Dear Placer GOP – Thank You in Advance

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Jul 032015

I heard that the Placer GOP is going to appoint Tracy Mendonsa to fill a vacancy in Sup D4 in July. As you read here, they spurned the future Roseville City Council-Member several months ago when he ran to fill a vacancy.

If true, this is a big deal and a huge departure from the previous track. They have also appointed Glen Walder to Sup D4 at a previous meeting. Walder is a righteous dude, ethical and is as honest as the day is long.

I am cautiously optimistic that my past criticisms of the Placer GOP are being dealt with. It remains to be seen if they can do anything in the future to be more effective. I hope they can be, that will be good for everyone.

CRA Update: Add Ed Rowen to the List of the Duplicitous As He Shreds Kirk Uhler in an Email

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Jun 152015

Dennis Revell was right. He was right for the wrong reason. He had roundly criticized Ed Rowen over a year ago when he ran for a vacancy on the Placer GOP Central Committee. Revell had cited Ed’s Anger Management issues – I think Revell was on to something and may not have fully understood that Ed’s real issue is a complete lack of integrity (which is where his unstable behavior comes from).

I knew it did not sit well with Ed Rowen when Kirk Uhler stepped up to run for Placer CRA President.

10 days before the CRA Convention in March – Ed came in to our office nearly panic stricken because he had been a part of a plot to invalidate our officer elections because of a snafu with the location of the meeting. (because Bayside gave Uhler the wrong address for the room we had reserved)

The detail with which Alice Khosravy knew about the events of the Placer CRA officer elections meeting in January told me she an Ed had discussed it in depth. Tom Hudson was the only other person that had complained about the PCRA officer elections. George called him shortly after Ed was in our office. Hudson sounded shocked when George talked to him – like he had been caught.

For at least the last year of Ed’s term as PCRA President, he spoke to Alice frequently. Alice, in her manipulative way made sure to tell us that Ed Rowen never had anything good to say about George or I behind our back – as it has been her pattern to play people off against each other.

We got Ed to send us an email detailing the plot he was a part of. We forwarded the email to the credentials committee in order to stop the attempt that Alice, Ed and (likely Tom) were going to make to de-credential Placer’s delegates. (while Alice and company were credentialing 5 ineligible delegates from SCVRA, and the delegates of the three other fraudulent units)

Ultimately – Jim Shoemaker and the CRA Weed-Eater Tim Thiesen cited the revelation of this plot as one of their reasons for asking for our expulsion as most of the CRA Complaints against George and I were designed to cover up the malfeasance at our expense.

Ed Rowen was promised that once George was knocked off the board and Alice had run against John Briscoe successfully from the floor, he would be made President of the Placer CRA again.

When Ed lived in Santa Clara County – he had a reputation for double-dealing. It is his demonstrated pattern of this that causes people to doubt him when he does tell the truth. (Such as when he told us about this plot to de-credential the Placer RA)

Ed Rowen has also been quite clear that much of his identity was and is tied up in his titles with CRA.

Ed was present at the 5/30 Placer CRA Board Meeting. At that meeting, he was fiercely critical of Tom Hudson. In the last two months, on the phone or in person with either George or I, he has railed on Tom Hudson and others within CRA.

So, why would it be no surprise that Ed would turn on Kirk Uhler, George and I?

Here is an email Ed typed in response to Mark Gardner’s logical gymnastics that I posted a bit ago:

I wanted to note to the Board they also have the PCRA Banner and the Mike System that was bought with club funds…I have been a CRA Member since 1981, my Mother and Father were both members and so was my Grandfather who attended his fist Convention in 1938 and was a Sicilian Immigrant who came to this country in 1915.  I was a Club President for four terms in Santa Clara County and was President of the PCRA for three terms.  Never in my life I have ever met three people who have been more of a disgrace to the organization then these three. It will take a while for the PCRA to be back where we were, but I am glad to rid of myself and the group of those three.  All I can say to  all of you is thank you….


Note – Ed piles on accusing us of stealing more stuff.

Then he lays out how part of his identity is being a part of CRA.

