Oct 302012

Since Richard Pan is not heard from much in Public – you have to judge what is in his mind by the actions he takes.

He has had some really interesting votes that show how far to the left he really is!

Richard Pan voted yes on SB 1366 which would have turned crime victims into criminals if they failed to report lost or stolen guns within 48 hours.  Talk about blaming the victim! This bill was so bad that it got Vetoed!

Pan also supported SB 1455 which would have prevented the expiration of numerous taxes, fees, and surcharges until 2023.  The revenues would be squandered on hare-brained, counter-productive, special interest schemes, such as hydrogen fueling stations for hydrogren vehicles that do not exist. SB1455 was ultimately defeated in the Senate as even the Democrats in the State Senate realized that this bill would be a train wreck!

Maybe Richard Pan was thinking about how to fund some of the bills he was writing to benefit himself?

Richard Pan has done his part to expand the state deficit and to further the ridiculous unemployment in this state – rumored to be over 20% still (when you include people whose benefits have expired and those that are underemployed or have given up trying)…

Where are all those jobs you promised Richard?


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