Oct 282012

I wonder if Pan supports the “Death Panels” that Obamacare includes. I thought doctors were supposed to have some sort of code for their patients.

Richard Pan answered a questionnaire from the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health. It provides a window in to the Doctor’s mind:

… fighting for the establishment of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and later its re-authorization, and opposing efforts to cut or cap the Healthy Families program in California…

Got all that – fights against budget cuts or limits to social welfare programs, and proudly proclaims his support for socialized medicine even though that has been rejected several times by voters in California…

Q2: In the past decade, Californian voters have consistently ranked children and child-related issues as a top priority, yet state programs that support children frequently lack adequate resources to fulfill their missions. If elected, what steps would you take to make the health and well being of children a higher priority in California?
PAN: The health and well-being of children will be one of my highest priorities as a legislator. As a pediatrician and child advocate, I see first hand how children and their families often bear the brunt of state budget cuts. I also bring a knowledge and expertise on children’s health that does not currently exist in the legislature. I have worked with many child advocates, both locally and in the state, to support families in helping their children reach their potential. As a legislator, I am eager to seek solutions to adequately supporting state programs for children and to build partnerships to improve the effectiveness and reach of services for children.

Allow me to translate – as  a Doctor, I support the government raising our children and I will write legislation that gets public funds in to the pockets of my fellow doctors. I will fight against budget cuts or limits on spending no matter how far underwater the state is. Finally, my vision for healthcare in the state of California is for it to be government-run and the parents removed as far away from the healthcare decisions of their children as possible.

Richard Pan’s pattern of using government to benefit himself – then using government to take a larger role in our healthcare should scare the heck out of everyone…

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