Oct 222019

Did you know that Katie Hill’s CA-25 Scandal has gone national? Here is the Washington Post trying to help her out. She denied having an affair in that national “media publication”, just as Red State Blogger Jennifer Van Laar unloaded part 2 and 3 of her expose’ with TEXT MESSAGES proving the whole saga! Will ethics charges be next for the budding communist hero whose campaign got national media attention? (The attention was based 100% on her being a switch-hitter)

Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero from CA-12 running against Pelosi continues to make a fool of herself. On the heels of having 10 people (that’s it, 10) for a copycat event in San Francisco here she is on video explaining the failure of her campaign. This stuff writes itself. we’ve also posted video of her partying like a rock star in Florida, too.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Orange County politics lately, here are a few updates that have come across the transom:

Some people have been going through William “Bill” Brough withdrawals. Billy Boy has some problems. #1 the people that are sending official OCGOP mail for Gene James forgot to mention Bill Brough as a major supporter. (No mention of Bill Brough anywhere, period) #2 Your intrepid blogger has been told that Bill Brough has been cut off in Sacramento by legislative leadership. #3 Your intrepid blogger got recent information that the investigation in to Billy Boy’s philandering and Campaign Finances are white hot with several people being called. When calls are made people talk.

Your intrepid blogger also got some public records related to Bill Brough and I spent most of the afternoon laughing uncontrollably. #RENTFREE

Bill Brough’s world is about to shrink some more. Might I suggest the following for a campaign theme song: Brough for Assembly. If Brough is fortunate, 4% Kelly might sing backup on the song for him.

Speaking of 4% Kelly – her supporters on the OCGOP were left to push the worn-out 90’s era consultant strategy of “No Endorsement”. This is the feckless cowardly stance that the “Republican Party should not pick winners and losers”. This is code for we don’t like what is coming. In order to make sure there was chaos, Kelly Ernby put the wine bottle down and had about a dozen Anti-Vaxxers present at the meeting to bully some of the more cowardly members of the OCGOP.

Ernby has even greater problems – the people that suffice for GOP Leadership in California have endorsed Diane Dixon. Kelly Empty is reputed to have very little to work with financially, given that Anne Dunsmore and Duane Dichara are both on the payroll for significant sums, she will be broke soon.

Remember the OCGOP’s recent endorsement that was a limp-wristed slap to Bill Brough despite the incontrovertible evidence of his malfeasance? Given that weakness, I can imagine how Ernby and crew would be emboldened to attempt bully tactics.

OCGOP Leadership failures and cowardice seem to be the order of battle – except when it came to Gene James. OCGOP Chair Feckless Fred Whitaker is reputed to have helped push the endorsement of Gene James through the OCGOP. One of the few times Fred Whitaker has shown real resolve is in the face of 11 Tax Liens, 4 Civil Judgement, multiple abuse complaints, a foreclosure, wage garnishments, poor credit and video evidence of vigilante behavior  – Fred Whitaker stood by his man. Would Fred need to see what 15 tax liens before he reconsiders an endorsement? Another judgement or two? A homeless dude in the hospital? What about the OCGOP itself?

Apparently, the aforementioned Bully Gene James and Crew went 15 rounds with the Commie Pinko 20 Year Old Jackson Hinkle at the San Clemente Farmer’s Market. (I guess Ernby will provide the under-card in November when the OCGOP decides between cowardice and taking a stand in AD74)

Mickey McLane will get his 500 votes, but his account of circumstances is what it is. I have feelers out to obtain a copy of the police report. I am hoping it is as definitive as the issues of Gene James bullying and attacking the homeless people.

Bottoms Up Guys! This is Orange County Politics! (Look for another piece of mail to come from the OCGOP extolling the virtues of Gene James)


Oct 182019

I urge people looking for an alternative to the Communist Jackson Hinkle and the Monster Gene James to support Christina Setler for San Clemente City Council. 

Mail. With an OCGOP endorsement you get $.25 stamps vs $.50 stamps. The bulk mail permit is a big deal. I’ve been of the opinion that the OCGOP Endorsement was pushed hard by political insiders and was a joke. Now we see the endgame. I was pretty much done writing about Gene James until I received a copy of the OCGOP mailer. I can’t sit in silence with the only political party I have ever known following this disaster off a cliff.

Read More about Jackson Hinkle Here. < this is the democrat supported candidate. (See also #OCCUPYICE #ANITFA, etc…)

I will follow up later on how this mailer was financed and who produced it. I don’t have enough proof to pin it on the owner of the outlet mall (only a $25K check to the OCGOP by him) for financing it or Jim Bieber for producing and sending this out. I can only tell you it is my opinion that those two were the players.

