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When Right On Daily takes on a case, we do not stop until the target is neutralized or completely eliminated from the political gene pool. The disgusting sexual deviant William “Bill” Brough is one such case. Female victims have continued coming forward, one from High School and another from just a few years ago alleging to your intrepid blogger that Mr. Brough raped them. Brough’s behavior post losing the primary indicates that his mental state is similar to a sociopath, he is right and everyone else is wrong.

Another person I put in that category is San Clemente Councilmember Gene James. Both James and Brough were celebrating the poorly written and legally vacuous Orange County Grand Jury Report. The report said nothing and regurgitated leftist talking points about the toll road. James has a bigger problem – it has been revealed that the City of San Clemente was likely concealing at least $1 Million in payments to Harvey Englander who they hired to slander and harass all the proponents of the Toll Road Extension in Orange County.

Gene James has been divorced a couple times and has had several disastrous relationships. Similar to Bill Brough, James has a trail of destruction left behind him and demonstrates zero empathy or remorse. Like Brough he is incapable of understanding his own failures such as the fact that 10 Tax Liens and 4 lost lawsuit judgements are a problem.

I am not sure how the OC GOP Attracted two Malignant Narcissists (maybe Sociopaths) for candidates, much less elected officials.

Gene James’ lifetime pattern of not paying his bills has caught up to him yet again. It looks like Jim Bieber is suing Gene James (if James loses, this will be lawsuit Judgement number 5 in his lifetime) for not paying his bills, lying about his military service record, libeling/slandering Mr. Bieber and of course attempting to retaliate against Mr. Bieber by trying to blame him for the false advertisements in his successful council campaign. Jim Bieber was a paid political consultant doing work on Gene James’ behalf.

Summary: Gene James claimed to be a decorated military veteran. He is not. It appears that OC DA Todd Spitzer did nothing with the stolen valor complaints. Gene James attempted to blame Jim Bieber and then doubled down with threats and retaliation. This is the classic pattern of a Malignant Narcissist.

Jackson Hinkle was the opponent to James. Hinkle is so far left that he has been arrested at the Washington DC Capitol protesting and he’d be right at home with ANTIFA in Portland. I supported and helped Christina Stetler.

San Clemente is a cesspool. They hire people like Harvey Englander, then their best candidates for City Council are Gene James and Jackson Hinkle.

I hope Jim Bieber nails Gene James to the wall, but Mr. Bieber, if you read this post – don’t ever expect to get paid. Gene James has nothing to his name and lives off of the women in his life. I established that pattern when you were helping him.

Speaking of Malignant Narcissists – another Right on Daily Target Sean Doherty has re-appeared on our radar screen. Doherty was terminated by the Assembly Rules Committee for grotesque misconduct. One female victim detailed to me what I believe to be a sexual assault (the only reason it was not rape was because she was able to get away). I have a major problem with Men like Bill Brough, Gene James and Sean Doherty that have mistreated women and have been enabled to do so by the political process. These three men are scum of the earth. (My opinion based on facts I know about the three)

Sean Doherty has 7 children. He holds himself out as a super-Christian. He is reputed to be charismatic as he worms his way in to people’s lives and then he turns on them once he has gotten what he wants. See also Bill Brough and Gene James. It is the opinion of this blogger based on testimony from a variety of real people known to me that Sean has had a long pattern of abusing people and sexual misconduct.

Doherty now lives in the Texas Panhandle, apparently his wife’s family is from there. Despite his grotesque conduct, he is still married to the same woman he has been unfaithful to.

This an excerpt from a woman Sean Doherty had an affair with (at least I believe her story to be true):

I don’t know that he broke any “laws”.  He didn’t that I’m aware of.  I do know that twice he came to see me and I believe he charged his company for the visit though he did no company business while he was there, that I know of.  (wife) found out that he was with me the 2nd time… she called the hotel and had someone enter the room claiming that he had a [medical condition]…

… She and her sister then sent me an email threatening me to stay away from them and their family or she would tell my employer, my husband and my daughter about the affair.

Malignant Narcissists believe the rules don’t apply to them. I am continuing after Doherty as it is alleged he is still involved in the political process both in Washington DC and in Texas. I’ve been approached by people in Texas about Doherty as well.

Sharpened Iron Studios is the name of Doherty’s latest venture. The name is a play off of a scriptural reference though the person that reached out to me indicated they were doing a movie with heavy pro-lgbt agenda in it.

My actual question is if this venture is real and if Mr. Doherty can get it funded. He is following his pattern of schmoozing and getting himself appointed in to local government / charities according to sources. I was sent an article about his latest venture. He is working with the local college in Amarillo Texas and the Economic Development Council there.

“AEDC would provide Sharpened Iron Studios with $500,000, in up front money after the construction of the studio,” he said. “And that is based on a per job incentive of $12,500, for 40 jobs that will have an average base salary of $50,000 or more. They would provide those jobs for five years, so there would be some type of provision where personal guarantees would be signed in the Location Incentive Agreement stating there would be repayment if they did not meet that employee threshold every year.”

If this is legitimate, then I tip my cap to Mr. Doherty. I would caution everyone in Amarillo Texas to read up on the man’s pattern. If he is the malignant narcissist I believe he is then he will explode on everyone there as well. Regardless of weather the venture is not a scam, I do fear for any young women that come in close proximity to Mr. Doherty.

