Warner. “One-party rule in Sacramento is bad for our state, and it’s a disaster for middle class families who are struggling in California. Republicans need strong, unencumbered leadership, undistracted by disturbing accusations about personal behavior.”

The Lincoln Club will be actively seeking alternative candidates for the 73rd Assembly district.


Founded in 1962, the Lincoln Club of Orange County is the premiere political association in Orange County. Its members are businessmen and women and professionals who are united behind the principles of limited government, free markets, and personal responsibility. For 55 years the Lincoln Club of Orange County has worked to expand freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for all.

Bill Brough is being investigated by the FPPC for nearly 100 alleged violations of the political reform act and has 4 known (as many as 7 rumored) investigations in to sexual misconduct pending with the Assembly #METOO working group. This is what the Orange County Lincoln Club is referring to. Since this sort of stuff does not happen in a vacuum, I am sure more of these are coming.

So to those of you worrying about what people will think of you or what the stakes may be for standing up to Bill Brough – I dedicate this meme to you:

It’s time for everyone to say, “Bad Billy, Resign Now”…

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