Nov 012010

This shows that the $4Million spent on behalf of Richard Pan has not worked.

They should be up big, and they are not.

Richard Pan is an empty shirt – he is rarely heard from in public and when he does speak, he can not finish a sentence.

The latest mailer, paid for by another union is linked.

The mailer implies an endorsement of Nancy Reagan – it was deliberately sent out late, like the typical Democrat dirty trick late in an election cycle.

The fallout is likely after the election.

It uses the stem cell research angle + the Andy is an extremist angle to attack him.

There are also base and sordid smears in this and several mailers that are worse than any other smears I have seen in the SD-01 race… as there is some restraint in a Rep vs Rep race.

But, Democrat campaign operatives are whores and will lay out what they need to to win.

Like the CTA supporting Niello – if you want your taxes to rise unabated, vote for Richard Pan.

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