Oct 232020

It is not hard at all to find this info. In 2018, I nuked the Sheriff of Riverside County for doing business with the same vendor. I had a call from two candidates for Rocklin City Council who expressed reticence to do business with this same vendor for the same reasons.

I guess LaMills Garrett, Scott Alvord and Gary Miller could not help themselves. The opportunity to try and trick some Republican voters was just too great.

Note that LaMills is pictured in his own district, this is a copy of the flyer sent to Roseville CC District 5

Beyond the deception of 4 Democrats buying on to Republican mailers and lighting up the proprietor of this slate for selling Republican advertising to democrats is this bombshell (as reported in 2018 by your intrepid blogger). The vendor has some major league issues.

This is the key part of the blog I wrote nuking then Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff (Who got hammered by 16 points in the runoff Nov 2018):

What Is A Slate Mailer?

Let’s start with a little background – Sniffy bought a bunch of slates.  These are campaign mailers that highlight his name (and sometimes photo) and advertise the purchaser (Sniff) with other candidates who also buy onto the mail piece.  Some slate mailers are legit, others, like the ones Sniff purchased from the sex offender are not.

Mr. Timothy M. Carey.

Tim Carey runs a bunch of slates from his Torrance office and sometimes from his Redondo Beach home. As discussed, expect to see his “Budget Watchdogs” slate mailer with Sniffy’s shiny red face on it soon.  For a man who has repeatedly blown his county-issued budget over and over and ruthlessly fought any attempts to reign it in, it seems like another grotesque lie to many that an organization called “Budget Watchdogs” would be recommending a vote for Sniffy.

As you can tell from the article above, Mr. Carey sells recommendations to pretty much anyone who will pay. Here are the deceptive slates Sniff paid $58,000 Mr. Carey for. See some supporting evidence linked here and linked here, linked here, linked here linked here and linked here. Your intrepid blogger is in to credible sources.

                                                                                    Sniff               Sniff               Sniff

Carey / Sniff Slate Mail Title                                Payment       Payment       Total

“Budget Watchdogs Newsletter”                            $5,522            $16,566          $22,088

“CA Seniors Advocates League Voter Guide”    $3,401            $10,206          $13,607

“California Voter Guide”                                          $2,425            $7,276            $9,701

“Election Digest”                                                       $3,179            $9,537            $12,716

 TOTAL                                                                     $14,527          $43,575          $58,102


Please remember . . .  This is NOT some type of recent discovery.  See the LA Times article below that highlights a lawsuit by Carey against a man who shared the public information about Carey’s conviction in 1992 for committing lewd acts on a 12-year old girl.

Political Consultant Protests Airing of His Criminal Past

Courts: Letters sent to his clients ruined his business, onetime child molester alleges.


Can a convicted child molester successfully sue someone for damaging his reputation?

That is the overriding issue in a lawsuit filed by political consultant Timothy M. Carey of Torrance against former state controller candidate William Snow Hume of Fullerton.

Carey, 40, contends in the Harbor Justice Center suit that Hume, 41, destroyed his business by sending four defamatory letters beginning last October to clients of Carey’s California Voter Guide, which is a political advertisement sent to voters before each election.

Hume’s letters informed them of Carey’s criminal past: conviction of three felonies in 1992 for committing lewd acts on a then 12-year-old girl.

After receiving Hume’s letters, Carey said, several candidates withdrew from the guide, saying they didn’t want the political risk of being associated with him. Many demanded refunds.

Carey’s lawsuit alleges defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and unlawful business interference. He said Hume’s actions harmed his reputation and triggered an undisclosed medical condition for which he is seeking “lifelong physical therapy, counseling and incidental expenses.”

Hume, a frequent candidate for local office, said he sent the letters because he was “horrified” to learn last year, months after asking Carey to advise his campaign, that the consultant had been convicted of molesting a girl.

“I look at it as a consumer protection thing,” Hume said. “People have a right to know who they’re doing business with. Also, I will admit that I don’t want to help child molesters make a fortune. I’d never voluntarily give my business to someone who’s a scumbag like that.”

