May 182020

Despite what the experts say, it appears that Katie “Trainwreck” Porter is sweating. She has been making several appearances on fawning media. There is some palace intrigue regarding the fate of Senator Dianne Feinstein as some of the pyschos on the extreme left think she is going to get arrested for insider trading. The problem is that it is not illegal under the rules Obama signed in to law the year after the practice was allegedly banned. Secondly, take a look at her and ask yourself if she could beat Adam Schiff in a communist primary in California?

Yup. This is the Congressman from CA-45.

Greg Raths beat Don Sedgwick and others in the primary. We’ve written about John Thomas (Sedgwick’s consultant) many times, but suffice to say the experts thought Sedgwick was the best ticket for the GOP. They obviously were ignoring the John Thomas factor – now it appears they are stuck on the notion that Raths can’t win #CA45.

Will 2020 be the year that Greg Raths actually calls people and raises money and support? It’s out there if he will get it and Katie Porter is not well-liked despite what she’d have you believe.

Jennifer Seibel Newsom – the first lady of California wrote a fawning article about Katie Porter in some gossip rag. (Remember Jennifer Newsom was Gavin’s 2nd or 3rd affair on his previous wife) The Atlantic wrote an article about Porter grandstanding against Political Action Committees and sources tell me none other that perennial leech and consultant debris Matt Cunningham is telling people big donors are sitting out the 2022 US Senate Race in California.

So – are Matt Cunningham and others known to be associated with Disney working against Greg Raths on behalf of Porter? Do they think getting Porter parachuted in to the US senate (BatWoman costume and all) will make it easier for Disney to purchase a replacement? If Disney cares this much why didn’t they intervene in the CA45 Primary?

Porter on her own right seems to have missed the memo about her easy re-election: (From Elle Magazine, a publication that tells women to have an affair on their husband to liven up a dull marriage among other brilliant advice tidbits)

What’s your greatest fear heading into the 2020 election?

One is that I represent an area with a large campus, the wonderful University of California Irvine. I’m very worried about those students and how they’re going to vote. I’m also worried broadly about how Americans react when they’re struggling. This is a time in which so many people are unemployed, so many people are worried about how the economy is going to bounce back, how they’re going to pay their rent or their mortgage, what kind of job opportunities might be there for their kids.

I think when that happens, that fear often turns into anger and frustration, and sometimes that turns into wanting to find someone to blame. The reality here is the problem is the virus. I worry that people will just be so frightened, and they’ll get angry and they’ll get discouraged about the potential of government in a time like this. There’ve been so many lost opportunities by the administration in this pandemic. I very much hope that people see and believe in the good that government can do.

As if we have not figured this out already – the democrats have been ballot harvesting for years. I’ve seen it in 2002, 2006, 2008 and I’ve been told specifics in other elections (including 2012 in Washoe County Nevada). Katie Porter knows that without a college campus, teacher’s union halls, senior living facilities, SEIU halls and the like that her road to re-election will be much more difficult. Planned Parenthood facilities serving as ballot drop-off points are not enough to do the job. Also note her confirmation that Government is her higher power.

I’m very worried about those students and how they’re going to vote.

Stay tuned folks – I think there is something to the US Senate rumors about Katie Trainwreck:

Who is your top pick for vice president?

I am a super fan of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. These are the two women who made it possible for me to launch my campaign. When I first thought about running for office, I’d never run for anything, not even city council or student government. When I went to both of them and I said, “I’m thinking about running for Congress,” they both made very clear that they would be by my side and be with me every step of the way. [There’s] that potential for growing the next generation of leaders. I’ve seen them both do that. They’re both passionate about justice, about equality. They’re both willing to stand up to power, and they both have strong voices.

But remember what’s most important: I’m very worried about those students and how they’re going to vote.

Katie Trainwreck for Senate. Congress is but a stepping stone…

May 152020

Irony Alert: 44% of current CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson’s Votes were Via Proxy. Kevin McCarthy actively solicits proxy votes before every CAGOP Convention. Now this:

Kevin McCarthy controls the CAGOP. Senator Shannon Grove was basically put in office by McCarthy’s Crew. Jessica Patterson is an acolyte of McCarthy with Romney / Whitman roots. Jeff Randle, the control agent behind the curtain of the CAGOP goes so far back with the McCarthy machine he remembers McCarthy in local government pre-assembly.

