Oct 162019

It appears that Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero has quite a temper. My first interaction with her was a semi-lucid demand coupled with a lawsuit threat. Dumb.

But, she had ten people there helping…

Hi, this is DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero here. As a Republican candidate for Congress in California District 12, I wanted to file a formal complaint with the SF GOP about Clint Griess, Executive Director of the San Francisco GOP.
You may know I organized a cleanup effort yesterday in the Tenderloin called “San Francisco Day of Action.”
As my volunteers and I were cleaning up garbage and handling hazardous syringes and needles, someone snuck up from behind an SUV, startled us and began snapping pictures of me.
I was shocked to realize it was Clint Griess, Executive Director of the SFGOP.
He would not explain what he was doing there, declined to participate, and refused to don a HazMat suit or participate in any discussions. For the next hour, he continued to follow us, hover and lurk, put his phone in my face, act in an intimidating way, and pose a safety risk to myself and my volunteers.
Among my volunteers yesterday was Terry Chong, of the San Francisco Log Cabin Republicans LGBT club, who was also shocked to see Clint Griess behave like this.
Is this how the SFGOP is spending donor money? Sending creepy voyeurs to stalk me and see what my volunteers and I are doing?
That the Executive Director of the SFGOP would act in this way towards a candidate for Congress and her volunteers is unethical and inappropriate.
I expect an immediate explanation of this unwelcome intrusion, which jeopardized our safety. Will this surveillance and intimidation by the SFGOP Executive Director continue?
Dear Deanna – you’re not going to make love great again with this attitude.
So Mr. Greiss when given a chance to respond, leveled Ms. Tesoriero.
“As a local activist, I’ve worked for years on campaigns to improve the quality of life in San Francisco, including helping to clean up our streets. When Deanna Lorraine Tesoreiro (she can’t even use her own name) came to town to use our plight as a photo opportunity for her personal aggrandizement, I immediately recognized her as a grifter, a con woman. I won’t stand for it.

She doesn’t genuinely care about the cleanliness of San Francisco streets. It’s all a pretense to promote her public brand. The problems of homelessness, open drug use, and garbage, feces and needles on the streets exist in her home in southern California too. But, she flies up here with a cameraman and spends a few hours pretending to be our new savior. 

As soon as I saw she was organizing a clean-up day in the Tenderloin, I knew I had to go there and document her PR stunt. I wanted San Franciscans to see the sham. 
I visited those same streets a week earlier with you and found them surprisingly clean. We deduced it was because of Trump’s visit and his public shaming of City Hall. (YouTube, Oct. 1: “#CleanUpChallenge: Thank You President Trump”
I knew Tesoreiro would not be able find much garbage, and I was curious how she was going to create the illusion she wanted. Yesterday, the streets were still remarkably clean. I met and talked with a long-serving community leader named Alicia, who Tesoreiro completely ignored, and she confirmed that the City does clean things up “whenever someone’s in town.”
I’m glad I went. My suspicions were fully confirmed. I witnessed Tesoreiro telling the camera that she’s from San Francisco, a lie. I saw her picking up one single pile of actual garbage as the camera zoomed in for a close-up. Then, she coaxed a small team of well-intentioned volunteers into a pre-planned scenario. In a vacant lot that had been scoped out in advance like a movie set, she spent more time fawning for the camera than actually cleaning. 
While white painter’s overalls and gloves might make for an intriguing look, these “hazmat suits” and other props she placed on scene will fail to convince. For as long as Tesoreiro tries to create the illusion of a candidacy, I will be there to expose her. 
Tesoreiro is an opportunist and a fly-by-night who will be gone once the March primaries are over. I want to make sure she doesn’t fool the good hearted people of our city who want to see actual, lasting solutions. 

Tesoreiro now claims that I was stalking and lurking around her and that I jeopardized people’s safety somehow. Again, she shows how willing she is to lie and malign actual San Franciscans to suit her own manufactured narrative. Everyone saw me filming. I maintained a safe distance at all times, and I made no attempt to conceal myself. 
I know she wasn’t expecting anyone to document her charade, and she must have hated the transparency. First, her cameraman accosted me. Then, she approached me and asked me to participate in her hoax. I declined of course. 
I acted as a professional. I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me to arrange a meeting with you. She said she’d check her calendar and call, but as I learned today, it was another lie. Instead, she went to work trying to tarnish my character.
I’m proud to exercise my 1st amendment right to film what goes on in my city and report to everyone concerned. 