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  4 Responses to “Right on Daily Follow Up: Disgraced Former Capitol Staffer Sean Doherty Update and San Clemente Councilman Gene James Gets Sued”

  1. WOW, San Clemente deserves better than another year of #DirtyGene2020. Hopefully, the voters in San Clemente will pay attention this coming election instead of making excuses for a serial grifter. The whole Dan Bane/Laura Ferguson/Gene James cabal has been shattered. Dan Bane quit as Mayor of San Clemente and got the hell out of dodge by moving out of state. Laura Ferguson, Mayor Pro Tem and Dirty Gene no longer play in the sandbox well together. Dirty Gene is now gunning for Laura Ferguson, didn’t take long…should voters now ignore the glowing endorsement Laura gave to Gene in 2019…
    Note to Mr. Bieber and Dirty Gene’s diehard following – James was exposed in 2019 you chose to ignore the facts and vote him in to run the City of San Clemente. Gatekeepers – how do you like him now?

  2. Dirty Gene appears to be stalking the woman who accused Sam Allevato of being one of six gangrapists with two other civilians and three onduty Irvine police officers on June 12, 2010. An unrelated women has accused seven onduty Irvine officers in 2013 of gangraping her by also being forced out of her car in the same patrol area.
    The 2010 victim tried to report both the gangrape and that Sam Allevato was following her in Irvine (even into an Ace Hardware store and stood behind her in line with no purchase to threaten her) to the officers Mike Hamel and Julia Engan. They told her “we don’t take reports like that”. Fast forward to December 2018, after CA decided there is NO statute of limitations for rape, and Mike Hamel is Chief of Police and Julia Engan is Deputy Chief, the 2010 victim tried to report Sam Allevato and the other 5, only to be referred to IA. She wouldn’t file an IA complaint, because Sam Allevato and two other civilians who participated were not subject to an IA complaint. The 2010 victim then made FOIA requests, which the angered command (and presumably Sam Allevato) responded to by requesting an Emergency no hearing TRO against the victim (who has witnesses, a rape kit picked up by an IPD officer who never delivered it to the OCSD and a very public confession from one of the civilian gangrapists). The trial proceedings have included a liberal discussion of Sam Allevato. The next trial date under case no. 30-2019-01101624 is September 25, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. at OC Superior Court Complex Bldg room CXC 102. It is also on LiveStream globally by signing up to watch through http://www.occourts.org. You can bet Allevato is watching! Why did Dirty Gene show up on the 2010 victim’s Facebook page as a friend suggestion? Because Mr. Security whiz Dirty Gene doesn’t know that when you try to privately stalk that victim online, Google and Facebook out him! Maybe Allevato shared a copy of the 2010 video made of the gangrape with Dirty Gene?

  3. The next hearing date for the ongoing Case No. 30-2019-01101624 is October 30, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.. Regarding the September 25, 2020 hearing: Irvine PD IA Lt. Cathy Scherer couldn’t decide if Sam Allevato was a civilian on June 12, 2010, when he was alleged to have gangraped a female forced out of her car by Irvine PD officers. Scherer was then asked if Allevato was no longer an IPD officer and, in fact, a San Juan Capistrano Councilman on June 12, 2010, to which she replied “Yes”. Sounds like that would be a civilian acting with IPD officers within Irvine city limits in an alleged gangrape.
    On a brighter note, all the hallway chatter at the OC Superior Court Civil Complex building was about San Clemente. Irvine Officers and two attorneys from Rutan&Tucket (one a S.C. resident) slammed the protesters and supported the shooting of the homeless dad. They agreed San Clemente has great beaches, but a mixed review of the downtown area. IPD cop Mike Bergstrom, one of the alleged gangrapists, had a few recommendations on restaurants in town, one especially good at large nacho platters.
    The next hearing is also LiveStreamed. Sign up to watch at http://www.occourts.org so you can watch it with Dirty Gene, who is undoubtedly tuning in.

  4. Case No. 30-2019-01101624 successfully ended for Debra von Trapp today, the court ruling against the City of Irvine, IPD officer Mike Bergstrom, IPD Lt. Bill Bingham (both of whom were accused on the record with four others including IPD Sgt. Jay Ostrow, present OCSD Deputy Zachary Philip Heitmann (patrols San Clemente and was a civilian trying to get into the Academy in 2010)), HBPD officer Kyle Tanabe (IPD in 2010) and Sam Allevato of gangraping Mrs. von Trapp on June 12, 2010 when she was forced out of her car.) and the entire Rutan&Tucker law firm as “City Contractors” for the City of Irvine. The sham proceeding lasted 13 months while the Petitioners maintained a TRO against Mrs.von Trapp, alleging that she committed “workplace violence” when attempting to file a police report on the rapists. Ashley, a different 2013 victim that has an almost identical allegation against 7 Irvine PD officers, was car stopped, forced out of her car and sexually assaulted on the hood of an IPD unit as more and more officers pulled up to join in. Both she and von Trapp posted about it on Yelp. Interestingly, the court noted that posting on Yelp is FREE SPEECH, although Rutan&Tucker lawyer Viet Thai Phan had argued that posting about the assaults on the IPD page owned by Yelp had made the officers feel bad and should be considered “violence”. Apparently Irvine Mayor Christine Shea thinks female gangrape victims of Irvine PD should ignore their right to speak out, report and warn the public.
    Sam Allevato was discussed by the judge as well today, as her Honor noted that he had called the victim.
    Von Trapp has reported Viet Thai Phan, who is also running for a Santa Ana Council seat under an alias Thai Viet Phan (how does THAT work in election law?) to the California State Bar for violating its rule against being a witness in a proceeding while representing other parties. Ouch!

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