The OCGOP should be ashamed of themselves for endorsing this disaster. Note that Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough is nowhere to be found on this mailer.

Research has indicated several new issues about Gene James – a foreclosure in 2011, a wage garnishment in 2012 because he refused to pay a $12,000 Judgement despite earning $300k a year and the Federal Tax Lien was actually 8 liens levied over a 3 year period.

The Gene James Scorecard:
8 Federal Tax Liens
3 State Tax Liens
1 Foreclosure
4 Civil Judgments

Get a good look – 8 separate liens levied on 7 separate dates spread out over 4 years!

You don’t get 11 lifetime tax liens from being a responsible citizen. Given that Gene James first judgment occurred in 1992, he has a lifetime pattern of willfully refusing to pay his bills. Gene James can not be trusted to manage the finances of San Clemente under any circumstances, much less the cop-hating communist Jackson Hinkle.

Your Intrepid Blogger is also in receipt of documents from the divorce from his second wife. The Marriage lasted 11 months. In the Divorce Documents, it clearly states that Gene James was making $305,000 a year as the national loss control officer for Jack in the Box.

Despite making $305,000 a year, Gene James could not afford to pay cash for a car nor qualify for an auto loan. Quoting the divorce documents:

Despite Respondent’s claims that he earns $305,000 per year or more, he has a very bad credit history. Recently, he attempted to finance a vehicle and was unable to secure suitable financing without my assistance. We jointly purchased a 2008 Honda Accord, which Respondent Drives. I request that Respondent be ordered to make all of the payments on the vehicle during the pendency of these proceedings and until a determination is made regarding to whom the vehicle will be rewarded.

There is a theme here. From another Ex (this is an ex-girlfriend)

XXXXX met Gene on Match.com in 2003, Gene represented himself as divorced.  He was extremely attentive to XXXXX and her 2 young sons, 7 and 9 yrs, in the beginning and quickly moved into their home.  They got engaged and Gene spoke to her sons about changing their last name to James.   Gene wasn’t divorced but was separated from his 1st wife, YYYY.  YYYY and their sons lived in Ohio.  They had 3 sons, about 21+ yrs, about 18 yrs and 15 yrs.  He had a verbally violent relationship with YYYY; screaming and cursing at her whenever there was phone contact.  Gene wanted to purchase a large screen TV and stand in 2004 and was unable to qualify for the credit card.  Diane found a court judgment paper under the passenger seat of Gene’s company car and saw that AVI Food Systems, his prior employer, had a large judgment against Gene in an amount close to $50,000.  It was then discovered that Gene had not filed or paid Federal or State taxes since 2001He refused to file taxes or address the judgment.  Collection agencies are now calling and sending letters to Gene.  Gene had defaulted on several credit cards after maxing out the credit limit.  He negotiated a much smaller amount to pay these off and borrowed $25000 from XXXXX, that she had borrowed against a home equity loan…

Gene’s second wife got a $12,000 Judgement against Gene James. If you read pages 5 and 6 of the documents – she had to Garnish Gene James’ wages to get the final $6,000 as he tried to skip out on paying the bill. Remember, Gene James made over $300,000 a year at the time (2008). He was also Liened by the IRS a few years later for 8,521.63 for not paying income taxes in 2008.

When you make $300,000 plus a year and attempt to skip on two bills of $6,000 and $8,500 – this is a willful and deliberate act. 8 Federal Tax Liens, 3 State Tax Liens, 4 Civil Judgements, a Wage Garnishment and a Foreclosure. Is this the new definition of a Conservative Republican?

The Orange County Republican Party and State Senator Pat Bates should be ashamed of themselves over this endorsement of Gene James. To Be Continued as we detail the Tax Liens and we tell the story from one of his Ex-Girlfriends who knows a lot.

Oct 172019

San Clemente is a mess. Only the Toll Road matters, everything else is secondary. This is why people seemingly are turning a blind eye to Jackson Hinkle and his wacked out positions on issues. This seems to be why Gene James’ pattern of abusive behavior is given a free pass.

Here is Jackson Hinkle being arrested at an #OCCUPYICE Protest in Washington D.C. – that’s right, he was part of a sit in in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington D.C.