We don’t need a con woman coming to town and ivoking God, family and country, when our focus should be on real politics and real solutions. I’m quickly learning about the true Deanna Lorraine Tesoreiro, and if half of what I read online is true, she is no role model for women and shameless in mocking conservative values. 
Tesoreiro’s antics are insulting and offensive to everyone who has invested any honest effort in fixing our city’s biggest and most longstanding problems. The sooner Tesoreiro ends her attempt to defraud the good people of San Francisco the better.
I’m glad I documented Deanna Lorraine Tesoreiro’s phony clean-up day.
I’d suggest that Deanna Lorraine practice abstinence from stupidity. That may be too much to ask. But, she’s red-pilled don’t you know…
Oct 152019

Dear Senator Moorlach:

In a past campaign I referred to you sarcastically as Moloch. Given the revelations about Planned Parenthood and their behavior, I am convinced that there is literally a Moloch-like cult devoted to abortion like a modern day human sacrifice.

I used the term Moloch only because it was so close in spelling to your name, not because I was trying to equate you to infanticide or abortion.

I don’t apologize for the political attacks in the campaign, that is part of the game as I was helping your opponents. I do, however, apologize for equating you to a pagan God of human sacrifice. Given current events that is simply not funny or defensible as political humor.

With that – Right On Daily endorses you John Moorlach for Re-Election to SD-37. Good Luck.

Oct 152019

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time – you have read me trashing the OCGOP for their refusal to take strong stands on much of anything. One of my particular issues with them is fealty to incumbents and refusing to take a position on contested primaries.

Apparently, even the weak leadership of the OCGOP was so taken with Kelly Ernby that they did the following:

The OCGOP Endorsement Committee by a vote of 5-1 recommended Diane Dixon for endorsement.

The OCGOP Endorsement Committee by a vote of 5-1 recommended a non-endorsement of #KELLYEMPTY


I have also been told that the remnant of Tony Rackauckas crew ran a last minute frenetic drill to qualify #EMPTYERNBY for the OCGOP Endorsement not because they believed she could get it – but that the presence of two qualified candidates would scuttle the endorsement for Diane Dixon.


We here at the Right on Daily Blog believe that reality needs to set in. Typically there is a period where one must grieve the loss before acceptance sets in.

Apparently, Ms. Ernby has a coping mechanism already lined up…

Oct 142019

San Clemente has gone insane. Please note, there are other candidates besides the cop-hating left-wing anarchist Jackson Hinkle and the flawed abusive Gene James. It is time to take a look at them.

Jackson Hinkle obviously thinks he is the second coming of Josef Stalin or David Hogg. He bragged on his social media (since scrubbed) about taking a knee at graduation.

Internet archives are a beautiful thing. Little Jacky is trying to reinvent himself as a moderate. When you are only 20 years old (just turned, by the way) your rants at age 16,17,18 are very much relevant.

Jackson Hinkle makes a misleading at best and outright lie at worst post – he implies that he never kneeled at his graduation. However, his own words and a partial photo we got tell a different story:

Note the gap between students, that is where young Mr. Hinkle is taking a knee. As a military veteran, I find this offensive.

Once again, I will state clearly that I could care less about the Toll Road. What I care about is a mush-brained 20 year old communist or a fossilized bully being in elective office. The lefties that have glommed on to Jackson have no clue what they are getting themselves in to – kids this young have a tendency to go on ego-fueled rampages once they get too much attention and feel important. They see him as a third vote to install social justice in San Clemente, yet don’t realize that Hinkle will roll on them too when it suits him.

Jackson’s handlers have taken great pains to cover up his extreme left wing social media as well. The democrat socialists tried to make the teenager look older in their communist propaganda channelling endorsement of him.

The San Clemente OC Firefighters appear to have betrayed the OC Sheriff’s Department (who contracts service in San Clemente) by supporting a communist who hates cops. There were and still are other options than the pinko kid. The Firefightres must think the kid will give away the store to them.

I’d like to take the time to remind people that there are other candidates than Gene James and Jackson Hinkle running for San Clemente City Council.

Oct 142019

As I’ve researched Gene James and Bill Brough – and have seen the actions and reactions of many within the Orange County GOP the these and other issues – I’ve become convinced that the leadership of the OCGOP should look no further than themselves for the reason why Orange County is Blue. Then the most of the “Republican” consultants should hang their heads in shame for their Controlled Failure. When presented with incontrovertible evidence of candidates who are unfit for office either the complaints are stifled, conflict is avoided or worse yet when it smells so bad it can’t be avoided all you get is a limp watered down resolution.