Then he lays in to Kirk, George and I.

Then he thanks the CRA’s board for giving him the club back so his life is complete again.

The logical conclusion from this exercise? If you let Ed Rowen be a part of your campaign for office – he will do the same to you.

Jan 042015

With the Placer GOP in disarray, people and groups will continue to step in to the vacuum.

In 2015, the people to watch may well be groups. What will the League of Placer County Taxpayers do? The Placer County Republican Assembly was the only group that had an organized precinct walking effort (that aided Congressman McClintock and local candidates), what will the Placer CRA do?

We have outed Beth Gaines Chief of Staff Dave Titus as the choice of the Gaines Dynasty to succeed her majesty in to the assembly in 2016. Despite public denials by Gaines herself, it appears that Titus is indeed moving in to Placer County. He has to at least a year before filing for that office.

Will the Gaines throw Titus under the bus now that he has been exposed? Will Titus start showing up at things like the Roseville Chamber of Commerce installation dinner?

What is the next move for Beth Gaines? Rumors indicate that their personal situation is very unstable. Does this mean that they need another government paycheck to replace that of Mrs. Gaines?

Who will run against Jennifer Montgomery? It appears Montgomery has run her course with a lot of left-leaning business owners in Tahoe with her ardent hatred of capitalism and her environmentalist xenophobia. With Measure B passing, the financial barrier to a sane business owner has been removed.

Will someone run against Kirk Uhler? Pam Tobin tried and she got slaughtered by 25 points in 2012.

Will someone run against Jim Holmes?

What will the Placer County Dems try to pull in local elections?

The 2000 pound gorilla loops back to the AD06 race. Who is the anti-Gaines? The Gaines have made a ton of enemies in the last 4 years. The dynamic is different now, there is no candidate named Gaines to run, this is a regular election (not a ultra low turnout special), and the 3rd house has a completely different agenda now.

With local electeds seemingly galvanized, will they engage and help the anti-Gaines get the critical mass against the political establishment (if said establishment even has power still)?

What will the Placer GOP do? Will they continue to postpone and/or cancel fundraisers? Will they continue to hide in the political corner? Will the local partisan electeds continue to contribute to their failure? Or the local partisan electeds happy with their failure?

Ted Gaines – he is up for his last term in 2016. The word in the capital is that Ted has already detached himself from his duties. Recently, Steve Davey, Ted’s Chief of Staff (who is alleged to be the Senator) purged the entire staff. Will Ted draw a credible opponent for re-election?

Keep your eyes peeled, folks.

Placer CRA Endorsements For Local Office Announced

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Aug 192014

The Placer County Republican Assembly held an endorsing convention on Saturday and made endorsements in several local non-partisan races:

Rocklin Unified School District: Susan Halldin / Todd Lowell / Wendy Lang
Roseville Joint Union High School District: Linda M Park / Scott Huber
Loomis Union School District 3 – Shad Deerfield
Loomis Union School District 4 – Mike Edwards
Roseville City School District – Susan Duane
Auburn City Council – Mike Holmes / Bridget Powers / Matt Spokely
Lincoln City Council – Stan Nader
Loomis Town Council – Miguel Ucovich / Robert Black / Brian Baker
Roseville City Council – Susan Rohan
Measure A – Neutral
Measure B – Neutral

There were a few issues delegated to the board, so any additional endorsements will be announced later.

Join the Placer County Republican Assembly for Our Lincoln Day Dinner featuring Tim Donnelly

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Jan 162014

Join the Placer County Republican Assembly for our Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner
Featured Speaker:  Tim Donnelly, candidate for Governor
Sponsored by the PCRA
Co-sponsored by Placer County Taxpayers Association
February 4, 2014
7:00 pm
The Old Spaghetti Factory
731 Sunrise Ave
Roseville, CA  95661
(Before February 3, 2014):
$25 per person
At the door:
$30 per person
Send checks to:
c/o Park Family Insurance
801 Riverside Drive #100
Roseville Ca. 95678
CLICK HERE to pay by credit card