May 152016

13087928_10209750283141683_6895828956275383658_nRemember the SB277 Referendum Scam?

We wrote ad naseum here about Tim Donnelly, Lauren Stephens and their scam effort to try to overturn SB277.

Richard Pan owes Tim Donnelly a lot. Because of Lauren Stephens paranoid fantasy about a State Senator she hates and Tim Donnelly’s willingness to participate in another fraudulent referendum drill, his beloved payoff to the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies is safe forever.

In the interim, doctors and scientists with proof about the dangers of many vaccines are persevering despite witch hunts by AG Kamala Harris and others. (Similar to the persecution of people that do not believe in global warming fraud)

Del Bigtree showed up in the capitol and had a chance encounter with the cowardly California State Senator Richard Pan.

Richard Pan has gotten a bit better spoken since infesting office – however, he is still poorly spoken. When confronted by Bigtree, he ran. See the video of this sissy running here.

Richard Pan is typical of the Democrat leadership in Sacramento. They can bully common people from behind a legislative desk, but when confronted outside of their chambers, they run away.

SB277 was rammed down by Kevin DeLeon – the scumbag that can’t even pronounce the names of the guns he is obsessed with banning. DeLeon pulled several dirty tricks to get SB277 passed because he needed to pay off his loyal soldier Pan.

As a result – the parents of California are forced to inject their children with poison and the architect of this is ran away when confronted. This is why California is a mess.


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