Mar 172020

I was Kirk Uhler’s Campaign Manager and this campaign had a lot of similar patterns I had seen in past campaigns. However, there was a key first. Suzanne Jones called the cops on me. (At least that is what the Deputy Sheriff told me) For that, she is going to receive the Beth Gaines treatment from Right on Daily for the life of her tenure as a Placer County Supervisor.

This is the young man that showed up at my house after Suzanne Jones called the Sheriff’s Office

It is also going to be important for people in Placer County Government – who are reading this blog in record numbers to understand who just won election. She is a chameleon and will say anything to get what she thinks she wants.

This is the business card that was left on my door on 2-14-2020. That was my 49th Birthday and apparently Mrs. Jones felt it was a good idea to call the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and accuse me of stealing her signs. (Mind you, about 100 of Kirk’s signs disappeared with no calls to the police)

Also note, someone else called the police on 2-19-2020 on Jones’ behalf in an attempt to abuse the local police for political gain as I had a police blotter forwarded to me.

Well, it turns out that a developer that Suzanne Jones tried to screw out of developing his land was the culprit. Jones and crew illegally placed signs on a few parcels of the man’s land. Then they compounded their actions by calling the cops on your intrepid blogger. Mrs. Jones is going to regret having done that for a variety of reasons.

To Suzanne Jones and/or the campaign staff:

Your campaign signs have been placed without permission on two of my clients’ properties and this email is 24 hour notice to remove those signs or they will be removed for you. These two properties are located in Granite Bay:

South side of Douglas at Seeno (1 large sign)

NW corner of East Roseville Parkway and Barton Road (3 small signs)

Additionally, at least 1 sign has been placed in the median at Golf Club Drive and East Roseville Parkway. These are unsafe and I understand that they are also in conflict with Placer County campaign rules. I removed one of these already, but it was replaced the following day, presumably by one of your volunteers.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this.

dc email signature

Dave Cook



Consulting Services, LLC

Note: Suzanne Jones ignored this email. Mr. Cook picked up the signs himself – leading to Suzanne Jones calling the cops on both myself and Mr. Cook.

Mr. Cook is going to have worse problems than Suzanne Jones violating his private property rights. He is going to have a MAC full of NIMBY’s and enviro nut democrats, appointed by Suzanne Jones. Oh wait, you didn’t know that Suzanne Jones’ top supporters were leftist liberal democrats? You thought she was he first vice chair of the Placer GOP? While the second statement is true, so is the first. And, wait until you see what she campaigned on and what issues mattered to her…

Buckle Up as there is a lot to unpack as we tell the story of the 8 time candidate Suzanne Jones who was in the right place at the right time finally.

Mar 162020

Current CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson was paid $12K a month by California Trailblazers up until her election as CAGOP Chairman. #TRAILFAILURES as I called it. During its’ existence, the CAGOP went backwards 13 legislative seats. I see at least 4 more being added to the total this fall (more on that soon).

I had pointed out the relationship between Tyler Diep and Jessica Patterson as a potential reason why the CAGOP IGNORED the OCGOP and left the disturbed and corrupt Tyler Diep CAGOP endorsed. Tyler had a slew of terrible votes (and campaign coffers stuffed with union money) to go along with.

Duane Dichara (aka Axiom) was Tyler Diep’s consultant. Mr. Dichara is also someone being paid by the legislative caucus for “strategy”. (This is in addition to the $25,000 a month David Carney) Could this relationship also have contributed to the CAGOP’s refusal to honor the action of the OCGOP? Bryan Watkins, who is also on the CAGOP payroll had a pre-existing relationship with Tyler Diep as previously noted.

You will see what I believe was part of Tyler Diep’s Payoff to stab Travis Allen in the chest

Tyler Diep was set up to run for AD72 due in no small part to the goodwill of Travis Allen, the former AD72 member. Also note that the California Trailfailures was quietly closed down in December of 2019.

