Aug 112019

UPDATE: It looks like the subject of this #METOO complaint quit before he got fired. According to the “BizFed” Site:


Energy & Environment Committee

Government and Public Affairs Manager for Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Mark Lomeli is the Government and Public Affairs Manager for Marathon Petroleum Corporation. He has a distinguished background in Government and Public Affairs, Public Policy, Media Relations and Communications in the private and government sectors.

As the government and public affairs lead for Southern California, representing the leading refiner in the United States – which distributes under the ARCO and Speedway brands, Mark is charged with unprecedented community and local government engagement. Previously, he served as Chief of Staff in the state legislature and served ten years as a staffer for various state and local elected officials. Before joining the legislature, he was a field campaign consultant for various state-wide elected officials.

What a great way to land post scandal.

From the LA Times:

Blogger’s Note – note how thorough this investigation was as opposed to the blow-off of the issues related to Bill Brough. What a difference between 2015 and 2016 regarding the seriousness of investigations. I add highlights for Emphasis.

An investigation by the California Assembly has substantiated complaints that a former chief of staff to Assemblyman Mike Gipson (D-Carson) grabbed a Capitol employee’s buttocks and sent inappropriate text messages to another staffer, according to records released Friday.

The Assembly report states that Mark Lomeli, who worked for Gipson in 2016 when the alleged incidents occurred, violated the house’s sexual harassment policy. Lomeli appealed the findings and the Assembly Rules Committee upheld its investigation, denying the appeal July 30.

Lomeli did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Assembly does not comment on sexual harassment investigations as a standard practice.

The records disclosed Friday provide little information about the alleged encounters outlined in the complaints and some details, including the names of the women and claims that were not substantiated, are redacted. In a letter to Lomeli, the committee said that its investigator, Benjamin Webster of the law firm Littler Mendelson, interviewed more than two dozen witnesses.

Blogger’s Note: They interviewed a dozen people, what a contrast to the 2015 Complaint against Bill Brough that they blew off.

The records say that on April 12, 2018, a woman told human resources that Lomeli “grabbed [her] breasts, vagina, buttocks and pushed his penis area” on her in a sexual assault that occurred two years earlier, on May 4, 2016. The investigation determined that he “more likely than not” grabbed her buttocks, inappropriately touched her body and made unwelcome comments about her physical appearance.

The day after the first report, a second woman came forward and alleged inappropriate behavior by Lomeli, according to the Assembly Rules Committee. The investigation substantiated a claim that he sent unprofessional text messages to her on Sept. 6, 2016.

Lomeli is barred from contacting the women, according to a letter sent to him by the Assembly Rules Committee. He left Gipson’s office in early 2018 and now works in the private sector.

The case is the latest in a series of sexual harassment and assault complaints against legislative staff members and lawmakers since the #MeToo movement emerged at the state Capitol in October 2017.

In response to an outcry from women working in California political circles, the Legislature appointed a new workplace conduct unit and panel of legal experts in January to review and investigate sexual harassment claims in the Senate and Assembly.

The account of the assault is eerily similar to that of one of Bill Brough’s victims. There is definately a problem in the bowels of the capitol.

Your intrepid blogger obtained the 9 page file. It is linked here for your perusal.

Regarding Bill Brough – here is the most explosive part from the Assembly Rules Committee Complaint:

In February of 2015, Assemblyman Bill Brough followed me into the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel and sexually battered me by pressing his erection against me and saying, “You know I’m really into you, right?” I was shocked and disoriented and stammered something about being married. I’ve no idea why I said those particular words, but he replied, “So am I.” This happened after almost two years of subtle and overt attempts to initiate an intimate relationship with me. At all times, he has been in a position of power over me. When the un-welcomed conduct began, he was a Chief of Staff working for the Assembly and I was a district representative working for the Senate. The power imbalance remained when he became a legislator and I accepted a governmental affairs position that required me to lobby state legislators, the position that I still hold…

Aug 102019

On Monday 6-17-2019, Lisa Bartlett, a Supervisor told her spellbinding story to an audience that sat in stunned silence about Bill Brough’s Harassment and unwanted advances toward her.

Rather, OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett spoke out forcefully against endorsing Bill Brough to a stunned audience. She detailed in graphic terms the incident of Sexual Assault/Harassment that she personally endured at the hands of Mr. Brough.

It is clear to this blogger that Brough has had enablers covering for him for years. It is also clear that Brough has had a litany of issues related to intoxication and his out of control behavior that occurs once intoxicated. Sans proof (aka the victims talking to me, or documented evidence of criminal/civil proceedings) I’ve stayed quiet.

