Oct 232020

Watch for yourself. It is pretty clear.

Karm Bains has requested the endorsement of the Yuba City Police Officers Association, but local law enforcement is familiar with Karm’s long running pattern of public intoxication, drunk driving, and brawling.
The fact that the pattern is not merely a collection of incidents from Karm’s youth but one that continues now is currently a subject of intense debate among local law enforcement personnel.
Not long ago, local police were called to a home where Karm was point of contact for law enforcement. After law enforcement made a dozen visits in response to complaints by neighbors, a visibly intoxicated and agitated Karm Bains confronted law enforcement officers yelling, “Where the f*ck are you? and demanding they leave. The drunk and combative Karm Bains had to be escorted away to avoid the situation from escalating.
This incident came up when Karm Bains met with POA members at the local Mountain Mikes pizza to request an endorsement. During that meeting, officers asked Karm why they should endorse him after his actions on the evening in question?
Quote from officer: “Bains told me and the other board members that the situation was volatile and there was alcohol involved.”
Karm didn’t apologize that night but when he realized he wasn’t going to get the endorsement he followed up with a written note to the POA members he met with, apologizing for his conduct during the incident and acknowledging alcohol had been involved.
Bottom line: All of the above is fact, and everybody knows what Karm Bains is truly about. He is the privileged son of a very respected man, but that doesn’t mean he is, or should be considered one, himself.
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