Nov 182020

A couple weeks ago, I unloaded on Jessica Patterson. As I type this follow-up blog I am painfully aware that political insiders that include David Stafford Reade, Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, Luis Buhler and Kevin McCarthy are hard at work trying to control the outcome of the 2021 CAGOP Convention.

If you are a political type, you’ve probably heard ad-nauseum about the Chairwoman taking credit for the gains in congress. We know that Young Kim and Michelle Steel re-took two seats in congress that were lost in 2018. It looks like David Valadao, who was ignored in CAGOP communications until September, is on track to hold a 2,500 vote lead to re-capture CA-21.

I’d lay odds that her emails crowing about the accomplishments were missing a few facts: If you look at the results of CA-45 Greg Raths and CA-49 Bryan Maryott, you’d realize that both men lost their races by a small enough margin that had they received help, they could have also re-taken those districts. Were Raths and Maryott victims of the biased candidate recruiting we’ve written about?

Maybe someone should ask Kevin McCarthy about his decision to ignore two winnable Congressional races and the execution without a hearing of yet another viable candidate Ted Howze in CA-10. I often think it is because Howze, Raths and Maryott are all white males – but then there is Tamika Hamilton who (despite being completely ignored) got within 9% of John Garamendi in a D+11 district –  and despite Garamendi outspending her 7-1. Someone had to know that Hamilton was viable! (Note that the consultant Scott Winn, who orchestrated the execution of Ted Howze has been paid for years to influence the outcomes of CAGOP elections along with the others named in this blog. He is also close to Kevin McCarthy)

That is 4 winnable seats in Congress that these people ignored! It appears that the dem majority in Congress is going to be cut to just 4 seats. That is a colossal failure! That margin was left behind in California on the watch of Jessica Patterson.

Don’t forget that McCarthy and Patterson screwed Congressman Mike Garcia (CA-25) in the primary, defying the Ventura and LA GOP refusing to even hold a hearing to endorse Mike Garcia at the state level. With Garcia clinging to a 400ish vote lead (with 300,000+ in), how huge would it have been for Garcia (think of the money he spent in the primary) had those two not flaunted the CAGOP’s own by-laws and denied the pre-primary support he had earned?

Conservative Mugs 970×250

What about Diane Dixon in AD-74? She is losing by less than 3,000 votes. She was abandoned by Jessica Patterson and crew. I am pretty sure you won’t see that discussed when she declares for re-coronation. Perhaps people need to ask the above coven of consultants whose brilliant decision it was to not even give Dixon $100K? Stephen Choi, Phillip Chen and Janet Nguyen all won handily – why did Dixon get abandoned?

Then there is the fluke in AD-38. 5 Democrats ran. Suzette Martinez and Lucie Volotzky ran on the R side. It was the perfect storm and had nothing to do with the brilliance of her majesty or the consultants. We ended up with a Suzette vs Volotzky runoff that got more attention from the CAGOP than the winnable AD-74 race did!!!

When AD-74 needed a decision, they failed. Diane Dixon should be an assembly-member.

Don’t forget that two of Jessica Patterson’s all star recruits from her days running California Trailblazers (Trailfailures), AD-42 Chad Mayes and AD-77 Brian Maienschein bolted the GOP.

Ask Ling Ling Chang and John Moorlach how they feel about the decisions and leadership of the CAGOP? I am sure you won’t see anything about their defeat in fundraising and campaign emails.

What if I told you that 8 of the 58 counties have no elected members to their county party? Eight!!! Alpine and Sierra you can expect because both are less than 1,000 people. However Mono (think Mammoth mountain) and Plumas (think Lassen National Park) are not insignificant counties. Then there are Colusa and Tehama, both literally on I-5 north of Sacramento! Have you heard of the Calaveras Jumping Frogs of Mark Twain fame? No one filed there. Then there is Tuolumne county as well, a major tourist area on the way to Yosemite.

This means, you can visit three small cities of around 15,000 people: Red Bluff, Sonora and Angel’s Camp and there is no Republican Party Committee there. All are R-leaning counties!!! They have collapsed on Jessica Patterson’s watch. Perhaps this is the way Jessica and Kevin want it?

The tale of the tape does not stop with 8 collapsed County Parties. 8 of 58 is 13.7%

17 out of 80 Assembly District races went on without a Rep on the November Ballot. (12 no file and 5 more failed to qualify for runoff) – 21.25% of Districts.
While only 1 of 53 Congressional had no filer, 6 others featured a Rep failing to qualify. (7 of 53) 13.2%
When you look at the State Senate (Combining 2018 and 2020) – 8 of 40 districts featured no Republican filing. An additional 4 districts featured the Republican failing to qualify. That is a staggering 30%. Do you wonder why we are down to 9 Republicans in the State Senate?
While we should be happy that some Congressional Seats broke free from communism in 2020 – an honest evaluation of the real numbers under Jessica Patterson’s tenure show a wholesale collapse of the CAGOP to organize and be a viable force in California Politics. 30% of State Senate Seats, no Republican. 13% of County Parties, collapsed. 21.25% of Assembly Districts, no Republican. 2 Members bolt the Assembly, 2 Senators defeated and Patterson could not even endorse the single biggest success the party had during her tenure, Congressman Mike Garcia!
We deserve better. Most partisan Republican officeholders are going to reflexively endorse Jessica. They also need to stand up and defend this indefensible record (other than ignoring it) and explain why they are supporting it. It is time for the oligarchy of controlled failure to be dislodged from the CAGOP.
P.S. Remember the 600,000 registrations the CAGOP bragged about? The dems registered 1,800,000 in the same time period. Whoops.
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  6 Responses to “How Bad Off is the CAGOP? County Party Collapses, More Losses, Missed Opportunity Define Jessica Patterson.”

  1. In addition, not to mention the national embarrassment of Lincoln Project RINOS being awarded CA RNC Delegate statutes, yet working against the Republican slate.

  2. Bottom line, we need a new Chair that will actually lead the party and not be a part of McCarthy’s political machine…. You really didn’t need to go past your first paragraph when you said “David Stafford Reade, Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, Luis Buhler”…..They have been dragging the party down for decades.

  3. Luis and all the usual suspects are working hard not only trying to gain commitments from Central Commitees but getting all their ducks in a row. No surprise. The difference is republicans have been more activated in 2020 and are questioning CAGOP. They are more open to a new Chair not like in the past when they were apathetic.

  4. And, if the vote is ‘by mail’ by actual delegates ….David Reade will not be able to walk into the Convention with 200+ proxies and choose the next chairman.

  5. I’ll go up to Sierra to help set their party up.

    Anybody else want to take on an orphan County?


  6. With regards to Tamika, she has a real shot at this thing if she can get some financial backing. Garramendi is a full blown disaster.

    And what happened to Ted Howze is a disgrace. I hope we have some time to speak about this at the next (virtual) convention.

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