The OC GOP sat in stunned silence as Lisa Bartlett opened up publicly for the first time about the alleged incident that was widely known but never confirmed by Mrs. Bartlett. The stunned committee voted Unanimously (save one holdout) to refer Brough’s endorsement to the endorsement committee for a “Closed Door Investigation”.

This story was broken on the Right on Daily Blog 40 hours later despite attempts by the OCGOP Leadership to “Keep it in the Family”.

Against Assemblymember Bill Brough, at least two more alleged victims have come forward to your intrepid blogger regarding their stories. This brings us to a total of three women that your intrepid blogger is aware of. (as of 6-20-2019) I have yet to meet the person that filed the claim with the assembly rule committee that appears to have been stuffed. Right On Daily wrote about a female victim that was later quoted in the Los Angeles Times.

That story was written here on 6-20-2019 several days before the LA Times.

In May of 2018, Bill Brough lied to my face, denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint when I asked him about itHe also appears to have lied to several other political leaders in the area in denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint – even as some of the people involved are attempting to defend him! 

On 6-21-2019 The Orange County Register weighed in, quoting Right on Daily as a source. They also got bill Brough to confirm the existence of at least one complaint to the Assembly Rules Committee by a female victim. (We now know there were at least 2 more).

6-24-2019: The Sacramento Bee and the Voice of OC joined the chorus.

Then on 6-26-2019, Right On Daily began an investigation of Bill Brough’s campaign finance records. We learned that his portable bar (called a Burbon Barrel) appears to have been paid for with campaign funds.

We also learned that the embedded picture corresponds to a family trip paid for by the campaign account to a RedSox game.

Once the shock wore off regarding such blatant abuses of his donors, we dug further.

We highlighted a sampling of what appears to be a string of luxury dining engagements paid for at donor expense:

$1800 to the Capitol Grille.

$1200 to Mastro’s Steakhouse.

Both events claim 3-4 attendees.

$2360.80 to El Niguel Country Club for what turns out to be a retirement party for a former Chief of Staff that used to live with Brough in his Sacramento apartment. (That is affectionately referred to as Brough’s Rager Pad)

Is Bill Brough covering up other personal expenses in these blatantly large payments?

Then we detailed $13,400 in payments to Verizon Wireless, suggesting that Bill Brough has straight out been paying his families’ phone bill with his campaign funds.

In addition to the previous revelation about the “Burbon Barrel” we learned that Brough may well have purchased a Cigar Humidor and hundreds of dollars worth of cigars with campaign funds as well.

We could very well have a second Duncan Hunter type scandal in the ranks of the GOP legislators in Southern California.

Meantime, our investigation shows Brough has written several checks to the Orange County Republican Party. We Challenged the leadership of the OC GOP over why they are refusing to protect women, including volunteers and political staffers (let alone Lisa Bartlett who is a Supervisor), preferring instead to say No Comment. The LA Times story detailing several sordid stories was replete with cowards in local government in Orange County that refused comment as well.

Only recently, in the last two weeks have we seen significant movement from Political Leaders and Donors in Orange County against the troubled Bill Brough. It appears that the totality of what a complete disaster Bill Brough is has jolted many people out of denial and motivated to act.

We now know that Brough may have dozens of campaign finance violations. Some may well be crimes as well.

We have two women on the record with their incidents of harassment, which include physical confrontation.

We have three more women (one of whom talked to your intrepid blogger several days before the LA Times) who are known to have filed complaints regarding Brough’s actions.

The incidents are at different times in different places and have corroboration.

Remember this disturbing account of Bill Brough’s behavior:

In February of 2015, Assemblyman Bill Brough followed me into the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel and sexually battered me by pressing his erection against me and saying, “You know I’m really into you, right?” I was shocked and disoriented and stammered something about being married. I’ve no idea why I said those particular words, but he replied, “So am I.” This happened after almost two years of subtle and overt attempts to initiate an intimate relationship with me. At all times, he has been in a position of power over me. When the un-welcomed conduct began, he was a Chief of Staff working for the Assembly and I was a district representative working for the Senate. The power imbalance remained when he became a legislator and I accepted a governmental affairs position that required me to lobby state legislators, the position that I still hold…

… to be continued.

Aug 092019

The case of William “Bill Brough” is a total disaster. His own intransigent ego is keeping him in office, the ego of State Senator Pat Bates who is fully invested in Brough and the fealty to the Status Quo by several in local politics caused many to be slow to act. Recently, there has been significant movement by several in local politics against the Scandal-Riddled Bill Brough. If you are reading this post, it means you care enough about California Politics to look.

