Oct 252012

Everyone knows Richard Pan is a Doctor.

The Doctors have several lobbies and most of their money goes to Democrats. They generally lobby for a larger share of the socialized medicine pie.

Richard Pan has been their champion…

While the state budget is a train-wreck and unemployment is continuing to get worse, Pan is slopping at the government trough for his fellow doctors.

AAP-CA cosponsors AB 301 authored by Assembly Member Richard Pan, MD, FAAP, to support the California Children’s Services (CCS) program Assembly Member Richard Pan, MD, FAAP, newly-elected pediatrician legislator, yesterday introduced his first bill, AB 301. AAP-CA joins with the Children’s Specialty Care Coalition in sponsoring this important legislation. AB 301 would permit CCS services to be paid fee-for-service until 2018, rather than being incorporated into Medi-Cal managed care beginning next year, with uncertain reimbursement under capitation. AB 301 will thus help to preserve a system of care that protects roughly 185,000 California children with serious and chronic health conditions such as congenital heart disease, spina bifida, cancer, cleft palate, premature birth, and other life-threatening conditions. Passage of AB 301 is a necessary step in our larger effort to address the persistent under-reimbursement of those who provide services to California’s children with special health care needs, and the related restriction in access. As AB 301 moves through the process, we will keep you updated on opportunities for action.

Richard Pan carried legislation to make sure that several welfare programs were spared cuts while he supported AB109 – the dangerous “realignment” bill that transferred thousands of hardened criminals to county facilities and will ultimately allow thousands to go free.

It’s called priorities. Richard Pan’s are clear – release criminals, add to the budget deficit and certainly forget about all those jobs he promised to create.

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