Neither Carey nor his attorney, Renee Garcia of Santa Ana, returned calls seeking comment.

One legal expert said Hume’s letters could be compared to Megan’s Law, which allows the addresses of registered sex offenders to be made public.

The problem for Carey is persuading a jury that Hume overstepped his bounds of free speech and made statements that were more damaging to his reputation than information in the public record, said Robert Pugsley, a constitutional law professor at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles.

Finding sympathetic jurors will be tough, he said.

“A jury’s going to hear ‘child molester’ and they’ll puke,” Pugsley said. “They’ll be back in five minutes.”

However, that doesn’t mean a child molester can’t be defamed or prove injury to his reputation. “You still have some rights,” Pugsley said. “Nobody is totally thrown off the planet.”

California Voter Guide is mailed to Republican voters and promotes candidates through slate cards, which list preferred candidates for state and local offices. Though some candidates are listed free of charge, others, including legislative, city council and school board hopefuls, pay for placement on the slates.

Newport Beach political consultant Frank Caterinicchio said the guide is a reputable slate mailer used by candidates and consultants statewide.

Some political insiders know of Carey’s past, but “I wouldn’t say his personal problems tarnish the viability of the slates,” Caterinicchio said.

“There are a lot of people involved in making it successful.”

(except ended)


Sniff needs to hang it up now, as in drop out of the race before he gets prosecuted for what has happened in his regime as Sheriff. Beyond activity your intrepid blogger believes to be criminal, He’s lost the support of the men and women he is supposed to lead. He’s lost the confidence and respect of the voters.

Stan Sniff’s buffoonery, laziness, personal corruption and incompetence has resulted in scandal after scandal.

Riverside voters will not take kindly to the fact that Sniff has hired a convicted child sex offender to send mail from bogus groups to their homes.  To send out these deceptive mailers for Sniff, this convicted felon has obtained voter lists that include phone numbers, email addresses, age, sex, party affiliation and home residence.

Will Sniffy do the right thing and protect Riverside County voters by cancelling the 600,000 pieces of sleazy and deceptive slate mail that the sex offender will begin sending out within two weeks?

Or will Sniffy simply hope that no one else finds out and his sex offender sleight-of-hand and send out the sex offender slates?

Your move, Sniffy . . . I mean, AFTER you get permission from your child sex offender slate associate.

Just to complete the picture, the same slate mail vendor got popped for campaign violations a few years ago. I am surprised Sniff did not interview him for a job.

Scott Alvord. LaMills Garrett. Gary Miller. Rene Aguilera. Whoops.

P.S. Maybe people should ask the deadbeat Dad LaMills Garrett about this tonight:

Oct 222020

You read that correct. Career Back-bencher and native of Barillas (the home of MS-13) Norma Torres-Barillas celebrated the ambush of two police officers. You may recall the harrowing video of it while some people (like Norma Torres) celebrated it.

In her most telling passage, Rep. Torres refers to the unprovoked and horrific shooting attack on two deputies last week by indicating, “This attack did not take place in a vacuum though – the moment of reckoning law enforcement is in right now is long-overdue and well-justified.” By that horrible logic, anyone who wears a police uniform should expect and should deserve to be shot.

