Feb 022010

Courtesy of the Orange Juice Blog – we learn that Chip Hanlon’s firm – www.greenfaucet.com was paid $20,000 by the Whitman Campaign for “information Technology and Email.”

Chip Hanlon – whose Red County System also sports a gigantic Whitman for Governor Banner ejected this blogger from Red County to “protect the integrity of the Red County Blog system.”

That’s correct- while Chip Hanlon and Matt Cunningham were bellowing about Poizner’s sleazy campaign tactics (they characterized as paying me) – they themselves were on the take. While getting paid – Hanlon mused openly about suing Steve Poizner for lost advertising revenue.

Speaking of unprincipled – looking at Chip Hanlon’s donor records shows he takes a michavellian approach to his campaign donations as well.

$1000 to Adam Schiff (who unseated House Impeachment manager Jim Rogan in 1998)
$250 to Joe Lieberman

Stay tuned as this blogger – formerly known as Sgt. York on Red County is going to tell the rest of the story about what happened.

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  2 Responses to “Red County Founder Chip Hanlon Revealed as a Fraud / Democrat Donor”

  1. LOL! So Chips been giving money to the Dems. Why am I not surprised…

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