Nov 052012

What if I told you there is a candidate that is using government to replace parents, is using government to pay for his second home and is using government to benefit himself?

You’d say – sounds like most of them.

Richard Pan ran on a platform of Job Creation and being a doctor who understands us. Richard Pan lied or worse, he got bought by the $5million in special interest money that elected him to the assembly.

What we’ve gotten is a bureaucrat who has used government to pay for his second home.

The unemployment rate in Pan’s district is over 10% – but Richard Pan has been an advocate against budget cuts and fiscal responsibility on behalf of his fellow doctors who slop at the government trough. While the poor are getting screwed and teachers are getting cut – Richard Pan introduced legislation to make sure doctors get paid!

Richard Pan as a doctor should know better than to get government involved in medicine. However, he has become a tool. Richard Pan has advocated socialized medicine.

Worse- Richard Pan is an authoritarian using government to fine people for smoking because he lacks the courage to ban smoking outright.

But parents should take pause when they realize that Richard Pan authored legislation that was passed and signed that basically takes away parent’s rights to refuse vaccinations – even vaccinations they know are harmful. Why did Pan author such a bill? He is a pediatrician – it is good for business!

Richard Pan represents the worst kind of politician… he is a tool of leadership and the only independent thoughts he has are to author bills to benefit himself.

Fire Him – Vote Tony Amador

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