Media Advisory
Rep. Torres says the
“Eyes of History are Now Upon Us”
And then fails to outline anything remotely close to
a productive path forward
Los Angeles, California – September 22, 2020 – In what her office called a “press release,” Representative Norma Torres goes to great lengths to explain that she is all things to all people. To the activists critical of law enforcement, she refers to “unchecked police aggression.” To law enforcement, she says she knows how important public safety professionals are for emergency response because of her experience as a dispatcher. But she saves her harsh criticism for only one side, the police.
In her most telling passage, Rep. Torres refers to the unprovoked and horrific shooting attack on two deputies last week by indicating, “This attack did not take place in a vacuum though – the moment of reckoning law enforcement is in right now is long-overdue and well-justified.” By that horrible logic, anyone who wears a police uniform should expect and should deserve to be shot.
Rep. Torres attempts to say that she understands law enforcement officers, citing herself as “someone who dispatched LAPD officers for nearly 18 years…”
That experience alone should have been sufficient for her to understand that her statement is widely perceived among sworn personnel as saying that officers who are ambushed in shootings should not be surprised and that peace officers deserve that kind of violence to be aimed at police personnel.
Rep. Torres’ press release includes a list of disclaimers indicating she is against violence against police personnel. All of those disclaimers, and any claims of career experience she may use in an attempt to make herself sympathetic to deputy sheriffs, are eliminated by her offensive posture that blames peace officers first.
Rep. Torres says the “Eyes of History are Now Upon Us…” but she fails entirely to chart a path ahead that would help resolve these challenging issues. Someone as experienced in public safety issues as she is would certainly propose police training, community education, anything that would focus productively on the difficult days ahead.
On behalf of more than 8,000 deputy sheriffs and district attorneys working in Los Angeles County, we urge Rep. Torres to think twice before “condemning” violence against police as an excuse to over-generalize her criticism of sworn personnel.
ALADS’ Media Contact Information:
Phone: (323) 213-4005


Oct 222020

Blogger’s Note: We have posted the biographical portion of Scott’s official City of Roseville officeholder site. We are going to pick it apart as we have determined via our investigation of Scott Alvord that most of this background is fraudulent.

Scott earned an MBA-MCA degree from Sacramento State University. He also has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Pacific Union College in Angwin, CA.

Scott has been married since 1986 to his college sweetheart, Karen. They are the parents of 7 children (some by birth and some through adoption of relatives), and currently have 9 grandchildren. They raised their family in Roseville, started companies here, and plan to retire here.

Scott is the CEO of Advanced Development Concepts, LLC. ADC is a 30+ year business consulting company that helps businesses break through barriers that are holding them back, whether it be techniques to increase revenue, gain business exposure, reach target customers, or help solve problems. His company has two small subsidiaries: Advanced Programming Concepts (a software/tech company) and Advanced Publishing Concepts (an author-services company). Scott was also the original owner of an award-winning restaurant that he operated for over a decade in downtown Roseville (A Dash of Panache). He sold the restaurant in February 2016.

We’ve been alerted about Dash of Panache and some suspicious circumstances surrounding it. as of right now, we are holding off writing about the incendiary revelations pending verification and corroboration. We’ve also written extensively about ADC LLC with regard to its’ relative and apparent lack of success and how it was used to conceal the fact that Mr. Alvord has effectively had to self-publish his books that have sold few, if any copies. If you read the previous paragraph, you’d get a misleading impression of Mr. Alvord’s background. In addition, you can read here about another book project that he solicited funds for that is over 5 years old and as of yet un-completed. I wonder if it will sell 100 copies too. 

Scott is very involved in the regional business community, economic development, the neighborhoods, and tackling solutions for the unhoused in our county.

This includes the Placer Rescue Mission that never owned any real property and basically existed only on paper (and our source for this info has inside knowledge of it). Yet, Alvord reminds everyone he helped found this entity. Deceptive at best. This also includes habitually claiming credit for other people’s work – such as blowing the City of Roseville rollout of the Amazon Hub and claiming credit for road construction planned years ago

In the business community, he previously served for nine years as president of the Downtown Roseville Merchants, operates the Advanced Business Roundtable, teaches as a business professor at William Jessup University, and is a member of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a business speaker, trainer, coach, and author.

Mr Alvord is not a “professor”. This claim is false, he is an adjunct staff  (the technical job title he holds) that teaches 1-2 classes a year. In addition, recall that Alvord’s Business Class once did a business plan for the Roseville Chamber that was so poorly written that it was discarded and the Chamber did not endorse him for election in either 2014 or 2016 when he ran. 

Scott has been voted “Favorite Local Businessperson” and “Favorite Civic Leader” in the Style Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards. He was a 2015 and 2016 finalist in the Gallina’s Business Person of the Year award.