It has been clear to me from talking to operatives and consultants that Kevin McCarthy likes to control things CAGOP. Some of you may remember the lawsuits related to the YR-YAF-CYR Merger for example. While Kevin McCarthy is remiss to raise a whole lot of money for any of his crew – he does make sure his orders are carried out.

These include stiffing CA25 Congressman-Elect Mike Garcia out of a CAGOP endorsement despite 100% of the underlying counties endorsing him pre-primary. Why? McCarthy had recruited Steve Knight out of retirement for a second attempt.

Now – Kevin McCarthy was on the floor of Congress arguing against Proxy voting in Congress.

A Vote for Proxy Voting is a Vote to Abandon This House

Amen, Kevin. Does this mean you will tell Jeff Randle, Luis Buhler, Deborah Wilder, Jessica Patterson and the rest of your crew within the CAGOP to back Harmeet Dhillon’s attempts to reign in the Proxy Voting at the CAGOP?

It is well known, and having been paid a few times myself to harvest CAGOP Proxies that running and controlling the CAGOP makes a few people a few bucks. Proxies are the only way the smoke-filled room maintains control of the CAGOP as the delegates present always outnumber the proxies.

Anyone that cares about the CAGOP should save Congressman McCarthy’s video and remind everyone of McCarthy’s words the next time Deborah Wilder or Luis Buhler argue from the floor in favor of the current (and corrupt) proxy voting system in the CAGOP.

I will also lay odds that Jeff Randle and others that are profiting off of the CAGOP behind the scenes (and setting up shop to support chosen candidates only despite the will of the CAGOP delegates) either missed the significance of the fight against proxy voting at the congressional level or ignored the sick irony as it relates to the CAGOP.

Meantime – they had a “victory party” but it cost $10 a ticket mind you – to celebrate the victory of the guy Kevin McCarthy, Jessica Patterson and others screwed out of a CAGOP endorsement Pre-Primary.


P.S. From the above linked blog post:

I determined that 29% of the current delegates, based on the list I got in January fit the list of people with financial interests in CAGOP politics (don’t worry CRP, I am not publishing the list nor am I spamming it either). It took me a few hours to look up names, but I am 99% convinced this number is accurate.

What this means is that Travis Allen, Steve Frank or anyone else seeking to dethrone Jessica Patterson starts with a 27-2 deficit. (Not all 29% of the aforementioned are part of the machine, just most of them)

The system is riggedAny candidates running for CAGOP office have to win 2/3 or more of the 71% of renaming delegates in order to win election against the establishment.

It gets better. In case you are wondering why any efforts to reform the proxy system are eviscerated, this is why. The rules committee, stacked with establishment, will torpedo any attempts to reform. Then you have to get 2/3 from the floor to adopt reform to override the stacked Rules Committee – which is also impossible due to the rigged system.

Proxies? Jessica Patterson got 584 Votes for CAGOP Chairman. This was 54% of the total vote. 257 of those 584 votes came by proxy. (This assumes that every proxy I thought was a Patterson vote actually was a Patterson vote)

257 out of 584 is 44%.

You can literally draw the conclusion that Jessica Patterson is a Proxy Chairman and that the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure are in complete control of the CAGOP.

This is not a representation of real Republicans. This is Failure, Inc.

May 142020

Note- Grass Valley is in Nevada County and is part of #CA01 where another liberal bay-area transplant is running for Congress against Doug LaMalfa.

I will bet that Brynne Kennedy knows where Mountain View and Palo Alto are!

Brynne Kennedy did a very thorough poll where she tested several attacks on Congressman Tom McClintock. She tried a few of them in a campaign email today. The following three items are quotes she highlighted in an attempt to make Tom McClintock Look Bad:

“In this pandemic, many elected officials have abandoned the practices of a free society and crossed some very bright lines that separate free Americans from those unfortunate to live under authoritarian regimes. Communist China pioneered the practices now inflicted on our own citizens.” — 4/28/20


“[Coronavirus relief] opens the door for anyone who wants to game the system.” — 3/16/2020


“[Social security] is the theft of youth’s earnings to pay for the avarice of the new establishment…(seniors) turned their lusting eyes upon it as another cornucopia of riches for lavishing benefits on themselves.”–8/29/79

So – given that one of the quotes is from 1979, when I was 8 years old, we know that Kennedy has spent a ton of money looking for stuff to attack Congressman McClintock on. It is also clear that democrats like Kennedy are on a psychotic rampage a la using Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Yearbooks from 1982.