Sometimes in politics – Justice is served. Tyler Diep is gone. Bill Brough is gone. California Trailblazers is gone. Both incumbents losing are due to grassroots and local political leaders – and have NOTHING to do with Statewide leaders who defended the status quo. The good news is that there is now a crack in the psychotic grasp of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure that can not be sealed back up.


Mar 162020

In a move that can only be described as a partisan political move – Gayle Garbolino-Mojica cancels a month of classes in Placer County. It is unclear if she even had that authority as not even her fellow Democrat Gavin Newsom ordered closures (he requested businesses shut down and modify operations) – but she is hiding behind her fellow democrats that have been whipping Coronavirus in to a national panic. Other districts and businesses have taken much shorter closure periods.

I have been told by local school board members that they were not consulted before this decision was made (Which was made on Monday 3-9-2020), rather, they were told after the fact.

This is Garbolino-Mojica promoting the coming Transportation Tax Increase

Garbolino-Mojica was nowhere to be found when the Rocklin USD went way beyond the mandate with the LGBT indoctrination cirriculum. In fact, I think she supports it and has had her fingers into a lot of social engineering cirriculum.

Garbolino-Mojica has avoided taking a stand on Charter Schools as often as possible, skipping several key votes at the PCOE level. Current board members believe her to be an opponent of Charter Schools.

This is why I am not surprised to see this partisan liberal democrat pile on to the media-driven Coronavirus hysteria?

With her fellow democrats demagoguing the Coronavirus to ban gun and ammo sales for example, I have a copy of the CDC guidelines related to “outbreaks”. It is unclear if Garbolino even has the dictatorial authority that she seized.

From Page one of the CDC Report:

Recommendations on school closure based on available science, reports from other countries and consultation with school health experts.
1. There is a role for school closure in response to schoolbased cases of COVID19 for decontamination and contact tracing (few days of closure), in response to significant absenteeism of staff and students (short to medium length, i.e. 24 weeks of closure), or as part of a larger community mitigation strategy for jurisdictions with substantial community spread* (medium to long length, i.e. 48 weeks or more of closure).
2. Available modeling data indicate that early, short to medium closures do not impact the epi curve of COVID19 or available health care measures (e.g., hospitalizations). There may be some impact of much longer closures (8 weeks, 20 weeks) further into community spread, but that modelling also shows that other mitigation efforts (e.g., handwashing, home isolation) have more impact on both spread of disease and health care measures.In other countries, those places who closed school (e.g., Hong Kong) have not had more success in reducing spread than those that did not (e.g., Singapore).
3. In places where school closures are necessary, the anticipated academic and economic impacts and unintended impacts on disease outcomes must be planned for and mitigated. Provision of academic support (e.g., teleed), alternatives for schoolbased meals as well as other services (e.g., behavioral and mental health services) for economically and physically vulnerable children, support for families for whom telework and paid sick leave is not available, ensuring that high risk individuals continue to be protected must all be addressed. Special consideration must be given for health care workers so that school closures do not impact their ability to work.
So, before her fellow democrat’s staff got to her, Nancy Pelosi was demagoguing the School Lunch impacts of PRESIDENT Trump’s emergency declaration. In addition to her poorly thought out, reactionary decision, Garbolino has left the PCOE exposed to liability. I’d lay odds she is a part of the chorus of pseudo-intellects blaming the president for Coronavirus as the American Media basically created the hysteria and are now trying to pin it on the President after Russia and Impeachment failed.
If the PCOE does not backfill the funding to local districts who are going to miss 20 or 180 days of instruction or 11% of the school year – will the districts sue the PCOE? I think they should. If Garbolino is so naive as to think the State of California is going to backfill the funding, she is out of her mind. The lost tax revenue from all the frenzied closing of businesses and cancelling of events is going to devastate the state budget.
What about the poor children Garbolino-Mojica allegedly cares about? Do they still get their school lunches? If so, how does that work with the frenzy she is helping feed in to? What will happen to the local economy, now that working parents will have to deal with Child Care? Where is this concern for the health and safety of Children yet to be born? There is no way Garbolino-Mojica thought this through at all. A month off? Really?
There is also no doubt that Coronavirus is a problem, but as of yet, it is still far less severe in the USA than H1N1 was. Gayle Garbolino-Mojica’s fellow democrat Barack Hussein Obama waited until 100,000 or so people were infected with well over 1,000 dead in the USA to declare an emergency. No schools were shut down and there was no withering barrage of media-driven hysteria. A logical and rational person can only draw the conclusion that this has been done in a lame attempt to bolster the feckless, aging Joe Biden’s electoral prospects.
Fir a litany of reasons, and this freak out being the latest, one of the future priorities of the Right on Daily Blog is going to be to find an opponent to Gayle Garbolino-Mojica. It is time for Placer County to have a superintendent of public instruction that is not automaton of the left.
Mar 132020
Here is yet another story from a former employee who actually won their civil service case yet had their career wrecked by Jeff Wilson:
How long does a personnel file remain available to review ? I would love to offer the investigative material from mine. I was up on the chopping block at the same time as Karin [Bjork].
I have heard rumors concerning the investigative process during the time I was placed on leave but just ignored them.
The unsuccessful attempt to fire me gave me insight to the Civil Service process. In hindsight I should have called more staff into the process as witnesses.
The list Scott had included Brad Alford to testify against me. After my attorney posed several questions Brad Alford actually cried. Kind of shocked me. Aside from the fact he lied! I would love to get a transcript of that hearing. He was a sexual assault investigator at the time and I was the Advocate for 2 minors that were assaulted by a CHP Officer.
I always thought that since he heard all of the sex case interviews, maybe he was under more pressure to keep secrets and bend the facts than I realized.
Sorry to say this. I hope Alford realizes how I felt when he lied about me.
I can verify age related pressure from administration.In 2016 Clark G. called the Victim Compensation Staff into a closed door meeting in the Law Library. (this is the section that processes claims for the State of California Crime Victim Compensation Board.) In a very pensive and unusually nervous manner he basically wanted to know how long we all planned to continue to remain employed there.
As the four of us sat there and all looked at each other, I commented; “are you even allowed to ask us that?” Nervous laughter ensued but, ultimately that event none the less, led me to make the final decision to leave. He was at one time the Union Shop Steward, and should have known the question would be hurtful and damaging. I wonder now if he was told to do it.
I am really wondering what the hell has been going on in the Placer DA’s office for the last 8 years. What has become clear is that there was a stalinistic purge executed under Jeff Wilson. Regardless of the defenses of Dave Tellman, everyone in senior management has to be tainted by this rampage.
During the onset of the ravaging of staff, I was one of the original first bunch being constantly harassed. I was walked out and placed on leave for over four months. I followed up with the above person who emailed me.
I was ordered in writing to :
Phone in to Troy Kenney Chief Investigator every day.
To remain at home to answer a call back.
And on 3 occasions asked to meet and be served legal documents relative To the attempt to terminating me.
I demanded a full Board hearing.
Alfords testimony was supposed to be some slam dunk investigative brilliance that was extracted from the investigative process in that CHP case.
He was a witness at my Civil Service Hearing
I was at the time; The Victim Services Unit Supervisor defending my employment against the charges that I was obstructive .
His testimony was not factual. He lied. Then he cried. Scott O turned beet red and hung his head in shame. (Blogger’s Note: Scott O is Scott Owens, the former DA of Placer County)
I think I was the practice run for what would be a series of ignorant blunders.
Karin B. Todd K. I think Rick O was a target. Carl M. Then poor Dave K. Parks on the railroad tracks. (Blogger’s Note, we’ve written about some of these previously.)
(That CHP Officer was prosecuted and terminated and is registered as a sex offender.)
I was reinstated with a demotion to Victim Advocate.
In retaliation, I never worked as a Crime Victim Advocate again. Against the findings of the Civil Service Board ruling and oral statement, I never worked with another crime victim again.
I did entry level clerical intake.
…and yes this is a mess. There is so much
To those of you that have been reading Right On Daily for any length of time, this resembles the stuff I was writing about in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office Drama. Regarding the Alford referred to in this article – it is the assertion of this source that Alford lied in testimony to help a CHP officer that got caught committing sexual misconduct. What a small world it is.
Then I got another tidbit:
Hey Aaron, just thought I would chime in with my 2 cents on Dave Tellman
Yes he is a really nice upbeat guy but for some reason since December I have been invisible to him. I don’t work for him now but did in the past.  He has always been very pleasant to me now he just looks past me. Weird don’t understand it.  Then the second thing he is very close to a couple staff members where their families go on weekend get always,  I know friendships will occur at work but should not show up at work but it is obvious.  There is the looking the other way when it comes to time off.  Even weirder still if there is a riff between him and Jeff, these staff members are also Jeff’s favorites. Just an odd fact!
Now I would like to throw another name into the mix.  Kelly LeRossignol,  when Jeff promoted Doug And Jennifer he also promoted her and she became responsible for the office staff.  She’s been at the office a few years I guess not really sure but was also very friendly. But I had never worked with her so when he promoted her I asked someone who I always saw talking to her what was she like since she was now over me.  I said she seemed nice and she said. “ oh let me tell you, she will slit your throat and you will bleed out before you even know what she has done” I thought that was kind of harsh but a few weeks later I got called in to Doug’s office because I dared to be unhappy with a decision she made and let me tell you that statement was no lie!  Doug glared at me but said nothing but there is no kindness or give and take in that person.
Please keep it anonymous!  Are you getting crazy with all the stuff you are getting!
Dave Tellman – open invitation. I want to interview you on the record about why you are qualified to be the Placer County DA. I want to ask you questions about all of the stuff that occurred while you were a part of management. Please email me at [email protected] – my cell phone has also been circulated around as well. Let’s talk, I want to know why I and my readers should be able to trust you to be DA.
To the other candidates for DA that made it through the backgrounds (there are five of you not named Jeff Wilson) I will interview any of you as well. Jeff Wilson, withdraw your application and retire.
Mar 122020