Your intrepid blogger recalls when Mr. Alvord was soliciting votes for said awards. All part of crafting an image. I wonder what City Staff would say if they were allowed to speak honestly.

In the neighborhoods, he has served on the executive board of the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA), as president of the Westpark Neighborhood Association, and as president of the Pleasant Grove Neighborhood Association. He has helped start new neighborhood associations and provided information, education, and support to help them thrive. You will often find he and his wife at neighborhood functions across the city.

It is widely believed that RCONA has been a front for liberal democrat candidates in Roseville. Your intrepid blogger has had firsthand knowledge that RCONA has been exclusionary in allowing people to participate. Not a good scene at all. 

He previously served as the only business representative on the Placer County Homeless Advisory Committee and has since helped form the Placer Rescue Mission, a 501(c)3 charity organization. The PRM is following proven national models to develop a large “housing first” project that could essentially eliminate resident homelessness in Placer County and save the county $8 million per year once it’s completed. While he has deep compassion for the growing problem of homelessness, he is excited over the economic cost savings to our region by properly solving the problem and helping restore many of these lives back into a thriving community.

By virtue of my research in to Mr. Alvord, it is hard to believe he has true compassion for anyone. That said, see the above comments about the Placer Rescue Mission which is little more than a shell. 

He served as a Senior Examiner at the California Awards for Performance Excellence (CAPE), which is the California version of the national Malcolm Baldridge Quality Awards program. He led teams that evaluated the state’s top performing corporations, hospitals, schools, civic governments, and even military programs for prestigious awards. He believes that this unique experience provided him with a fresh perspective of looking at complex organizations and has since helped shape his business perspectives.

According to confidential sources, Mr. Alvord had his business class write a business plan for the Placer Rescue Mission one year, look at the nearly defunct Mission now. Our research indicates he has sold no more than 100 books, it is likely it would be near zero if he was not requiring his students to buy it as a part of his adjunct faculty class at WJU (again this claim is backed up by a confidential informant known to us who requested anonymity). Look at the expose on Advanced Development Concepts that we have written. We followed up on Advanced Development Concepts with a second post here. None of this matches up with any of the claims he makes about himself and we have presented evidence to back up our evisceration of Mr. Alvord’s claims about himself.


It is an age-old question with candidates and officeholders: what is real and what is hyperbole in their biography? Some exaggeration is expected. However, what is not expected is blatant misrepresentation and fraud in said representations. My first clue that Scott Alvord was a fraud is that his alleged faith and the political values he espouses are nowhere near compatible. He claims to be a moderate, yet has enumerated values line up with the far left such as Kamala Harris, AOC and that ilk.

In addition, Scott Alvord has been caught in a laundry list of campaign finance violations and potentially a cover up of them.

Read here and learn more about how the business guru Alvord let some of his business paperwork expire and the paper organization he created to generate “awards” for potential authors.

The number of off the record conversations I have had with people related to Scott’s personal conduct have been staggering. Some of the stuff I have been told about him is far too specific to relate on this blog as the intimidated and scared sources are not ready to go public. Suffice to say, Mr. Alvord has threatened me multiple times just in the forum of this blog, so I can imagine what he has done to City Staff and others around the community.

And he is promoting someone pretty much like him (LaMills Garrett) for Roseville Council on the East Side of Town. Read more about LaMills Garrett here as well.

You can’t trust Scott Alvord. He is not safe. He is not who he says he is, not even close. It is time to retire him from the body politic in Roseville once and for all.

P.S. If you have been adversely affected by Scott Alvord, please reach out to me at [email protected] You can remain anonymous, but I hope you will consider going on the record.

Oct 212020

If you’re a Republican, Michelle Sutherland wants to sound like you.

If you’re a democrat, Michelle Sutherland wants to sound like you too.

In what can only be described as a blatant attempt to appeal to everyone, while exposing one’s own moral Bankruptcy, this is it. The two emails could not sound more opposite and it is impossible for one person to simultaneously hold these values. Michelle Sutherland has demonstrated by her actions she can not be trusted by anyone of any stripes. I hope the teacher’s union is happy with their investment! WOW.