It is also clear that Brynne Kennedy agrees with the economy-destroying lockdown that has decimated many people’s financial lives and otherwise. It is also clear that she has gotten her talking points from Nancy Pelosi about how China is blameless for everything they did to try and cover up the outbreak in their country that spread worldwide.

It is also clear that she is going to use quotes and items out-of-context in an attempt to make them mean something different similar to her fellow democrats in the legacy media.

Saddle up folks – Brynne has tons of Bay Area liberal money sitting in her campaign account. She also has leftist moonbats consumed with rage towards the President motivated by nothing more than #TDS helping her.

If Kennedy actually wakes McClintock up to the point where he engages, it is not going to end well for her because she will find out that the 4th Congressional District dislikes China, the lockdown and thinks massive government spending is bad. (Despite what her polling says)

Note the way the questions are asked.

That’s right Brynne – I got your poll and screenshotted the whole thing. And – I sent it to Congressman McClintock so he’d know how you’re planning on attacking him.

Coming next in our #CA04 series – the ways that Brynne Kennedy was investigating in order to attack Congressman McClintock. In order to run a good democrat campaign you have to use half-baked lies and emotional manipulation. Your intrepid blogger is going to lay that out for you.

P.S. I am not getting paid to write these posts about #CA04. I am just tired of Bay Area Liberals moving to well-run Conservative areas and trying to turn them in to cesspools.

May 142020

Did you know that the CAGOP’s Staff have almost completely turned over? Just Yesterday Cynthia B resigned. It is alleged that Jessica and others were making her life hell as she was about the last person standing from the previous administrations.

We’ve already made it clear that Jeff Randle, the man behind the curtain has a long established pattern of command and control. If you are not on the “Good” list you are shunned. I am proudly on the “Blacklist” that people deny the existence of that everyone knows exists.

We detailed how the CAGOP ignored the will of the local party in AD72 keeping an endorsement of the corrupt, flawed Tyler Diep in force despite the OCGOP which represents 100% of the population of AD72 withdrawing the endorsement of Diep and asking the OCGOP to do so as well. Diep lost the primary and will be out of office in December, but he served his purpose by betraying his political father Travis Allen on behalf of Jessica Patterson.

IN #CA25 – the local parties endorsed Mike Garcia. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you realize that Garcia HAMMERED Christy Smith by at least 10% (he leads by 12% right now before Dean Logan and crew “count” the outstanding ballots). DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CAGOP also ignored the will of the local parties and ignored endorsing in #CA25?

Insiders have been clear with me that Kevin McCarthy put his finger on the scale because of his inexplicable recruiting and supporting of the feckless retread Steve Knight in the primary. It is well-known that Jeff Randle and Jessica Patterson are products of the Bill Thomas/Pete Wilson now Kevin McCarthy machine. So, the rest of the party be dammed.

In mid-late March with no fanfare the CAGOP finally acceded to the will of the local parties and endorsed Mike Garcia only after he was the last Rep standing. Note: I supported and was paid a few dollars by one of Garcia’s primary opponents, but the point about Jessica Patterson et. al. ignoring the will of the local GOP in violation of state By-Laws stands.

In that same meeting they also finally endorsed PRESIDENT Trump as well. Remember the LA Times interview with Jessica Patterson where she was explicit about how part of the strategy for the GOP was to attempt to ignore the “T” word?

Interspersed in all of this is the sudden replacement of Cynthia B. with an acolyte of the Mitt Romney / Meg Whitman team for Executive Director of the CAGOP. That’s correct, the new ED of the CAGOP is one of Randle’s crew. She also worked for Marco Rubio in 2016 as did most all of them. Weather or not she is a Never-Trumper is debatable, but you can rest assured that she will do what she is told by the rest of the team that are remiss to mention the “T” word.

The “T-Word” was front and center in the #CA25 Race.