Then we have this:

The democrats are seeking to use this disclosure of Gene James’ issues to promote a 20 Year Old Communist. Jackson Hinkle in his own words says cops Oppress and Kill People, supports legalizing Heroin and Prostitution and took a knee at his high school graduation. I do not think anyone can trust this kid any further than you can throw him. He is acting like the second coming of David Hogg. (speaking of people who are insane) If that isn’t enough, he “celebrated” aka Boycotted the 4th of July at an #OCCUPYICE event.

Who in the Orange County GOP defends women? Do any of these so-called “Fiscal Conservatives” care that one guy has a eight liens and judgments against him and a bonus Misdemeanor Conviction in his lifetime? When you layer in his documented pattern of boorish, bully, physically and verbally abusive behavior no sane rational person could draw any conclusion other than he is a disaster and has no business earning the support of anyone with self-respect. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

CA Civil Judgment – San Diego Court Case #2009-0155167 filed 3/27/2009

Plaintiff Jacqueline James (2nd ex-wife) – judgment against Gene James in the amount of $12,000

My source continues with context for Gene James’ Civil Judgement related to his ex-wife. Note that the Judgement was entered after the divorce.

One year after I was able to break things off with Gene, he married a woman, Jacqueline in Carlsbad, who also had 2 minor children after quickly moving into her home.  She called me after she found a letter to my attorney on the computer that he had given her children to use.  She had witnessed some disturbing behavior but was still in denial.  She called me back about 3-4 months later, told me that everything that I said would happen did and that she had to have Carlsbad PD stand by while he got his stuff out of her houseShe had loaned Gene $33,000 and was desperate to get the money back.  She filed for divorce in 2008, North County San Diego Case# DN15895,  She filed a civil lawsuit and settled for $12000.  Three weeks after her divorce was final, Gene married his current wife…

Note that Gene James incurred a civil judgement, and TWO Tax Liens in 11 months from 3-27-2009 thru 2-19-2010. Who relates to this? This is AFTER two Judgements against him from a former employer, a misdemeanor conviction and a lien in a time period coinciding with his retirement from the Army. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

CA State Tax Lien – San Diego County, 1600 PCH., San Diego, CA 92101

Court Case# 2009-0627967    Total lien/judgment $34,499 dated 10/30/2009

Gene W. James, 6051 (REDACTED), San Diego, CA 92122

Note – Gene James left Ohio in 2001-2002ish. This means the Ohio Tax Lien was related to fairly old bills at the time and that they had been making several attempts to contact him. Any licensed PI could have found Gene James in a few hours, so it suggests that Mr. James was attempting to ignore this bill in hopes it would go away. You don’t just get a lien out of thin air. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

Ohio State Tax Lien – Trumbull County, 160 High Street NW, Warren, Ohio 44481

Filed 2/19/2010 – Court Case # 2010-JL215226

Judgment/lien against Gene James, (REDACTED), Girard, OH 44420 in the amount of $34,347

Then – you have the final lien. This one is larger than the some total or every prior Judgement and Lien combined. A key point made to me by people that have known the real Gene James is that he does not pay his bills. He received an IRS Tax Lien for 8 years’ worth of Tax Returns. EIGHT. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

IRS Federal Tax Lien – April 19, 2012 – Court Case #2012-0229722

total tax lien in the amount of $299,759 for non-payment of taxes from 2002 – 2009

EIGHT YEARS of not paying Federal Income Taxes. EIGHT!  The best answer the local democrats have (see also Kathy Ward) is a 20 year old cop-hating communist.

The information I have on Gene James suggests only one of the Liens we have written about in Ohio MAY have been released. Given that fact that he is on title to the house that was bought in 2016 and the recent purchase in 2019 – it suggests that he may have been able to pay off the IRS Lien. All that said, based on his past pattern it is not unreasonable to wonder if he was able to avail himself of his current wife’s assets to pay off the IRS Lien.

Gene James has been endorsed by the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce. I will lay odds they are somewhat embarrassed right about now. Regardless of Gene James’ explanations – his LIFE PATTERN of Civil Judgements and Tax Liens suggest that for most of his life he was incapable of managing money.

Regardless of what Gene James may say in response to all of the complaints about his verbally and physically abusive behavior, in order to believe Gene James, you have to discount several complaints from several victims going back 15 years (sounds like Bill Brough, huh?) in order to dismiss the pattern. We’ve got photos, videos, public records and the Orange County GOP is asleep at the switch once again with a still active endorsement of this disaster.

… and the best San Clemente can offer is a 20 year old communist as an alternative?

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