Check out Michelle’s Democrat Email – notice the platform: Class Warfare, Racial Division, Covid Demagoguery

Note the specific emphasis on the 1619 Project and other extreme left wing re-written dogma in her “Representation” plank.

I wonder what Republicans would say if they got this email from Michelle? I think someone needs to send it to the Republicans in Rocklin – and the Independents too. This is wackjob stuff.

Now, for the Coup D’Etat. At the same time as she sent the communist manifesto email, she also sent this to Republicans:

Note how the family photo goes to Republicans. I guess even Michelle understands which political party is pro-family and which is pro-riot and alternative lifestyle

Note the message – speaking in generalities to avoid the detailed discussion of social justice and orwellian history as her democrat email enumerated. She also talks about opposing higher taxes – but she supports Proposition 15. (I wonder why that is not in the Republican email)

Well – ladies and gentlemen, this is very common with unprincipled and undisciplined candidates for office. One piece of feedback I have gotten on Sutherland is that she does not have the knowledge base of the other 4 candidates for Rocklin School Board. It is also clear that she has no compass either by virtue of this stunt.

If you care about Rocklin Schools – pull this post down and send it to your friends. Michelle Sutherland and Camille Maben need to be stopped.

P.S. Maben (circa 2016, she is now running for term #8)

Oct 212020

Blogger’ Note this is from an email forwarded to me by the local Jewish Community:

It has just come to my attention that one of the three candidates on the November 2020 ballot for Los Rios Community College District, Area 3, is a rabid anti-Israel activist. His name is Chris Yatooma, but he is also known as “Ronald Christop Yatooma”. Area 3 encompasses a broad swath of metro Sacramento that extends northward to the Placer County line, eastward through El Dorado Hills, southward to Elk Grove, and westward including Davis, Yolo county. Los Rios Community College District Area 3. https://losrios.edu/about-los-rios/board-of-trustees/service-area-maps.
Mr. Yatooma has a long history of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel animus. In 2010/2011, he was the lead author of a statewide Israel divestiture initiative and was seeking to qualify the measure on the 2011 ballot.
He has a well documented track record of working to destroy Israel and promoting ugly lies about the Jewish people. He has long been affiliated with the Sacramento BDS movement and is a collaborator with David Mandel of JVP.  Here is the local “Sacramento BDS” website. https://www.sacbds.org/ and https://www.keywiki.org/David_Mandel#cite_note-4.
https://www.keywiki.org/Chris_YatoomaRonald Christop Yatooma
Mr. Yatooma is a member of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic party. More recently, just last year, Chris Yatooma (also referred to as “Ronald Yatooma”) was the lead author of the BDS divestiture platform at the June 2019 California Democratic Party convention that was held in San Francisco.  https://www.jweekly.com/2019/06/07/activists-at-state-dems-convention-spar-over-israel-resolutions/. I have a friend who is a member of that caucus and was present at the debates,  and she can attest to his active role in almost succeeding in getting the BDS platform pushed through.
His facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/Yatooma4Trustee/

Chris Yatooma for Trustee

@Yatooma4Trustee · Political Candidate.
Below is a direct quote wherein he states he has broad endorsements from local Democratic clubs. 
“Yesterday, I received wonderful news – I secured the formal endorsement of the El Dorado County Democratic Party. This endorsement comes on top of the endorsement by the Democratic Party of Sacramento County in June, and more recently endorsements by several Democratic Clubs including Wellstone Progressive Democrats, the Folsom Area Democratic Club, and the American River Democratic Club.”
This is extremely worrisome. If elected to a local educational board, he will have more clout to push anti-Israel curriculum and agendas. We already know how toxic the California Ethnic Studies curriculum proposal has been, and having someone like Mr. Yatooma serving on a public board will elevate his status to do more harm.
As a member of the local Jewish community, I ask the Sacramento Jewish Federation and JCRC to take the appropriate steps to alert our community about Mr. Yatooma and the insidious nature of his agenda.
I look forward to your reply.  Time is of the essence with the election less than two weeks from now.