Jackson Hinkle is getting a lot of money from the far left. Some of the corrupt bully Bill Brough’s donors are giving Hinkle Money as well – just to show the bizarre web. Young Mr. Hinkle has had professional help (my opinion) in scrubbing his on line presence so he looks more moderate.

Here you go – give homeless people fresh needles (aka Harm Reduction), legalize prostitution and heroin. These are Jackson Hinkle’s own words. He also promotes some socialist dog whistle programs as well.

This is the exact opposite of my criticism of Gene James with regard to the homeless problem It appears that Jackson Hinkle wants to coddle homeless people – but nowhere do I see anything about accountability, building relationships or theraputic solutions. Just housing, legalizing crime and making it easier to feed their addictions. If people would have treated me like this when I was drinking, I’d be dead now as I’d have had no incentive to get clean. Anyone with life experience realizes that societal problems can never be fixed with extreme ideological solutions.

Then we have Mr. Hinkle expressing his disgust for the police patrolling areas impacted by vagrancy – but he goes off the ideological cliff with the following, “A System that is designed to oppress and kill people“. His solution to preventing crime is legalizing crime. I suppose this sort of idealism is common when you are 20 years old with no life experience.

The OC Firefighters endorsed Jackson Hinkle – in effect throwing the OC Sheriff’s (San Clemente’s Police) under the bus.

I was 18 when the Berlin Wall came down and understood it came down because of a hard line by President Reagan that precipitated an economic collapse in the USSR. Their fake economy could not sustain true accountability from the West. Young Mr. Hinkle believes in communism in so many words and people in San Clemente appear to be equally as blind to Hinkle’s extremism as those supporting Gene James are to his foibles.

Hinkle has attempted to reinvent himself – telling outright lies when compared to his past posts.

Sorry Kid, your own words prove the above to be an outright lie.

Jackson Hinkle is an extreme leftwing idealogue who in my opinion sees himself as some sort of Che Guevarra or Mao Tse Tung. In looking at Gene James and Jackson Hinkle I think the City of San Clemente needs serious help. Perhaps an evangelist needs to meet with the incredible homeless pastor I talked to in order to lead a revival in that town.

All this and the OC Firefighters threw the police under the bus with their endorsement of this guy.

Oct 142019

San Clemente has gone insane. Please note, there are other candidates besides the cop-hating left-wing anarchist Jackson Hinkle and the flawed abusive Gene James. It is time to take a look at them.

Jackson Hinkle obviously thinks he is the second coming of Josef Stalin or David Hogg. He bragged on his social media (since scrubbed) about taking a knee at graduation.

Internet archives are a beautiful thing. Little Jacky is trying to reinvent himself as a moderate. When you are only 20 years old (just turned, by the way) your rants at age 16,17,18 are very much relevant.

Jackson Hinkle makes a misleading at best and outright lie at worst post – he implies that he never kneeled at his graduation. However, his own words and a partial photo we got tell a different story:

Note the gap between students, that is where young Mr. Hinkle is taking a knee. As a military veteran, I find this offensive.

Once again, I will state clearly that I could care less about the Toll Road. What I care about is a mush-brained 20 year old communist or a fossilized bully being in elective office. The lefties that have glommed on to Jackson have no clue what they are getting themselves in to – kids this young have a tendency to go on ego-fueled rampages once they get too much attention and feel important. They see him as a third vote to install social justice in San Clemente, yet don’t realize that Hinkle will roll on them too when it suits him.

Jackson’s handlers have taken great pains to cover up his extreme left wing social media as well. The democrat socialists tried to make the teenager look older in their communist propaganda channelling endorsement of him.

The San Clemente OC Firefighters appear to have betrayed the OC Sheriff’s Department (who contracts service in San Clemente) by supporting a communist who hates cops. There were and still are other options than the pinko kid. The Firefightres must think the kid will give away the store to them.

I’d like to take the time to remind people that there are other candidates than Gene James and Jackson Hinkle running for San Clemente City Council.

Oct 142019

As I’ve researched Gene James and Bill Brough – and have seen the actions and reactions of many within the Orange County GOP the these and other issues – I’ve become convinced that the leadership of the OCGOP should look no further than themselves for the reason why Orange County is Blue. Then the most of the “Republican” consultants should hang their heads in shame for their Controlled Failure. When presented with incontrovertible evidence of candidates who are unfit for office either the complaints are stifled, conflict is avoided or worse yet when it smells so bad it can’t be avoided all you get is a limp watered down resolution.

