Mar 072012

We’ve detailed how LaMalfa has taken $4.7 Million in Subsidies.

How the heck did his family get around the $180,000 a year limit imposed by Welfare Reform? Split the ranch!

By dividing the family farm subsidy into 6 pieces, the LaMalfas used a loophole to increase the amount of tax dollars they could take.  The limits on subsidy payments is $180,000 per individual per year. By having subsidies go to six different “farmers,” each member of the family is well below the limit.

Have a look at all the years of Team LaMalfa Rice Welfare here!

To recap:

1. Took $4.7 Million in Farm Welfare
2. Helped found an organization devoted to protecting farm welfare
3. Publicly Advocated for Farm Welfare many times
4. Authored Legislation to turn useless Rice Straw in to a $400,000 a year windfall
5. Split the Family Farm to Circumvent the $180,000 per year limit.

This is not the profile of a Conservative.

The correct question is to ask why LaMalfa has done little or nothing to change the system that forces farmers to need subsidies to survive. The next question is to ask what Doug LaMalfa really wants to go to congress for – it sure looks like it is to protect the Farm Welfare, what other conclusion could one draw?



  One Response to “Doug LaMalfa – Split the Ranch to Avoid the $180,000 Limit”

  1. Great Article, thank you. I am sorry to disagree with you though. Most conservative elected have the same story. Paul Ryan family subsidies, ect. I appreciate your view, but ask when are people going to realize the word conservative to a politician is smoke and mirrors? They are selling our roadsand bridges to foreign Corporations and Goldman sach’s is in the middle of it. Fix our gov, do not let corporations move us to fascism.

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