Dec 142011

2011 was a stormy year for me personally in politics. I got to live through the full force of an attempted political assassination.

2011 started with the Sacramento Bee/Auburn Journal, apparently being spurred by David Stafford Reade/Karen England etc into writing hit pieces against the Placer GOP Central Committee. There were allegations of bribery, extortion, money laundering, embezzlement and an FBI Investigation. Tea Parties were  brought in to the fray, consultants were brought in, emails were sent out en masse – but we are still here and they are not.

2011 closes with two of the primary accusers off of the Central Committee.
2011 closes with no evidence ever presented of the alleged wrongdoing.
2011 closes with dozens of phone calls to the FPPC and no response or action from them in 4+ months.
2011 closes with 14+ months passing since Karen England alleged an FBI visit to her house – no one else has been contacted since.
2011 closes with the CRA having fought a successful war to rid itself of corruption.
2011 closes with Ted Gaines drawing a formidable opponent and Beth Gaines staring down the barrel of her own challenge.

The following are the 5 top events of 2011 in the Political Life of Aaron F Park:

5. Broke the news about the David Stafford Reade led effort to use the good name of Doug LaMalfa to serve his liberal master’s desire to destroy the GOP Platform. The effort was thwarted, but not before David Stafford Reade scored a huge payday.

4. Mere months after attacking the Placer County Republican Party in concert with Doug LaMalfa – Ted Gaines draws a primary opponent. Les Baugh for State Senate, Baby!!!

3. October 27,2011 – celebrated the self-termination of Karen England, the primary accuser with no evidence of the Placer GOP. After not getting her way (aka control), she accumulated 4 absences off of the Central Committee and was removed for it. In addition, 10/27 will forever be known as “FBI DAY” in Placer CRA Circles as this is the day of the alleged visit by the FBI to Karen England’s house – as of the writing of this post… nope, no FBI visit.

2. Beth Gaines files for Assembly. Anyone who missed the point of Ted Gaines’ run against John Doolittle could not miss the ramifications of this move. Beth Gaines won after an apparently coordinated independent expenditure came in late in the race and creative financing from her consultant allowed her to basically spend double her opponent John Allard.

1. The April 2011 CRA Convention. Karen England took her local dispute with Tom, George and I statewide to the CRA convention – we were treated to a consultant-driven smear campaign, a drill that involved 4 members of the state legislature and Saul Alinsky-like tactics at the convention. We Won, they lost – so they took their ball and are trying to form a new organization of their own.

The moral of 2011 – it is a year that would have broken many an activist. I got to see the worst of the GOP – be it Ted Gaines betraying still more people or his creating a political family dynasty, Karen England’s moral corruption, exposing the corruption that had beset the CRA or putting up with the abuse for standing my ground and not allowing these people to go unchecked?

That’s why we ended up in the newspaper, in emails, etc etc etc. David Stafford Reade, Karen England and their crew attempted to take our integrity away. It didn’t work and it won’t work when they try it again.

2011 also reminded me of why I stay and fight for the soul of the GOP – seeing the actions of David Stafford Reade who actively works to undermine Conservatives for pay and the actions of Karen England who appears to be in on the deal… or the people including the previous two that were expelled from CRA for their gross fraud related to CRA.

But the biggest lesson of 2011 was this – I learned through the actions of the electeds that were involved in the attempted takeover of the CRA the most important lesson of all.

To many in elected office – the facts don’t matter, period. They are prima-donnas of the highest order and the only thing that does matter is what affects their next election campaign.

I got in to politics in 1997 to influence elections and I choose to stay and fight for the soul of the GOP against this sort of elected that infest so many offices around the country.

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