More Government, Lowering the Standards on Test Scores

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Oct 032011

Nice, huh?

Many school districts have decided to drive a truck through a loophole in “No Child Left Behind” using a test for special needs students in order to artificially inflate their test scores.

Even the Sacramento Bee couldn’t help themselves – they wrote a long story about it.

Here are some of the money quotes from this linked story:

The federal government issued guidelines to the state saying the new test should be given to no more than 2 percent of students in those grades – about 100,000 children.

Four years later, almost 200,000 students are taking the test – a number that will likely grow as the CMA gains momentum.

Nice, Huh?

CMA scores are tallied separately from scores on the regular test, the STAR California Standards Test. By removing failing students from the pool of kids taking the regular test, districts end up with a greater proportion of high-scoring students.

The CMA has inflated gains on the regular STAR test by about 25 percent statewide since 2007, according to a Bee analysis.

George Bush let Ted Kennedy write the education bill – and in California, Arnold and now Jerry Brown are at the helm of creating a generation of idiots out of our schools.
Fortunately, in Placer County – our schools are average compared to a national standard – which makes them look stellar compared to California.
So – people are moving here, especially from the Bay Area, many have not made the connection that their former area sucks so bad because of the Democrats they blindly voted for.


Jun 022011

From 14 years of involvement in local politics you get to know people.

In the last three weeks – I have spoken with several people in, on and around local school districts about their funding, budgets and challenges. (Several is defined as more than 3 and less than 10 districts)

The patterns are disturbing… almost all of them have said similar things:

1. Their reserves are nearly depleted. Most districts will be dry at the end of FY 2012.

2. The administrators have agreed to cuts in their pay and benefits.

3. The Custodial and Maintenance Workers (most of whom are unionized) have agreed to cuts in pay and benefits.

4. There are a few teachers in each district that are awful and need to be terminated. At least two districts are planning to bite the bullet and go through the lawsuits, delays and absurdities that the Teacher’s Union got put in to law by Gray Davis. This means these districts will spend $250k-$300K per firing while getting squeezed from all sides, by the state, the Teacher’s Union and absurd laws that are bleeding them dry.

5. The Teacher’s Union is refusing to give any significant concessions and in some cases is refusing to negotiate at all. (Nice.)

The common refrain from the members of the school boards is “The Teacher’s Union does not care about the Children” – it is all about maintaining pay and benefits irregardless of consequence.

Some board members have been threatened with having the Union come after them in the subsequent election – even in Placer County the teacher’s union is shameless. They know they can snow a bunch of parents in to thinking the amoral left-wing moonbats they have recruited are “all about the Children”.

Remember Andy Sheehy on the Eureka Joint Union School District? He bought a seat with the help of almost $10k in union money.

Remember Brain Vlahos, Rene Aguilera and extreme left wing gay activist Gary Miller on the Roseville City School District? The Teacher’s Union does control that district – so watch closely for the train-wreck that is coming there. Oh – and that district does not have a single Charter School within its’ boundaries, imagine that.

At the state level – the Teacher’s Union has a bill winding through the state legislature to limit the number of Charter Schools. Screw the kids – we want them stuck in failing government schools in districts that we are going to bankrupt because we won’t negotiate.

Look closely for threatened strikes next year – a political ploy to put pressure on the fiscally conservative districts to cave with pending re-election campaigns coming up.

Meantime – the janitors take pay cuts, the administrators take pay cuts and the teachers union flips us all off.