We’ve been writing about the scandal-riddled Bill Brough for months now. This post is intended to provide a timeline of just SOME of the issues related to this man. He has no business being in office anywhere.

In 2011, Brough had a business fail – and the whole time he was on City Council appears to have never had regular employment.

In 2011, Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed/battered now Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.

In 2013, Brough went in to default on his home mortgage. (selling the residence in 2014)

In 2014, Brough is alleged to have laundered campaign money in to or out of a PAC that never existed.

In 2014, Bill Brough was his own treasurer and the financial issues are alleged to have started then. These include paying his entire family cell phone bill out of his campaign.

In 2014, after selling his house to avoid the trustee sale, Brough is alleged to have begun renting an expensive Beach House in Dana Point.

In Feb 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually battered / harassed a woman who is employed as a political staffer. (I have copies of records and text messages related to this)

In March of 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed / propositioned yet another political staffer. (I spoke to this victim)

Bill Brough’s 2017-2018 Campaign Finance Records are replete with personal expenses being paid out of his campaign account. A second post is linked here. These include a portable bar and a cigar humidor listed as “Office Expenses”. The embedded photo is Bill Brough on a donor-funded trip to a RedSox Game courtesy of his donors.

Bill Brough turns 50, no problem having a big fat party! – $7613 worth of donor money paid for it all!

Hopefully, Brough’s political opponents can use this list of issues to run him out of office. It appears that the Sacramento donors are not going to help an opponent (fealty to the status quo) so the Orange County donor community is going to have to carry the day despite the interference from Senator Pat Bates.

Bill Brough’s behavior is not a recent thing, nor are his maladies isolated incidents! There is a pattern going back 8 years (that we know of).

With Bill Brough you have four documented cases of misconduct with women (2 are on the record and 2 requested confidentiality). We have multiple documented cases of malfeasance with his campaign money. Then there is Personal Financial Disaster. Than add to this, Brough is alleged to have been drunk or on his way there in at least two of the cases of harassment and is alleged to be a heavy drinker with quite a reputation in Sacramento. Apparently, Brough has a similar reputation in Orange County as well.

This is certainly not the life of a Conservative nor someone anyone wants representing them in Government. Fire Bill Brough…

Aug 092019

Your intrepid blogger has been taking in information from a fire hose.

The most important bit are conversations with party insiders / consultants / staffers who insist that Jessica Patterson wants to make public comments about President Trump and the burgeoning scandals yet is being held back by staff and consultants. I’ve consistently been referring to the “Old 1990’s Era Consultant thinking”, which generally tries to stay silent and let things blow over. George W Bush tried this and as a result was successfully smeared for the WMD Lie (that wasn’t) and Hurricane Katrina amongst others. On the polar opposite end, President Trump torches people like the mayor of Dayton Ohio and Senator Sherrod Brown who attempted to create a false narrative about his visit (and attempted to blame him for the shooting by a left-wing Elizabeth Warren supporter who may be tied to ANTIFA).

I’ve been under the opinion that Jessica Patterson is lukewarn to President Trump, but her competitive spirit and desire to be out front is clashing with the 1990’s era consultants manipulating the shrinking CAGOP. Secondly, it is indeed true that Jessica Patterson has been in contact with one of Bill Brough’s victims privately and that she on the advice of the consultants deferred the AD73 scandals to the local GOP leadership.

In the backdrop of Orange County GOP registration deteriorating so badly that the democrats have caught up and passed the GOP in Orange County – your intrepid blogger has launched withering criticism of GOP leaders in Orange County.

Now, we are being told that OCGOP Chairman Fred Whitaker has decided to engage on the AD73 issue – albeit a month or more later than your intrepid blogger would have liked. We’ve hammered him for refusing to comment (see also 1990’s era GOP Consultants) and the one time he did it was horrible. It is possible that Fred Whitaker is on the road to redemption and is making the calls necessary to apply appropriate pressure to rid the OC Political World of the scourge of William “Bill” Brough from the Assembly. When I have real, public confirmation that Whitaker is leading on this issue, previous posts lighting him up will be removed from this blog.

Your Intrepid Blogger is also aware that at least two local OC GOP Stalwarts who are no longer in office, yet who wield tremendous influence have been in contact with William “Bill” Brough. One of those people is former Assemblyman and OCGOP Chair Scott Baugh. I am still mystified why Baugh played a role in the CA-48 election in 2018, as for the most part his political instincts have been fantastic. He is spot on in the AD-73 situation and apparently was out in front of many others as regard to Bill Brough’s maladies.

