Apr 102012

This did not happen in 2010. But, 2012 is a new year… the era of fraudulent arrogance is getting challenged.

Conservative Fraud Doug LaMalfa is getting hit repeatedly for claiming to be a conservative while pocketing millions in taxpayer dollars – and when a communist like Steve Maviglio can accurately attack Doug LaMalfa without lying or spinning – it is bad news:

State Senator Doug LaMalfa, long known as a back bencher of what little there is left of the Senate Republican Caucus, has gotten headlines in the past few months because of his proposal for a re-vote on the high speed rail bond. Never mind that LaMalfa never supported it in the first place. Never mind that his rural northern California district will never see a high speed rail train. Never mind that construction unemployment in his district is hovering around the 20 percent mark. Never mind that LaMalfa, a self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative,” knows that a new election for the project would cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

LaMalfa is attacking high speed rail for one reason: publicity.

LaMalfa is a tough race for the 1st District U.S. Congressional seat with former college Republican Sam Aanestad and several other lesser known candidates in a heavily GOP district. Which means he’s doing cartwheels to do everything he can to portray himself as the uber-conservative in the race. A quick check of this website shows how this plays out: signing a pledge to repeal the President’s Affordable Health Care Act, signing the Grover Norquist no-tax pledge, and railing against all types of government spending.

Attacking high speed rail — one of the President’s signature projects to reduce unemployment and help American compete economically with infrastructure investments — is part and parcel of the right wing playbook. Which is why LaMalfa continues to beat the drum calling for a costly re-vote instead of applauding the cost-reducing changes being advanced in the High Speed Rail Authority’s new business plan.

The irony, of course, is that LaMalfa himself is the recipient of more than $4.7 million in federal farm subsidies. At a debate the other nighthttp://m.redding.com/news/2012/apr/02/lamalfa-faces-fire-in-debate/, one of his opponents called on LaMalfa to return the millions of dollars he’s pocketed. LaMalfa balked. (Hat tip – Michael D’Acquisto / Colonel Pete Stiglich )

He said, with a straight face, that he needed the federal subsidies to be economically competitive.

Meanwhile, LaMalfa’s ballot initiative is going nowhere fast and his bill, scheduled for a hearing in the Legislature, also appears doomed.

But hey, at least he got his name in the paper, right?

It’s interesting – Ted and Beth Gaines are out there grandstanding on ADA Lawsuits with bills that will never see the light of day – is this old-school “earned media” assault a standard page in the Dave Gilliard Playbook? (in addition to attacking other local Republican officeholders / volunteers?)

Return the $4.7 million, Doug LaMalfa – do your part to help the federal deficit.

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