Apr 062010

Yup. The negative opinion many in the CRA have of Carly Fiorina is because of Chuck DeVore’s characterization of her.

Having met Fiorina in person – she has been groosly underestimated and mis-characterized by the DeVore campaign. But, that’s politics, right? Jam the truth in a corner when it interferes with strategy.

I think Chuck DeVore is a fraud. He is not the Conservative Icon he wants to portray himself as. He is running a taxpayer-subsidized campaign and flip-flopped on tax increases when it became apparent that Chuck DeVore was going to face Carly Fiorina in the primary.

He even chickened out on a campaign promise to oppose Uber-Liberal Republican Abel Maldonado’s confirmation to Lt. Governor.

DeVore had his friends at the Meg County Blog take a shot today – the same blog that has taken $65,000 from Meg Whitman… because I (GASP) asked Chuck DeVore for a job…

DeVore’s responses since then have been vicious and vindictive to say the least and I believe are primarily because I told him no when he asked me to work for him for free. (Which highlights the absurdity of his staff’s “Part-Time” arrangement with the taxpayers)

At the CRA Convention Chuck DeVore told people that I attempted to extort money from him. The evidence? An email I sent to he and Joshua Trevino – which was posted on the Meg County Blog.

The email was on November 8 – and was forwarded to Meg County by DeVore and used in their basis to eject me from their blog.

The money quote: “To that end – I can be retained at a quite reasonable rate or for “projects”. I assume you’re both familiar with my work (ask Doug Ose or Meg Whitman how effective it is)…

Sounds like extortion, right?

If you read the entire email – you’ll realize that DeVore’s current Placer County Chairman was recruited by yours truly! – Even though I refused to help DeVore for free, I found him a volunteer chair.

Despite knowing that DeVore played a role in the attempt by Meg County to destroy my credibility – I approached the DeVore camp in late January in an attempt to reconcile: (I have redacted some of the info and have the original available for proof)

On Jan 29, 2010, at 5:28 PM, Aaron Park wrote:

Several of my friends in the Tea Party movement are excited about your campaign. Multiple people, not just tea party and CRA have asked me to help… which I am willing to do.

When I was thrown out of Red County – several people reported back to me that you had made several phone calls relating to people about our conversation in November.

Is it possible for us to patch things up between us? Does it merit any consideration that I went and recruited you a County Chairman?

I would like to help your campaign – and do not take this email to mean I am asking for a paycheck… however, I need to know where you guys stand.

My cell if you don’t have it anymore is 916-316-9570.

BTW – my new site is www.rightondaily.com

From: “Joshua Treviño (TSM)”
To: Aaron Park
Sent: Jan 29, 2010 7:36 PM
Subject: Re: Email me your #


There’s nothing to patch up, from our perspective. If you’d like to help Chuck’s campaign, we welcome that — the volunteer infrastructure is active and growing. Thanks for it, Aaron.


On Jan 29, 2010, at 7:40 PM, aaron——[email protected] wrote:

Josh – chuck made several phone calls to several people around the time of my ejection from red county. In those calls, he went out of his way to tell people how upset he was with me and how inappropriate our conversation was, etc… Funny, the whole story on that red county deal has not been told… And I will tell my side when I choose to.

Suffice to say, the news of chuck’s phone calls came to me from several people – and even this week, I got called again.

Does it seem unreasonable that I would draw the conclusion that Chuck was getting even with me for some perceived offense? Hence my contact – maybe I was not specific enough in the first email.

Thanks again for the reply, Joshua.

From: “Joshua Treviño (TSM)”
Subject: Re: Email me your #
To: [email protected]
Date: Friday, January 29, 2010, 7:52 PM


With respect, I have a hard time crediting he-said, she-said reports. The idea that Chuck DeVore would be anything less than direct and forthright rings false — and I’m quite sure he has things on his mind other than your Red County fracas.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore obviously had the Red County Fracas on his mind at the CRA Convention.

Joshua Trevino basically told this blogger “Up Yours”.