It is clear to your intrepid blogger that few if any knew about Bill Brough’s abuses of campaign finance laws before Right on Daily started highlighting them. Several people have talked about correlations between his expenses and what they thought were personal (non-campaign) events they participated in. Almost everyone I talked to were not aware that his campaign paid for retirement parties, birthday parties, charity events, booze and cigars for example.

A piece of bad news – it appears that State Senator Pat Bates has dug her heels in. This is a sad reality that I have observed in the last 20+ years in this game, the ego first rule of politics. Apologizing or retrenching is viewed as a fate worse than death. Fortunately, Mrs. Bates is term-limited so there will not need to be a fight to primary challenge her in 2022. Contrast this to Fred Whitaker who took the time to gather information and changed his stance based on evidence. (again, in my opinion, he took far too long to come around)

Things I am watching for:

It has been put to me by multiple people that donors in Orange County are also beginning to abandon Bill Brough. If true – your intrepid blogger is expecting the OC Lincoln Club and the OC New Majority to take some sort of public and drastic action. This would be a natural response to understanding that their money is subsidizing Bill Brough’s alcohol abuse, junkets, cigars and fancy dinners… amongst other things.

To be quite blunt, I am most frustrated by the failure to protect women by so many in leadership in politics. Worse, the abuse and exploitation of women. The fact that society is so perverted and twisted that my referencing traditional gender roles and leadership by men would even be controversial shows the compound problem. If the Republican Party does not stand up for ethics and integrity, no one will. I think of the crap women close to me have dealt with and I recount the dozens of sickening stories told to me by women and it makes me angry.

In my opinion, this makes Senator Pat Bates even more culpable than the bumbling Fred Whitaker. Whitaker was never interested in trying to hide the problem, he just wanted to be the nice guy and a peacemaker. Bates? She had to know about the behavior of her would-be protege. Based on what I know of her behavior, it appears she wanted to bottle up this scandal and preferred to blame the victim rather than evaluate the evidence in the form of four brave women with VERIFIABLE (key word) stories of abuse and mistreatment. Pat Bates should never be taken seriously as a leader for anything, anywhere again. Covering up malfeasance to assuage your ego is among the worst of behavior politics has to offer.

P.S. End note about the Duncan Hunter Saga – I’ve received information that Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. will be on trial for his issues in September. The San Diego GOP has postponed any action related to his election / re-election campaign pending the disposition of the trial. This is not unreasonable – but were I the Chair of the SDGOP, I’d be calling for his resignation due to his moral failure.

To be continued…

Aug 082019

People constantly harp on the Republican Party for failure to message. Chad Mayes has said the exact same thing. Allow your intrepid blogger to extend a hand of solidarity with Mr. Mayes and others that want to address some several societal and moral issues. Let’s message.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and discard the hyperbole. California has basically legalized a whole bunch of crimes and vagrancy. California’s Schools are a disaster both for failing to educate and for brainwashing students with social agendas – what this means is that California is a fertile breeding ground for all sorts of insane and violent behavior. Children grow up without a father and become radicalized in the absence of hope. This isn’t a white supremacy thing, this is a multi-racial thing. Let’s Message.

In California, you can get more jail time for calling someone a boy and/or giving them a plastic straw than you can for infecting someone with aids. Let’s Message.

The real discussion we should be having is about societal decay and the circumstances that convince people that mass murder is acceptable. Let’s Message.

Will Chad Mayes stand with your intrepid blogger to denounce hate in all its’ forms? (the above tweet is just one example of the chorus from the left) Will he stand with your intrepid blogger to call on political leaders to denounce anti-semetism, MEChA, the Reconquista, Black Panthers, radical BLM groups, MAPA and others along with the KKK and white supremacist groups? Will Chad Mayes stand up and call for an end to the politics of division across the board? If yes, then I will co-author such a resolution with him. Let’s Message.

It is the belief of this blogger that a generation raised without God and the hope and peace that God brings are a ticking time bomb. When you teach a generation that life is cheap and you add in confusing messages about sex, gender, drugs, morality, a re-writing of history and sick twisted popular culture it is no wonder people lash out. The last three shooters listed two atheists and a satanist among them. Let’s Message. There is a better way.

I know that Chad Mayes was raised as a Christian and is a Christian despite his recent maladies. I believe he understands what life without God or the hope of Christ could be like. I think it could send a powerful message if Chad Mayes were to join in solidarity with this sober alcoholic to send a message that faith leads to redemption and that societal decay can be cured with clear and solid values combined with a return to faith. Let’s Message.

What an opportunity to provide leadership for the CAGOP!

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