Update: I was also informed that John Thomas listed CA-07 Candidate “Buzz” Patterson as a client until he was terminated by Patterson as well. The churn and burn business model. 

I have never met John Thomas. I have only heard about this guy through third parties. None of it has been good, so I went looking on my own for data.

Hi – I’m John Thomas and I ripped off PK Dhanuka for at least $100K in Fees and Commissions.

That’s right – PK Dhanuka, the NPP challenger in AD-01 got hammered and torn in to a bazillion pieces. His consultant? John Thomas.

Did you know that “Marine for Congress”, “Say no to Kaepernick”, CA-08 Candidate Jeremy Staat was also a John Thomas Client? Staat, a former NFL player fired Thomas and his fundraiser in a typical first-time candidate move in January. Staat re-registered Republican from NPP to run against Jay Obernolte and worse, I had video of that loser supporting Kaepernick. I never nuked him because he was never viable… due in large part to the strategic brilliance of John Thomas. (And Staat being Staat)

John Thomas may point out that he elected DA Todd Spitzer in 2018, but it took $1 Million and Spitzer’s massive name ID to do the job. In that same election, Dave Harrington finished 3rd in the Sheriff’s race and even FINISHED THIRD IN HIS OWN HOME CITY. You have to be brilliant to have a Chief of Police lose his own home city that badly. Add to this OC Supervisor Shawn “Marijuana” Nelson who finished 7th in the 2018 CA-39 primary. #EPICFAIL How does a sitting supervisor go up in smoke like that? John Thomas.

John Thomas also worked with Melanie Eustice in AD-73 before she wisely dropped out and Eric Early who fired him in CA-28. Early, who is very smart and who has run an excellent campaign, recognized that John Thomas was trying to bleed him dry of cash. (My opinion based on evidence and OTR conversations) Early’s campaign erupted AFTER Thomas was terminated and the quality of stuff coming from his camp skyrocketed in January post Thomas termination.

