Oct 262012

California is $60 Billion in the hole if you listed to Controller Chiang.

Richard Pan is getting his part of it for sure. He got the taxpayers to pay for his “move” from Natomas to Pocket as he had to move in order to run for the new AD-09.

The Sacramento Bee highlighted how Richard Pan is going to take per-diem after all. And the money quote is here:

Asked about his decision to accept per diem, Pan said, “I think the rationale is that I have to maintain two places of residence. I know that we’re all trying to work things out.”

Pan said that he now lives in the Pocket area but continues to makeĀ mortgage payments for his North Natomas house.

“The current financial situation, unfortunately, makes it difficult to sell the other place,” he said. “As you know,Ā housing prices are still falling even now in Sacramento.”

Run for office, get the taxpayers to make your second house payment!

Most of the legislators that live close enough to the capitol to walk to it don’t take per-diem!

Where are the Jobs, Richard? Oh, wait – there are more bills to write…


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