Quoting a previous Blog about DeVore’s Campaign (Referring to State Employees working half time so they can help him):

DeVore says he’s lucky to have supporters like this, he says a “grassroots” campaign like his would never succeed without talented volunteers because he could never afford their services on his budget. He says this is a shining example of democracy.

Because if you ask DeVore for pay – you’ll get accused of extortion.

If that is direct and forthright – then the Meg County Blog is objective journalism…

Mar 092010

First off – Chuck DeVore won the CRA endorsement first Ballot by three votes 194-89. (Requires 2/3 so 191-92 would have failed) That was the one prediction I got wrong.

Runner got Endorsed on the Second Ballot and by now everyone that reads Republican Blogs knows that Steve Poizner prevailed 175-57 on the Second Vote.

The 2010 CRA Convention was exhausting – I was put in charge of the election committee as I had been in years past. I got a committee together – I tried to get a rep from each major campaign. I represented Poizner for obvious reasons, but of the four, DeVore missed the meeting because of a mis-communication.

That cost me in my attempt to get elected a CRA VP – because a rumor ensued that I was trying to mess over Chuck DeVore. Chuck will do that himself – he does not need my assistance. CRA hardliners who remember when a secret ballot was used by the liberals to take over CRA accused me of destroying the CRA. I ended up finishing 6th – missing a VP slot by three votes.

I had no chance to campaign or defend myself because of the jammed agenda – I was pinned down.

The prevailing wisdom was that  a Secret Ballot was a coup for Whitman and Fiorina. I didn’t see it from that perspective – I was concerned for the elderly delegates in our organization.

To that end – I skipped the Black Tie 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner and went to Kinko’s in Fullerton to Make Ballots.

There was a crush of campaign staff that descended on the convention – and I was concerned about intimidation.

The Secret Ballot was a disaster.

It took until 2:30pm on Sunday to get the first round out of the way.

The Governor race was a mess – Larry Narratelli got 34 votes on the first ballot. The existing CRA rules (which I did not modify – only that part about a secret ballot was modified) provided that the collapsing ballot collapsed the lowest vote getter in a three-way race. Poizner got 166 / Whitman 66

The Whitman people went ballistic when I made a motion to change from a Secret ballot back to the traditional standing vote – at 2:30PM.

Inexplicably, one CRA officer spoke out against returning to a standing vote – basically pointing at me telling me that I made my bed and should live in it. Apparently 158-83 decided that they wanted to get the votes done and go home. It was a simple majority vote as I was part of the prevailing side on the original amendment that I had gotten passed.

There was an angry floor fight with Tim Whittaker literally getting in Tom Hudson and Ken Mettler’s face. I’ve never met Whittaker – I’d assume he works for Whitman.

There I stood – the fall guy, twice.

Steve Poizner got endorsed 175-57.

I got home at midnight, and was in a meeting by 8:30am working my day job.

You’ll never see this Sgt suggest a Secret Ballot again – campaigns are just going to have to deal with a standing vote. In fact, I am submitting a by-law amendment to the CRA prohibiting a Secret Ballot for endorsing.

Feb 022010

Courtesy of the Orange Juice Blog – we learn that Chip Hanlon’s firm – www.greenfaucet.com was paid $20,000 by the Whitman Campaign for “information Technology and Email.”

Chip Hanlon – whose Red County System also sports a gigantic Whitman for Governor Banner ejected this blogger from Red County to “protect the integrity of the Red County Blog system.”

That’s correct- while Chip Hanlon and Matt Cunningham were bellowing about Poizner’s sleazy campaign tactics (they characterized as paying me) – they themselves were on the take. While getting paid – Hanlon mused openly about suing Steve Poizner for lost advertising revenue.

Speaking of unprincipled – looking at Chip Hanlon’s donor records shows he takes a michavellian approach to his campaign donations as well.

$1000 to Adam Schiff (who unseated House Impeachment manager Jim Rogan in 1998)
$250 to Joe Lieberman

Stay tuned as this blogger – formerly known as Sgt. York on Red County is going to tell the rest of the story about what happened.