Thomas also “managed” Amy Phan West in CA-46. Her campaign was largely on Facebook and accounts from other people in the area indicate that she was difficult to work with. Thomas didn’t care, he took her as a client and her money. Phan West finished out of the runoff by a mile to John Briscoe. You could bet real money that Thomas made sure he got paid first before any of the vendors.

The most egregious campaign failure of John Thomas (beyond PK Dhanuka who was a doomed moron) has to be Don Sedgwick in CA-45. Sedgwick raised a ton of money, something like $700K and Greg Raths thumped him. Raths did not raise much if anything. How do you lose in that scenario? John Thomas figured out how to. But, I am sure that Thomas cashed in for another 6-figure payday similar to leeching PK Dhanuka dry.

The issue is not the gigantic paychecks, it is the results. It is also the fact that John Thomas will work with anyone who pays and does not seem to care that he overextends himself and gets fired before election day by half the candidates that hire him. It appears that similar to other bottom feeder consultants I have written about that this is Thomas’ business model.

Thomas loses almost everything he touches and charges obscene amounts for his services. Now this is how it is similar to my criticisms of the massive salaries that CAGOP Vendors are earning to lose elections as well.

—- what I am watching in the fall —-

Please note: I am watching Tim Clark in SD37 like a hawk. John Moorlach’s showing in the primary was so-so at best. Clark has gotten $35,000 from the Senate Caucus that was confirmed to be both his retainer and payment for services rendered to the current CAGOP regime. (Remember, Clark directed some of the team Trump supporters to Jessica’s camp in the 2019 Chairman’s election. It is my opinion that the ghastly $10K a month retainer he is getting is partially due to this as usual and customary for a State Senate Race is $5k a month)

I am also watching Matt Klemin, the Senate GOP Caucus “strategist”. I’ve used him as a punching bag and will continue to do so until he stops making poor decisions.

I am also watching Axiom, aka Duane Dichara. Dichara is a skilled and talented consultant who has also demonstrated ethical standards of conduct over the years. Therefore, I have a higher regard and hope for the results of his efforts. Dichara/Axiom is part of the Assembly side of things in 2020 as he is a consultant for the Assembly Caucus. Dichara is working with Scott Wilk, the most likely vulnerable GOP Senator to survive, June Cutter who is surprisingly competitive in AD77, and worked with Kelly Ernby in AD74 whose campaign performed better than most expected. It is my opinion that Dichara did well in the March 2020 primary with the exception of Tyler Diep.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Dichara being the consultant for Tyler Diep and Brian Watkins (also a consultant for the CAGOP) relationships with Tyler and the CAGOP are the reasons why the CAGOP ignored the OCGOP’s removal of Diep’s GOP endorsement. This is not a good look for the CAGOP in the conflict of interest department.

In SD-23, David Carney, the $25,000 a month Assembly GOP strategist, appears to have brought in Murphy Nasica West to that race along with Victory Enterprises. I will be watching SD-23 closely because of the jam down of the endorsement pre-primary, the false rationale for directing $1.5 Million in to that district and the connections to the Texas based firms. I detest insider politics and pre-ordaining / coronation of candidates.

Some familiar names are still on the docket, Meridian Pacific in AD-35 (Cunningham), Jim Nygren helping Ling Ling Chang in SD-29, Steve Presson helping Andrew Kotyuk in AD-42. All three are well established GOP Consultants who have made a ton of money from the CAGOP / Caucuses over the years. Like most on the R side in California, they have been on losing streaks lately. Here’s hoping all three break that in the fall. Regardless of how I feel about Ling Ling or John Moorlach, I want them both to win. (Note: Nygren was Megan Dahle’s Consultant in her drudding of the John Thomas NPP Trainwreck in AD-01)

Regardless of my criticism of GOP leadership, I’d love nothing more than to see them win in the fall despite themselves.