Then we have this:

The democrats are seeking to use this disclosure of Gene James’ issues to promote a 20 Year Old Communist. Jackson Hinkle in his own words says cops Oppress and Kill People, supports legalizing Heroin and Prostitution and took a knee at his high school graduation. I do not think anyone can trust this kid any further than you can throw him. He is acting like the second coming of David Hogg. (speaking of people who are insane) If that isn’t enough, he “celebrated” aka Boycotted the 4th of July at an #OCCUPYICE event.

Who in the Orange County GOP defends women? Do any of these so-called “Fiscal Conservatives” care that one guy has a eight liens and judgments against him and a bonus Misdemeanor Conviction in his lifetime? When you layer in his documented pattern of boorish, bully, physically and verbally abusive behavior no sane rational person could draw any conclusion other than he is a disaster and has no business earning the support of anyone with self-respect. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

CA Civil Judgment – San Diego Court Case #2009-0155167 filed 3/27/2009

Plaintiff Jacqueline James (2nd ex-wife) – judgment against Gene James in the amount of $12,000

My source continues with context for Gene James’ Civil Judgement related to his ex-wife. Note that the Judgement was entered after the divorce.

One year after I was able to break things off with Gene, he married a woman, Jacqueline in Carlsbad, who also had 2 minor children after quickly moving into her home.  She called me after she found a letter to my attorney on the computer that he had given her children to use.  She had witnessed some disturbing behavior but was still in denial.  She called me back about 3-4 months later, told me that everything that I said would happen did and that she had to have Carlsbad PD stand by while he got his stuff out of her houseShe had loaned Gene $33,000 and was desperate to get the money back.  She filed for divorce in 2008, North County San Diego Case# DN15895,  She filed a civil lawsuit and settled for $12000.  Three weeks after her divorce was final, Gene married his current wife…

Note that Gene James incurred a civil judgement, and TWO Tax Liens in 11 months from 3-27-2009 thru 2-19-2010. Who relates to this? This is AFTER two Judgements against him from a former employer, a misdemeanor conviction and a lien in a time period coinciding with his retirement from the Army. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

CA State Tax Lien – San Diego County, 1600 PCH., San Diego, CA 92101

Court Case# 2009-0627967    Total lien/judgment $34,499 dated 10/30/2009

Gene W. James, 6051 (REDACTED), San Diego, CA 92122

Note – Gene James left Ohio in 2001-2002ish. This means the Ohio Tax Lien was related to fairly old bills at the time and that they had been making several attempts to contact him. Any licensed PI could have found Gene James in a few hours, so it suggests that Mr. James was attempting to ignore this bill in hopes it would go away. You don’t just get a lien out of thin air. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

Ohio State Tax Lien – Trumbull County, 160 High Street NW, Warren, Ohio 44481

Filed 2/19/2010 – Court Case # 2010-JL215226

Judgment/lien against Gene James, (REDACTED), Girard, OH 44420 in the amount of $34,347

Then – you have the final lien. This one is larger than the some total or every prior Judgement and Lien combined. A key point made to me by people that have known the real Gene James is that he does not pay his bills. He received an IRS Tax Lien for 8 years’ worth of Tax Returns. EIGHT. (Note the public records are specific, as they include case numbers, addresses and dates)

IRS Federal Tax Lien – April 19, 2012 – Court Case #2012-0229722

total tax lien in the amount of $299,759 for non-payment of taxes from 2002 – 2009

EIGHT YEARS of not paying Federal Income Taxes. EIGHT!  The best answer the local democrats have (see also Kathy Ward) is a 20 year old cop-hating communist.

The information I have on Gene James suggests only one of the Liens we have written about in Ohio MAY have been released. Given that fact that he is on title to the house that was bought in 2016 and the recent purchase in 2019 – it suggests that he may have been able to pay off the IRS Lien. All that said, based on his past pattern it is not unreasonable to wonder if he was able to avail himself of his current wife’s assets to pay off the IRS Lien.

Gene James has been endorsed by the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce. I will lay odds they are somewhat embarrassed right about now. Regardless of Gene James’ explanations – his LIFE PATTERN of Civil Judgements and Tax Liens suggest that for most of his life he was incapable of managing money.

Regardless of what Gene James may say in response to all of the complaints about his verbally and physically abusive behavior, in order to believe Gene James, you have to discount several complaints from several victims going back 15 years (sounds like Bill Brough, huh?) in order to dismiss the pattern. We’ve got photos, videos, public records and the Orange County GOP is asleep at the switch once again with a still active endorsement of this disaster.

… and the best San Clemente can offer is a 20 year old communist as an alternative?