Now Jessica Patterson is on national TV taking credit for Mike Garcia’s win. This is disingenuous at best. She did Kevin McCarthy’s bidding – showing the local GOP the back of her hand and then after the Special Primary made some token efforts but delivered next to nothing in the way of material support for Mr. Garcia.

If you are a CAGOP delegate – you can count on Jessica taking credit for Garcia’s win in her attempt to get re-elected. All of you who have been shut out of anything CAGOP by team Jessica should also be prepared for her to take credit for your actions on PRESIDENT Trump’s behalf as well.

Don’t worry though, your intrepid blogger is watching – including reporting on the completion of the purge of CAGOP staff and the tightening of the grip by the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

May 132020

Update: At about 3PM 5-13-2020 Christy Smith sorta conceded. Then the media sorta called the race. The points about Dean Logan stand. He is a partisan hack and should be watched closely by anyone valuing fair elections.

Get to know Dean Logan, the LA County Registrar of Voters. He is the person that at 4:55 PM on Friday 5-8-2020 decided to put a voting center in Lancaster where there had not been one. Lancaster is the most democrat area of #CA25. R Rex Parris is the mayor of Lancaster and is alleged to have been helping Christy Smith behind the scenes which included his “urgent” request to Dean Logan for the Vote Center (which included same-day registration capacity, imagine that). Rex Parris is a Republican who hates Mike Garcia and President Trump. (My opinion based on evidence)

Speaking of PRESIDENT TRUMP – daddy made a house call to CA25:

Logan has done this before – in a recent special election that crossed from Pomona to San Bernardino County, Logan had several vote centers set up in heavily democrat areas ostensibly to help Dem operatives harvest ballots.

Dean Logan has a history. He was a central figure in the overturning of the 2004 Washington Governor’s election.

In case you need your memory refreshed, that was when Attorney General Christine Gregoire was running for governor against Republican candidate Dino Rossi. When they counted all the votes, Dino Rossi was the winner – by 261 votes. Such a thin margin triggers an automatic recount. When they did the recount, they found some more Gregoire votes, but Rossi won again — by 42 votes this time.

And that is when the Democratic machine of Ron Simms, Christine Gregoire, and the head of King County Elections at the time, a guy named Dean Logan, got involved. What was revealed in subsequent lawsuits was remarkable. On the third recount, they miraculously found a few hundred more votes for Gregoire to steal away the governor’s race. Apparently, there were 300 illegal votes, 400 more where the voter could not be verified, 240 felons who voted illegally, 44 votes from dead people, and 10 people who voted twice. When all of those votes were counted, the third time around, all of a sudden Christine Gregoire was the governor.

People on the ground in the area tell me that Logan has been overtly partisan and has aided democrats while making life difficult for Republicans. Many are still convinced that he put his finger on the scale in 2010 against Steve Cooley who came very close to winning the California Attorney General Race. Still others have seen him time and time again cater to democrat areas while leaving Republican areas in the lerch.

Did you see what happened last night in the California gubernatorial primary? In that primary, 118,000 people were accidentally left off the Los Angeles County polling place rosters. We’re talking about nearly 120,000 people who went to vote. Some left frustrated, and some were promised absentee ballots.

It didn’t just happen in 2018. It happened again in 2020:

Imagine that. A Republican that did not get a ballot in #CA25. Given Dean Logan’s history I am not surprised.

Now – People on the ground are telling me that Logan is alleged to be withholding information on the number of outstanding ballots and has ordered people in the LA County Registrar’s office to slow-roll the count.

Meantime – the Chair of the CAGOP went on National TV to take a victory lap even though the CAGOP had little if anything to do with last night’s results. The CAGOP does not have the resources to send lawyers to the LA Registrars office to keep track of Logan and his goons – it is going to have to be the NRCC and the Campaign.

It is my opinion based on the above that Dean Logan is corrupt and a partisan hack.

Here – he slams white people. His twitter feed is full of partisan pablum and re-tweets.

So, is the national media refusing to call #CA25 because they know something we don’t know about the remaining ballots or how Dean Logan and crew MAY manipulate them?

P.S. Rex Parris needs to be unseated and I don’t care by whom. Dean Logan needs to be railed publicly and held accountable for running the LA Registrar like a union shop.